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    i'm not knowledgable on the difficulty of a hud. in my opinion making a moving object is harder.
    It's suggestion for the developer of the mod anyways. Are you the developer?

    goggles of revealing do only show nodes, but not much else.

    Barrels do give a quantity and content report if you click on it. Having a check from block to person and pulling metadata shouldn't be that hard if those items can do such things.
    then using an overlay to list items at the side and draw a line from that word to where the line camera-object would intersect shouldn't be that hard.


    • finding certain needed materials selectively and being alerted to them.
    • identify from further away
    • creeper alert
    • ...

    Seeing the goggles of revealing and wondering how to define such form and the overlays/function I had to think of
    a scouter of DBZ.
    need to switch between certain modes/

    This scouter would up to a certain moderate (8 blocks or so) distance;

    • name ore you look at ( but not see through rock), allowing you to evaluate the ore from a distance./ and /or put reticles around it/ selective highlighting of selected ores.
    • put brackets around enemy mobs.
    • Indicate health of a mob you actively look at.

    and other modes you find useful.

    I find that a mass fab makes uu matter a bit too easily.

    for that i want to suggest a new machine. sort of a large accelerator. no more magic block.

    it's a circular construction similar to a large hadron collider in Geneva

    parts are. coils, tubes, injector and collider chamber

    the injector can use scrap to increase its production of 'protomatter' that is essentially the currency used to create UU.

    coils: need to be powered with sufficient EU in order to accelerate the protomatter. more power means more speed means greater production in the collission chamber. they also are needed in the corners to redirect the stream.

    tubes: to shield the stream and transfer it to the next coil.

    construction. it's always a circle like pattern you need to follow. the matter must make a loop.

    coils are always needed in the bends in the circle , but can also be set in between. tubes in set between the coils.

    Coils improve the production according to the power they get.
    tubes increase the production by a small set amount .

    simplest construction would be 6 blocks: the injector, the collider and 4 coils for the bends but with very low yield.

    the bigger the circle the greater the production speed can be made by means of the number of coils used.

    recipes are based on alloys and advanced circuits.

    when a miner has stopped simply retract the drill and look down if you see a light you struck lava if your not sure jump :D quick death=bedrock, slow death=lava, no death=water or grab a jet pack and take notes of what you see on the way down

    its not that this is a bad idea but that this can already be done with equipment already in IC2 and some imagination

    and a good portion of random chance.poking holes every so many blocks., not to mention the power it uses for drilling them.

    i had a good underground lake in my last world, but i pretty much messed upon drilling towards it the first time because i got disorientated and drilled 20 blocks to far north.
    anyway, i'd like to hear alblaka's verdict.

    it's industrious orientated.

    i know of that thing, but it has very limited range and does not show much of lava and holes. i frequently try to use geothermal energy, but it's a bit of a hassle to get the well positioned correctly over the lake, not to mention the difficulty to actually find one.
    the miner is a tad unreliable as it will not really tell what the problem is why it stopped.

    to continue on the industrious way, i'd like to suggest seismology surveys.
    such research is used to determine the composition of the soil.
    In this case it would tell the locations of underground lava lakes, and caves/caver
    ns and such.
    this to facilitate geothermal energy production
    i would see it working with a few components.

    a central processing apparatus that records .
    some sensors that transmit the data to the recorder;
    craft some explosive charges, not tnt, to generate sound or 'thumpers' ala 'dune'.

    results of the survey yields some data, so repeated surveys are needed to refine the map.

    some gadgetry like messages that the thumpers are registring with the recorder.

    possibilities to make printouts of a certain level that you can navigate.

    crosssection survey results, showing you what is below you. :?:

    i have seen some expamples of handheld items with effects.

    i wonder if the 2 scanners could be made more interactive.

    in a way that the value is displayed on the device itself?

    for a handheld scanner i always envision tricorders. i do now know what is possible on the graphical area but i think it would be interesting.

    so if i add the ore id's from redpower and buildcraft to the valuable ore line, the miner will grab those too. Lets say, nickolite and silver too?

    the first of the couple being the id and the second a value number?

    am i right?

    Don' wanna mess things up to much.

    thanks, T.

    if you know of wireless redpower mod, it shows the frequency used on the block. would it be possible to create a block that monitors the heat at a certain interval, displays it and emit a redstone signal when it reaches certain parameters?

    that way you might be able to check the temperature and control a reactor having it act like a safety switch or as a controller for a breeder reactor where it would keep the temperature between certain values?

    i need soem materials from chicken and cows, but they are wandering everywhere. I'd like a means to tether them and guide them towards a field i spanned so i can breed more of them. pushing them is very annoying to do.

    that 1.7.3 is stuck there because of a faulty download link. it claimed to be a 1.8.1 but in the log it says 1.7.3. i don't have a clean jar anymore so i can not really switch it. unless you have an idea?

    i moved the new mod in the mods folder.
    after i started i got the following error.
    previous i used the 1.23 version without any problem.
    can you tell me what went wrong?
    error log in the spoiler.

    as said, i could not tell the implications of my choices on the performance. most logically i would think of it to be passable, but damaging. using translucent rays between the posts so your vision is not that impeded.

    more complex i'd see it being able to up the damage, with or without knock back up to impenetrable, maybe by generating invisible blocks in between to post to make it physical.

    in terms of goals, i'd be pleased already with a fence that i can create boxes with in the same plane around my house and installations using power that sorta zaps and thows mobs back when they try to cross, keeping them from surprise hugging me when i get out of the door. which happened twice already. at times i really dread the creepers, after having them blow up half my installations.

    anything beyond that i'd see as a bonus: the following the terrain or power regulation/settings 8o

    can you elaborate about the Block-based laser fences? how exactly do you envision those? what I was thinking of was starting with a base object the size a little bigger then a torch or landmark, that telescopes out to a 3 block height. not complete blocks like you build a house with. probably i'm misunderstanding you in the exact wording.

    as said, i'm illiterate concerning programming so can you elaborate a bit about what you mean with "moving beam, glowing translucent thingy, block"

    in it's most simple form i see it just doing right angles some 4 to 6 blocks between the posts. sort of similar as fences behave only it spans the section in between.. so you can box in your solar collector or mining installation to keep MinecraftCreeper out. that's something i have seen in a simple laser mod. only there it relied on big laser blocks and reflectors. It's just so inelegant and unwieldy to quickly deploy. it also forces you to turn of the whole barrier if you just wanted to pass. ok, there is a way around it, but in that mod using the most powerful setting of the laser would burn through almost everything, including the emitters if you just looped around.

    what i was wondering about such objects was what is possible in the minecraft engine.

    can it also be programmed to search for other poles that are on an other elevation so you could fence off along the side of an incline?

    is making a deployable emitter realistic? that you jab a compacted emitter in the ground and it extents and activates? what animations are possible?

    lastly: would it be something that you could consider implementing. i think it might go well with the Tesla coils.

    i have seen a laser mod that allows you to make laser fences, albeit a bit clunky and

    i have also seen other mods where objects deploy an telescopic pipe to get working.

    More specific the mining well of industrial craft. Not to mention the various engines that got designed model wise.

    So I began to wonder what could be possible for such fence idea.
    I'm no programmer expert at all.

    What I'm looking for is 3 fold:

    1:a deployable fence post that erects itself. It starts as a small stick and telescopes out to 3 or so blocks high.

    2: It will connect to neighbouring posts within a certain range automatic. like 4-6 blocks away.

    3: is manipulable that you can turn of the post somehow or set behaviour.

    additional questions. Would it be possible to have it connect to poles on a different level and/or outside the straight line connection/diagonal?

    I like to know how feasible such thing could be. Most logically i would see it as an industrial craft add-on.

    info: some pictures of unreal 2 that has sort of the fence i refer to.
    unreal II laser fence

    telescopic post