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    No. I don't want it to repel mobs. I saw what EE Interdiction torches did, and I didn't like it.
    I want it to be so that mobs just won't notice you. They can come as close to you as they like, but the unspeakably vile ingredients in MobSpray™ prevent them from seeing you.

    Don't you hate spending all your time mining resources, never resting except to craft? Well the duplicator is the answer for you!!! You simply put an item of your choice into it, and supply ol' dupie with EU!!!!!! However, duplication is a new technology. The EU needed to duplicate an item is about the same as the amount needed to produce 1 piece of UU matter. Plus, the duplicator won't even begin to work unless a certain amount of eu/tick is administered. (High voltage) Then, the nature of the item you're duplicating comes into place, because it would be strange if duplicating dirt costs the same as duplicating a quantum suit. To find out the amount of EU needed to duplicate something, you use the following formula. 10000 EU, plus 5000 for each item needed to craft it, plus another 5000 for every item needed to craft those items and so on and so forth. Also, for every operation performed on the item (eg. smelting) is another 1000 eu. So using this scale, some copper ore would only need 10000 EU to duplicate, while copper dust would cost 11000, because it went through an operation (maceration)

    Recipe is:
    :Energy Crystal: :Cable: :Energy Crystal:

    :Electronic Circuit: :Tesla Coil: :Electronic Circuit:

    :Advanced Machine: :Cable: :Advanced Machine:

    :Energy Crystal: = lapotron crystal. (uncharged)

    :Cable: = glass figer cable.

    :Electronic Circuit: = adv. circuit

    :Tesla Coil: = Mass Fabricator.

    :Advanced Machine: = Adv. machine block.

    Are you tired of creepers sneaking up on you? Well Now, with a can of MobSpray™ , you have exactly one day/night cycle where creepers (and other mobs) can see you, but cannot come close to you because of the yucky smell. "How do you get this marvelous concoction?" you might ask. Well it's simple.

    To make a canfull of MobSpray™, you simply need to craft some compressed plantball and sticky resin. You then get an unspeakably vile concoction. Smelt the unspeakably vile concoction to get a MobSpray™ ball. Craft that together with an empty cell, and you get a MobSpray™ Cell!!!

    Meanwhile, while you were doing all this, you should have crafted a MobSpray™ Spray can. You make it like a CF sprayer, but instead of using boring old cobble, you use tin ingots for a cheap, mass produced product look. You fill the can by using a canning machine, which i presume, you put the MobSpray™ cell in. After the canning machine is done, you now have enough MobSpray™ in the sprayer to last for three uses, before you have to go and fill it again!!!!!1!!11!!1!!!!!!!

    Almost everybody hates how short your time underwater can be without torches. For those who want a much longer time under (but not infinite :( ) there is da ta dummmm!!!!! Scuba gear! You craft it out of rubber hose and an air tank. It allows you to actually explore the underwater (or under lava, for the suicidal) realm!
    Suggested recipes.
    Air Tank
    :Tin Ingot: :Tin Ingot: :Tin Ingot:

    :Tin Ingot: :Tin Ingot:

    :Tin Ingot: :Tin Ingot: :Tin Ingot:

    :Tin Ingot: =tin ingot

    rubber hose (You can use this to A. water crops. B. put out fires. C. Turn lava into cobble/obsidian. D. Spray at creepers for some fun. E. crafting.
    :Rubber: :Rubber:

    :Rubber: :Rubber:

    :Rubber: :Rubber:

    :Rubber: =rubber ball.

    Breath mask


    :Nano-Helmet: = headgear of some kind

    :Rubber: = rubber ball.

    Scuba Gear
    :Empty Cell:



    :Empty Cell: =air tank

    :Cable: = rubber hose

    :Nano-Helmet: = breath mask

    The Air tank will automatically fill up (slowly, and not fully) as you walk around on land.
    To fully refill the tank, put it in a refilling unit.
    :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron:

    :Cable: :Advanced Machine: :Cable:

    :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron:

    :Refined Iron: = refined iron

    :Cable: = rubber hose

    :Advanced Machine: =compressor

    You can make an advanced scuba gear like this.
    :Electronic Circuit: :Quantum-Helmet: :Electronic Circuit:

    :Advanced Machine: :Empty Cell: :Advanced Machine:
    :Electronic Circuit: = adv. circuit

    :Quantum-Helmet: = scuba gear

    :Empty Cell: = air tank

    :Advanced Machine: = glass

    This will not only hold twice as much air as a normal piece of scuba gear, but it will also tell you how deep you are and illuminate the area around you! No more glowstone!

    Yeah. I think you should be able to put the jetpack on the quantum vest, but only after you added something on which to put it, like a rack of some kind. You put it on your vest, and you have a new slot to put stuff in. aka a back slot.