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    Thank you for your dedicated work on these mods. It contributes to my enjoyment of the game. I don't know where I'd be without the Advanced Miner! My main world is an old one I've had since like 1.3, so naturally chunks containing IC resources are far from my main base. Between this mod and that one, it ought to be easier to go out and gather what I need!

    Looking forwward to the update and hoping it fixes the problem!

    OK, it seems that the teleporter forgets the link coordinates when you log off. I successfully used it before, recharged it, made sure it was linked to the destination pad and went to my mine.

    Did some mining, and logged off. Backed up my save because I suspected this would happen. Logged back in and tried the port... off to the Void. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

    seriously? You have a brain, use it... look at the original post author, look at the person who did the fix.
    the original post author isn't around to edit his post.

    Physician, heal thyself... he was speaking about the filename for the FIX, which still says 1.15 and is, no doubt, contributing to the confusion and the needless questions.

    I can understand how it might be easier to be snarky than helpful, but if that's the road you're taking, please at least understand what you're talking about. ;)

    Well, that's the promise... but not the result. I just got teleported to the Void again. I am using 1.30, I didn't get a meesage. Just popped into the abyss.

    Not sure what the cause is - perhaps because I linked to the pad, saved the gmae and tried using it next time I logged in, or maybe I clicked on something besides thin air... regardless, it's still possible to be teleported into the Void.

    Interesting. I noticed when I use an EU Meter on the reactor, I only get a reading from the top chamber (I have 2, one on top and one on bottom of the core). The fiber wire goes from the top of the upper chamber, straight up to the MFSU about 5-6 blocks above. I am not sure how to wire it as you said, as that would block most of the necessary water cooling. I suppose I could try running the wire into the center core from one of the sides instead, but that requires finding a way to supply source water to the center of the column.

    I might just wrench the thing and put it back together, see if that helps.

    Because most "bugs", especially ones that are only encountered by a select few, are attributed to user error.

    I'm not saying you're a dummy - but someone reported a "bug" in crafting a mixed metal ingot and it turned out he was using copper instead of bronze.

    :Refined Iron:

    :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron:

    :Refined Iron: :Advanced Furnace: :Refined Iron:

    If you're using the right components for the recipe, and they're in the right place (don't take that for granted), then next possible explanation is some mod conflict - perhaps another mod has some recipe that overrides it?

    Teleporters should load their destination on an attempt to travel, and if it doesn't have enough energy nearby it would then check the other end. That way you can have one teleport nexus with a huge powerplant, and simple tellies with no power where you want to go :D

    I've simply taken to using F4113nb34st's Personal Teleporters instead. Then you can just use "dumb" pads on the destination end, and two-way travel between A&B just requires a pair of remotes. Trip cost is 1 million each way, no matter the distance - it's still expensive, but reasonable, and it makes mass teleportation a lot more feasible.

    OK, this is weird. Seems the problem goes deeper than I thought. I logged in today and my reactor, though still fueled, was not giving power to the MFSU. I took the cells out and put them back in, the components heat up as if the reactor is running but the EU Meter shows no output. I have to take the fuel cells out, restart, and then put them back in - and then it's running fine (until the next time).

    When I do that, everything is OK - the reactor puts out 32 EU/t and the MFSU gets the power. So I know it's not a problem with the wiring or the reactor itself. Any ideas?

    In layman's terms:

    If you have the boots on and the pole is powered, you can't slide down. You have to take off the boots or turn off the pole.

    I may have to look into redstoning my pole - but sadly, the magnetizer is 4 stories from the top or bottom of it and the wall is one block thick... so it'd be an ugly wiring job. :(

    I've got all the glowstone recipes- I'm a masochist that actually figured them all out the hard way (I like math problems). But I did double check with Recipe Book to confirm.

    Generally, I still find it easier to harvest in the Nether rather than making (at most) 32 dust from 5 UU-M. One would be better off using restone and gold dust than UU-M.

    Which reminds me... WHY is there no UU-M recipe for gold? Sounds like exactly the sort of thing that one might want.

    I went into the Nether on a glowstone run and when I returned, I noticed my MFSU was not filling up from my reactor. The amount was just staying exactly the same. no machines were running and there was no draw on the MFSU. I checked to make sure the wiring was intact, and the uranium cells still had plenty of life in them.

    Taking out the cells and replacing them did not fix the issue. I exited the game and restarted and it seems to work OK now. I'm not sure why, but it would seem that travelling to the Nether and back does something to it.

    Thanks. For the record, I didn't do most of the textures aside from the telporter - they're the work of Warbaque (the thread originator) who did the Soartex-compatible pack for the last version.

    I did, however, make the terraformer and the side of the safe, as well as the pump window. But I tried to stay faithful to the prior versions while upscaling the detail.

    Just wanted to do my part to help people enjoy IC in HD!

    Good ideas, but some of them are a bit over powered.

    I think the alloy plate recipe overrides the need for a compressor, so I'm not keen on that one.

    As for the uranium? Sure, we need a way to make it from UU-M, but basically that's a one-to-one exchange. That's crazy! I would say surround a uranium ingot with 8 UU-M and get 2 uranium, or 3 at the very most.

    (Hmmm ingot grinding to dust..... I'll pop that in the suggestion area).

    You can already grind ingots into dust. I store nearly all my ore as metal blocks; I only break them down and grind them back to dust as needed.

    As for more advanced machines? Well, I agree that an advanced Miner would be great (F4113nb34st's got an excellent one in his mod) and we do need a better recycler (either a bigger input hopper and/or a better chance for scrap as it speeds up/warms up). I'd also like to see an advanced Pump that would look for liquids the same way a miner finds ores. What's left? The canning machine? I'm not sure what could be done with that - I already use it infrequently as it is.