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    I'm pretty sure you need the whole hazmat suit to protect from radiation, as gamma radiation will easily go through anything but lead and similar materials.

    It still goes through lead, but lead is a dense material and so requires less of it to stop gamma radiation. 1cm of lead to reduce intensity by 50% while it'd take 4.1cm of granite, 6cm of concrete, or 9cm of soil to achieve the same. So..denser material = better shielding. Can we say dense lead plates possibly?

    Though your post does point out an interesting problem. the hazmat suit is made of rubber and orange dye and not of what use is it then?

    This is an interesting idea, though would you also consider the differences in energetic particles when applying the radiation effect?

    For instance say you're standing right next to your active reactor full of uranium. Fission of Uranium emits Gamma radiation, which is on the energetic side of the spectrum and highly damaging, or in scientific terms it's considered "ionizing radiation" This is where your Lead blocks would come handy as lead does reduce the intensity well though depleted uranium would work a bit better as it's a higher atomic number and higher density.

    There's also Alpha and Beta radiation.

    Alpha radiation is ..well..weak. A sheet of paper could stop it for instance, as could your skin. But if you ingest it, then you're rather unfortunate.

    Beta is stronger but still easily foiled by..well..foil. Aluminum foil, real aluminum foil not the stuff called aluminum foil but isnt.

    just a thought, and a suggestion to your suggestion.

    I rather like this addon.

    Some people I know ask me why, Forestry already has an electric engine..if you want more power just add a board, add more engines.

    To that I say this: "It's always good to have more then one tool for a job just as it's good to have multiple candybars."

    I like options for builds, the more options I have the more freedom I have in design.

    The more modders who add the same tool might do so differently and always have to strive to have the best tool for me to put in my toolbox. Code optimization, configuration options, design. Those who don't keep striving for a place in a minecrafters toolbox die out and also hurt their competition just as much as they help them gain people who switch to their tool.

    Hurt them you say? How? Not all tackle the same problem the same way and by doing so add solutions others can find useful in the coding process.

    So by all means. Do keep working, I eagerly anticipate a new version of a tool I so loved in my toolkit.

    I rather like the idea of your reactor implementation of more fuel options and more in depth nods to how real reactors work.

    That said, some wouldn't like it because it requires learning new things they didn't need before. Others will enjoy it because it's closer to how "real" reactors work with "real" nuclear physics. (or hate it for those reasons since a Chernobyl type accident would be possible via steam explosion)

    It also put a smile on my face to see the understanding of "more heat is more power given you have the components to handle the strain of withstanding the punishment in generating it" on your second point. Cold fission never really sat right with me. Cold here of course being a subjective term., I know reactors generated heat in IC2, just that it wasn't used as a fission reactor usually uses it.

    And as a final thing here I've a suggestion. You mentioned molten salts as a type of possible coolant for your reactor idea, why not also a molten fluoride thorium fuel? They've been in a lot of discussions in my circle of friends involving such a reactor since thorium is rather abundant.

    Here's a link if you or others decide to read up a bit about it.

    What you are referring to in your post is the Replicator ( Energy to matter)

    The Protein Re-sequencer, as in the post title, takes existing protein chains and rearranges them. Like say taking a chicken breast and making it into a pork chop. Or a generic glob of protein mash into whatever you want.

    I personally would kill for a Pan-fried catfish :P ( hope you get the reference)

    Love the look of this mod, but trying to get it to run and been running into a few problems.

    I -think- I know what the problem is, an ID issue, but I'm not completely sure.

    To rule out it was just your mod I made a new instance using Multi-MC and just put in forge, NEI, IC2 and gregtech. ran fine, so that's another point for Id issue.

    But what I'd like to know is, since I used Sha rose's ID resolver, shouldn't this have been dealt with, and if not would raising the mod priority resolve the issue?

    Edit: To clarify, this crops up during world gen, it gets stuck at "Building Terrain" then generates a crash file while still keeping minecraft open and stuck at "building Terrain"

    As far as using plutonium for nukes as I read somewhere in this thread it's not as reliable to -want- to use it for a nuclear device.

    Friend of mine and I Were discussing bombs and such and apparantly I hought hollywood got something right when they got it wrong when I mentioned nukes use a core of plutonium.

    They can, but the properties of it make for a relatively unstable device without very sophisticated designs.

    That being said here is a use for it.

    Plutonium was used as thermal device to generate electricity for several spacecraft in history. Could do something along that, reactor heating elements anyone? No more having to use up precious U-238 ticks in an inefficient reactor setup just to breed. No more lava buckets pushing the heat right into the hull and having to risk blowin it up before your components can take the heat.

    Or with possible spacecraft expansion to power the nav computer and such.

    it's early morning, dont expect this all to make sense. =3

    Been doin a few more tests with some of th e delightful missiles in this mod and found an interesting thing about the napalm missile.

    If you say, build a shelter and land one of these around it. The fire will spawn -within- the structure through it's walls so long as the building is within the area of effect.

    That said, it will happen even if the missile lands on the roof.

    Now. When it lands on the roof, I did a lil more experimentation with it to see if it was a matter of block depth so I dug a basement to hide in. Sure enough still flames on the ground floor, none in the basement. Made the roof and skylights two thick and the only fires inside are ontop of higher objects closer to the point of impact.

    So, this leaves a question if the fires spawning do so despite obsructions to line of sight of the impact site or if this is just a small bug?

    That way the nano and the quantum suit become really similar to the Chozo Armorpower suit of awesome from Metroid... A full protection modular suit with a scanner computer integrated! So much information can be acquired from a system like this! PURE LOVE!

    +1 for sure


    and pretty much. Now if only we had a screw attack, ice beams, power bombs and the ability to morph into a ball.

    I'd settle for a charge beam though.

    Back on topic now. If we integrated functionality with the helmets to display charge/fuel and flight time remaining, would it be possible to also add a speedometer and altimeter?

    I like this idea so +1

    As for the HUD.

    Why not integrate the functionality with the nano and Quantum helmets. We do include glass/reinforced glass in the recipe, so it'd have something to put the HUD on.

    Hmm, I agree this would help with the power problem with Luminators hitting zero then not turning on properly with further power.

    I'd imagine this idea works like the process of shutting of a computer. it gradulally powers down with an option to cancel shutdown.

    +1 if only for other machines problem of turning on and off rapidly in some low power conditions since I think luminators are flagged for a coding rework or somethin.

    Tslavo: Curses, onBlockDestroyedByExplosion is acting up. I'll get on that. (What sort of missile exploded with no force? If it's an incendiary, they explode with strength 1, which isn't enough to break cobblestone, and if the ground is too far below, no fire gets spawned.)

    It was a mock setup of a silo at sea level with the silo doors about 10 or so blocks above and I tested it with both TNT and Napalm but not nuke and it couldnt even blow away the sand walls of the silo or wooden door with either charge.

    As for the other problem, it seems I might have found the issue. I checked my statistics page and found an entry that says "If you have this, it's a glitch" block. Maybe the warhead that fell off glitched into this block and destroying it caused the issue?

    Edit: Obviously not a wooden door, but a block of wood set as a blast door.

    Edit 2: When striking the silo doors, I mean from launch upward and coliding, not coming down upon.