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    Yeah, the magnetizer is only halfway there. For one, the block right in the middle of a pole is a pin, and then of course you can't go down the pole with metal boots on.

    We can make nuclear reactors, laser rifles, and Iron Man armor... elevators should be within our technological capability. :rolleyes:

    Rick's reactor doesn't risk harming nearby objects or entities at any point in its cycle. That's a GOOD thing for someone's first reactor. Let's be honest, all of the reading and checking out other people's plans is no substitute for hands-on experience. A safe reastor is far more forgiving of mistakes than one that runs very hot.

    Remember, EVERY reactor starts out with a core. Chambers can be added gradually and at any time later. So a design that runs cool and safe lets someone learn the ropes while building the rest of a larger plan.

    Personally, I've got a 2-chamber MkI-0EC in my basement workshop and a 33-panel solar wing on my roof. The solar is for teleporter power and mass fabrication, the reactor runs my machines. It's capable of filling an MFSU faster than the solar, so it's hardly useless - and it 's more compact and doesn't need a view of the sky.

    I'm not saying the other reactor is "bad", so I'm unsure why you seem defensive. I'm simply explaining why a safe reactor is a better bet for someone on a budget.

    As I said, all Rick's reactor (and MJEvans' 3-cell, 2-chamber design) require is a 3x3x3 pit. You could cover the top and sides with wool, if you wanted. You could put it anywhere, work near it and there's never a risk of radiation damage or fire.

    Continuing to apply source water to a reactor that's at 7500 heat doesn't change its environmental effects - it only keeps it from overheating further.

    The only recommendation I might make is the power cost for the Electric Treetap. I harvested resin from 35 trees and used only 950 energy, which is less than 10% of the battery.

    I'm not sure how that compares to the chainsaw or the mining drill in terms of EU/use or battery life, but harvesting from over 300 trees on one charge seems kind of excessive IMO. Nonetheless I love the mod! Thanks!

    I was merely correcting the claim that this reactor was more "efficient" (as he alleged in another thread), when it clearly is not.

    No one is contradicting the claim that it produces more EU/tick, but efficiency has a very specific meaning here. I'm merely trying to prevent people from being misinformed. Is that a crime?

    Indeed - but then you need to either make the pit deeper or elevate the inflow of the cooling water so that it continues to be submerged even at its maximim heat output. Not difficult, to be certain, but also not as simple to implement.

    If I'm going to use a 3-cell reactor, I can use MJEvans' 2-chamber design which has the same output and efficiency and runs completely cool. Sure, it requires more cooling cells and heat dispersers, but at that point, budget is not so much of a concern.

    This other reactor is more efficient, of course, but Rick's design is basically "set it and forget it" and as such, is well suited for a first reactor.

    Whenever I see a mod that may be interesting, I check and see if Direwolf has done a video of it. If I can watch it and grasp how to use the cool new stuff, I download the mod. I've yet to be disappointed.

    Thanks to these videos, I have added More Advanced Machines, More TreeTaps, and Personal Teleporters to my game.

    Be cool, man. Don't expect that everyone is going to know what you've already discovered. These people are asking for help because they want to use the mod - putting them down or scolding them won't encourage that.

    To be fair, one would have to read the entire thread unless they already knew where the fixes were posted. Hopefully Zip can update the OP some time soon - or perhaps an admin or moderator could do so please?

    Another fantastic mod - the hits just keep on coming! :thumbup:

    Something to note, people - the iron treetap recipe uses refined iron, so if it appears the mod is "not working", make sure you're not trying to use normal iron.

    F4113nb34st,I made some 64x and 128x sprites for these so HD users have something nice to look at!…ecraft/IronTreeTap128.png…ft/ElectricTreeTap128.png…necraft/IronTreeTap64.png…craft/ElectricTreeTap.png
    To use these files, just rename the desired files to "IronTreeTap" and "ElectricTreeTap" and drag them into the IC2MoreTreeTaps/GUI/Mod_IC2_MoreTreeTaps folder. Basically just overwrite the default textures in there. Enjoy!

    NOTE: These are modifications of Sphax textures, originally the work of Amon. I did not create these, just modified them. I thank the Sphax team for their understanding in my oversight - be sure to check out their MTT textures!]

    again... why? just use Buildcraft, the only reason the others have a bigger hopper is because you can get that much output with a single input stack.

    Once again, I will state that we should not balance or determine the features of vanilla IC or mods based on the capabilities of other mods.

    I don't use BuildCraft but I use this mod. It's a mod for IC, not BC... right?

    The Quantum Helmet is actually the easiest part to make in the set. One diamond, 10 lapis, 16 redstone and two glowstone, the rest is mundane. The harder part, of course... is charging it - and that requires an MFSU which is not inexpensive in the least.

    That's a very nice output for a 0-chamber reactor, and no doubt an incredible output relative to the resource cost. But DAMN, it runs hotter than I like for my own purposes.

    The one in the OP needs no shielding, just a 3x3x3 pit pull of water to put it in. You could literally build it right under the floor of your house. There's something to be said for that.

    2: why? the regular recyclers are plenty fast as is. I've got 4 that can keep up with a quarry just fine. Not the quarry and cobble generator though. Although given how much scrap it either produces i'm fine with this.

    It's not an issue of speed, it's an issue of capacity. You basically have to babysit the thing if you want to get any useful amount of scrap from it. It just needs a bigger hopper - and perhaps an extra output slot (but that's not strictly needed).

    The basic recycler can chew through a stack of whatever in about a minute - and you get maybe 8 scrap for it. Wouldn't it be nice if you could load several stacks in, and tend to it say, 10 minutes later and get a stack of scrap?