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    NEI updated, and thus forth your integration with it needs to update, I am getting tired of responding to compliants of Ic2 related issues on the NEI thread, can you release 1.8.1b with fixed integration? for Nei 1.2.0 instead of nei 1.1.3)

    Thank you for all your efforts :D

    Complain to notch.
    His mushrooms dont grow on Mushroom blocks, only on dirt, grass and mycelium.

    Can we have a "type 2 terraformor blueprint"? its would be like an upgrade to the current "type 1 blueprint" - and it would allow you almost complete custmization of a blueprint, of course the price would be a bit higher:

    • you could select to generate or not to generate vegetation
    • you could select if you want vegetation on vegetation
    • you could select weather you want tall grass or no tall grass
    • weather you want small shrooms or no small shrooms
    • weather it should generate terraform deeper then just the top level(costs more power then normal option)

    and i've been meaing to suggest a new machine.. i am getting tired of it raining in my tundra. A weather control box that acted similar to terraform in that in only controls a specific area - except it controls weather and constantly sucks electricity.

    Firstly, if you don't understand text goto 15:40 in this video.

    terraforms seem to just fix the ground.. this means the mushroom terraformer plants mushrooms, makes them superbig, turns the top of mushrooms into mycelium, and can occasionally make bigger mushrooms on the top of that.

    I suggest block blasklists for terraformers so they aren't doomed to repeat this,

    You could also make it so players can blacklist blocks themselves, and turn certian blacklisted items on and off for certain terraformers, via a GUI!

    Eh whatever floats your boat, i like the first option.

    Just bring at least one usecase for scaffold will be all side better replacement than ladder.
    Dont forget that scaffolds looks realy bad in compare to ladders for their ladder purpose.
    They have a half block climbing collision box, which will ends in unexpected fallings.
    Climbing it much slower than ladders.
    So scaffolds = cheap and handy dirt tower replacement and special decoration unit. Ladders = ladders. I see no place for shift-stop so called "balancing" here.

    Oh, stop. Now i got it. Albalaka and u just trolling me.

    I think scaffolods look really good.. especially comprared to ladders and unexpected falling?.. since when do you climb down a ladder.. you usually have a water drop right beside it... and if you don't, you can usally fall down a nice shaft, and shift onto the ladder to come to a complete stop.. OH LOOK, a mod that allows this behavoir!!!

    Climbing is much slow than ladders? climbing ladders is painfully slow.... i don't think anyone would notice..

    so scaffolds = cheap, handy, ladder and dirt tower replacement, and a beutiful decoration unit. Ladders = crap compared to this.

    Also you should make it so a server has to allow sneaking on scaffolds to stop one's self

    I must be part of the many who don't have a clue, or care really, what people are raging over with solar, but I must say one thing. This is just beautiful. I've not seen many mods for IC2 I would use but this looks to be one I might have to get. Especially as I don't care for the convoluted mess that nuclear appears as and geo is dead.

    Nuclear power is actually really fun to make - you just want to build one that relies on ice, very simple to design. (using redpower)

    And geo is really fun to make contraptions with if you have version of forestry, your bees can produce lava for you! (i mean to say.. products from your sinister bee's can be processed to make lava for you)

    Now what people are raging about mate is because if you play vanilla idustrailcraft as a standalone.. building any other type of generator beside solars is almost completely pointless and a complicated mess. Making your own lava cells... wow.. thing of the past... Building a really complicated reactor... meh.. Solar panels... set and forget - perfect.. I may get more power if i build a nuclear reactor or a geothermal.. but then i have to deal with the upkeep.. that sounds like alot of fun!!!!!!! /sarcasm - solar panels are litterally the best option, even if there kind of expensive - once you have alot of them... you can use the mass fab to make diamonds... litterally pay for themselves..

    I will NEVER play ic without bc, or forestry... I will never play BC, without ic2 recylers... but ironically one day i will be able to say that i will probably play redpower as a standalone.. onces it out of the prerelease stages - IT will be really fun.

    Ic2, and bc, and forestry, they go hand in hand... and that's the way its gonna be for me. Because IC2 on its own is dramatically ubalanced.

    I keep geting this error: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: ic2.api.CropCard.getTextureFile()Ljava/lang/String;

    I've looked through the forums, and can't find a solution that doesn't involve updating forestry. And since i don't have forestry installed, i can't "update" it.

    The only other mod i have installed is railcraft

    This is actually a bug you shouldn't be getting at all

    Its basically saying it can't run because it can't find the textures for the items, there is an easy fix for this

    abuse an existing texturepack, or create one
    go into the ic2 jar, and extract:
    Folders to your desktop, if your already using a texturepack, drop them into the texturepacks zip folder
    If your not using a texturepack, crtl click the 2 files, then right click, "add to archieve"
    name the archeve, and drop the newly created zip file into your texturepacks folder, select it as your texturepack and it will work.

    Also for furture reference, please provide a full error log, and not just one line.

    Firstly, if you don't understand text, go to 34:00 minutes into this video and it explains it.

    Emit if empty conditional on storage block vs emit if empty with buildcraft - the emit if empty will emit if there is less then the amount the stroage block can output, but with conditionals it will only emit if the storage is completely empty. I am sure this bug in various other areas too.

    I can't make a pipe signal effectively to convey that a block should stop a(say) reactor. This bug is really annoying and working around it is extremely annoying

    I must say your ideas are great- the three tire system is nice - I really have nothing to add to it,its perfect for me, i want to know how you plan on releasing this mod though - the solar panels are the best part of this mod for my small run-from home server for me and my friends - They really keep the usage of the mods data low. I wanted to know if you were going to release it in 2 parts.. Under the names Advanced Machines, and Advanced Solar Collectors- This would be the best release method in my opinion - your feedback?

    Also sorry for the clutter of this post, sort of scatter brained atm.

    Im just gonna say, any conclusion you took on that "OLD" teleport pipe thread, may or may be not obsolute due to xeno changing the way EE its balanced and the funtionality of most EE Machines with every update he does.

    not a "flaming on principle" since i havent played with EE too much in this version, just a simple observation.

    go and read the post first wouldya..

    That's a good way of looking at it. Not to mention, the Mk3 Collector requires the equivalent of 45 diamonds to make. If I had an IC solar panel that required that kind of material, I'd expect it to be spitting out diamonds a lot faster than an EE Collector-Condenser array will.

    I made a good argument to why EE sucks on the old teleport pipes thread (on mcfs) - I am not a fan of flamers immediately disagreeing with me based on principle (I don't like people who pick a side, and stay there no matter what, pelase try to see it form my view, and reply there, you can post my response and your response here for continuity sake if you so desire.

    Decompiled 3.2b2 against Forge and IC2 1.70b, fixed API changes. Seems to work. I did not change anything about the source itself [ Short of moving the GUI classes into the main advancedmachines package ]
    I'm also not including that source in the download ... it's not needed for a port to Bukkit. Which i dont want to do. Its late.

    Thank you, I am wondering if you could seperate this mod into 2 parts (machines, and solar panels) - and also if you can take it over official.

    BTW - Thanks for your finder compass, I love that thing.