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    The fanfic remark was made in jest. As you can see from the rest of my post, I am on your side.

    I understand and appreciate that - just wanted to address it in case other people consider it to have any serious validity.

    Eloraam has proven herself to be the type of person that has an extremely one-sided view of cooperation. She has implemented her own version of central concepts of other mods, but is completely unwilling to allow someone else to even look at her code to see how it works.

    The difference is, she did it her own way - she didn't decompile someone else's work in direct violation of their license.
    As for "cooperation", I don't recall her asking for any of it with her mod. She's already stated that she intends to make a mod that has what she wants to see and what she wants to play. She works alone because she doesn't want design by committe - and this way she doesn't have to feel like she needs to make compromises or accommodate what others want from her vision.


    Silence will never change anything. Change needs a voice, even if it starts with only one.

    Regrettably, your voice will not be that voice of change. You think too highly of your ability to persuade others. You lack true conviction - perhaps because you unconsciously realize that you don't actually believe the things you say. That is why it is hard for you to even convince us here. Add in the fact that you have not and will not speak to the person whom you claim to wish to change... all I see is a lot of empty, meaningless, and pointless debate. It's no different now than it was a couple months ago.

    You are not a crusader, you are not the Hero of the Proletariat, you are not the Sole Voice of Reason Against the Howling Mob. You'll never be able to fight for anyone's rights until you learn to stop trampling over everyone else's.

    Fanfics aren't what we are talking about. There's a pretty broad area of "fair use", but distributing an unauthorized add-on for software falls far outside that area. Posting an add-on on a forum like this falls into the definition of "publication and distribution" - especially since it was hosted for public download.

    Which suggests to me that I never had a chance with you. You came in here expecting to be opposition and nothing I had to say was going to eclipse that focus.

    Oh, you had a chance - but you also had a history for being obstinate and focusing on the wrong part of the issue. Sadly, what I've seen in the current thread has not changed that expectation.
    There are plenty of people who can attest that I'm perfectly capable of reason, and even of modifying my perspective... but as the author of the thread (and the individual with a concern), it's up to you to convince me of your position. That hasn't happened yet.


    My reason for this is that I'd rather be right in the minority as opposed to wrong in the majority.

    A noble statement - but, sadly, that doesn't mean you're in the right. There's only one "right"being discussed here - and that is Eloraam's right to decide what is done with anything pertaining to RedPower. Whether you like it or not, that's not a right you can modify or take from her.


    I wouldn't lie about getting a PM on a forum.

    I don't doubt you got it - I merely think that whomever sent it is not exactly proud to agree with you. If they were as certain of your rectitude as you are, they'd support you openly.


    This was about immibis' submod.

    Let's be specific - about Immibis' add-on for RedPower. Because it's a RedPower add-on, Eloraam has every right to forbid it. She doesn't need a reason, she doesn't owe an explanation... that's just the way it is.
    The addon uses the words "RedPower" and "Blutricity", requires RedPower to run, and uses items unique to the RedPower code. That makes any unauthorized addon an infringement of her intellectual property.
    Try writing a book based on someone else's characters and see how quickly they shut you down.

    It's not about the energy, it's about the time. All the energy it would take to do it over x number of ticks is instead expended in one tick to complete the process. That seems sensible.

    If I would want to change Eloraams decision and wouldn't be in my current position (= dev of a mod that's Eloraam trying to stay compatible to), i would probably try to persuade as many people as possible.

    There's only one person that needs to be persuaded - and that's Eloraam. Unless and until that happens, you still haven't changed the one mind that matters in the issue.


    If everyone asks Eloraam to do X, not doing X could have bad PR effects :3

    Quite to the contrary - Eloraam has made it clear that she intends to the mod that she wants to play, her way. She's willing to accept suggestions but she's unwilling to let public pressure direct the course of her development.
    I think you know her well enough to know that if she got a lot of flak from people about something, she'd simply stop sharing RedPower with the rest of us. No one wins in that scenario.

    Eloraam can be reasoned with, but not by the means of mob rule. You're much the same way - we can observe that his previous campaign did not change your ban policy in the least.
    If Saul's not even persuasive enough to convince people like me of his case, he's certainly not going to get very far changing someone like Eloraam's mind.


    Perhaps, but I'm not operating under the notion that I can change the system. I'm merely trying to get him to see the futility of his effort.
    If we have anything in common, it's that we're both wasting our breath - mine on him, his on all of us.

    I've moderated forums before (MMGN for BF1942, Official Day of Defeat forums as well) and I agree that things here are pretty clean and smooth.
    And I can attest to the fact that a lot of moderation goes on behind the scenes - a post gets deleted, edited or moved by the staff and users don't see what really happened - nor do they need to.
    Strict but fair is a good policy - especially in a place like this. We have a lot of intelligent, strong-willed people here with varying opinions. I'm thankful that Alblaka gives me direct feedback on the things I say and do, it helps to keep me from inadvertently crossing a line.

    I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but surely the compressor's pressure level should be measured in gibbl not PSI? :-)

    How about let's not? :) I find the "HAYO!" thing annoying enough on the Wiki. PSI is perfectly senssible to me.

    Might have to experiment with adding 2 or 3 (or more?) overclock chips to see if I can come anywhere near capable of handling the load.

    You'll find you want more like 4-6 in each, actually. Four is pretty fast, 6 seems to go about as fast as a fully heated advanced machine.

    Alblaka himself has given a nod to how well-argumented my opinion was...

    ... But he still locked Immibis' thread, he still deleted the link, and he openly acknowledged that he will support Eloraam and her right to protect her mod, even if he feels differently about his own license.
    And make no mistake, there have been add-ons and uses of his license that he has not permitted in the past, as well.


    Majority of my points still apply while yours are either dead or dying in the ditch a few pages back.

    The "majority of your points" have accomplished nothing. Nothing has changed - Immibis' add-on was not permitted, Eloraam has not revised her license. The only thing you've helped to do is to sour her desire to share her mod with us. I'm sure the community owes you our thanks? :rolleyes:

    As for my points? I have only ever had one to make, and it still stands: Everything you've said here is empty and useless talk, because it will not change a single thing. Unless and until it does, you can't possibly say you've "proven me wrong".


    I will say that I whole-heartedly feel as though I accomplished what I set out to do when I started this thread. And more.

    What, exactly, have you accomplished? You haven't changed anything, and you're giving yourself far too much credit if you think you've opened anyone's eyes.
    From what I can see, all you've done is to reinforce opinions that were established last time you got on your soapbox. When I saw that you had created a thread on this topic, my first thought was "here we go again" and I am not surprised.


    And if all I had to do was 'present' my facts and be done with it.' What am I supposed to do when people make statements that don't apply? Ignore them and pretend they were never stated?

    Trust me, the truth doesn't need you to defend it. If your facts are so ironclad, they should stand for themselves.

    Sadly, your version of "the truth" doesn't stand in the light of the way things actually are.


    I was quite touched and shocked when someone that I've never interacted with took the time and effort to write me a PM to voice their support of my opinions. They didn't have to do that by any means, and the fact they did makes this entire experience worth it despite the negativity of my detractors'.

    Ah, so that's the real reason? You don't care if nothing changes - you're doing this for the gratification of others telling you that you're right? And pardon me if I'm skeptical about all the support you've "privately" received - it would be better expressed openly if it's to accomplish anything.

    Here's ONE simple, indisputable fact: After 6 days of you carrying on about the issue, nothing has changed. Eloraam is no more willing to permit unauthorized add-ons, the climate of mod development has not changed, and you have not become the folk hero of the downtrodden mod user. Stop acting like she's being "mean" to players. If you don't like the way she runs things, don't use her mod. Anything else is pointless.

    All you're doing is tilting at a windmill - what's your point behind all of this? What do you honestly hope to accomplish?

    Honestly, it shouldn't even be just an item - it should be part of the reactor GUI!
    I'd also like to see some kind of integration with BC 3.x triggers for gates - so that the gate can detect a heat level and send a signal based on its configuration.

    I'll have to take your word on it Alex, because I'm not a programmer. I simply can't help but feel that this could have been done in a more elegant fashion - and if I knew what, exactly, that entailed, I'd be glad to elaborate.