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    k for any one that reads this thread from now on.... this is REALLY old! lol ive got the the design i like and stuck with it... ty for all input any one has put.. and im still using ice ^^ i just like it better... if mod reads this pls delete and ty

    not sure if this has been touch but my base is in a snow biome and when it snowed it covered my solar panels and was still reading light lvl as max and i couldn't see the solar flowers i had on my mini map it just look like some snow.... so if u make a flat panel instead of flowers u can easily cover it with snow(NOT SNOW BLOCKS THESE WILL BLOCK LIGHT) from EE or from regular snow storms. but it is possible to completely hide them. just might not be the look your looking for. hope this helps a bit

    ok sence i cant seem to find out y i cant play minecraft i wont be finishing this project like i wanted to.. ive been trying to figure out for the last month whats wrong and y i cant play so if any one can help or have a solution so i can play again i'd much appreciate it vary much. gona post my error message as a reply it wont fit here.

    OK ive decided to build an over powered nuclear power plant for my single player world cause just a few days ago my single player world crashed and i cant get to it atm... so till i fix it ill be making this power plant in my test world and i wont build it in my SPW till i get it 100% reliable. i will be posting pics as i build it over the next week or so(never built one this big so might take longer) of all the components ill be putting into it.

    here are the mods ill be using to accomplish this:

    and EE(i kno u guys hate this for reactors)

    im only using EE for making the ice.. i wont be making it for free like last time instead ill take advantage of vanilla minecraft to make the obsidian and only be using EE via buildcraft to remake the redstone required for the Ob generator and the ice, the rest of it will be of the other 3 mods. i will not be using a volcanic amulet to make the obsidian.. plus the single obsidian generator will be used through out the entire complex including ice production for the power plant.(Reactors ) (Breeder )

    so what i plan on for this project is:

    • make a total of (10) 5 chamber 1820 Eu/t reactors for a total of 18200 eu/t
    • a control panel(not using computer craft AT ALL) for everything
    • a system for fail safe
    • indicator lights for active reactors, reactor empty, battery meter, system safety, breeder running/complete, cooling system and anything else i think of on the way
    • auto shut off system when battery is full
    • auto refill system for reactor and breeder
    • a system dump

    and anything else i come up w/ along the way

    so yea expect something small but huge that should never have to be used in a single player world. ill post first pics some time later today and ill try and post 2-4 pics a day till its complete. any suggestions or comment about the reactor as im building it is much appreciated


    put in fail safe(part of it is put in already)
    make obsidian generator
    make cooling system
    make reactor containment
    make reactor(last thing to do, taking no chances w/ this)
    make breeder
    make breeder controls/ indicator lights
    make dump/refill for reactors and breeder
    and set up all the redstone wiring for all this

    Alot of work to do still

    im waiting for 1.62 patch for ic2 to come out w/ the full storage sending a redstone signal feature before i finish up my reactor. but if u want ill post a few pics today or tomarow of it incomplete(working on wiring atm)... got stuck making it cause i want to put an auto dump/ refill option.. but cant seem to get the ice to go where i want it(prob gonna have to compromise abit). indicator lights for battery meter is complicated atm to do it the way i want to(waiting for 1.62). other then that its almost finish just some slight timing issues w/ chunk loading(chunk loader block will work i hope)

    heres the design im using for the reactor. if any one can help figure out how to get the ice to go in those spots... ill give them something idk what yet.
    (reactor design)

    reason y ppl dont post how they make the suc and casuc reactors setups cause it doesn't have specific requirements. the only things u need are constant water or ice to get to the reactor... how u make the water/ice there are many ways ex. snow golems, EE, Rp2 depolyers, etc. only hard part is timing 1. either have a high flow w/ over flow option(low chance of explosions) or 2. get as precise as possible(high chance of explosions). then u can try and automate the entire process w/ indicator lights and what not(is what every one is trying atm) and is why u dont see too many how to make a suc or casuc reactor.

    use this to plan your reactor first (http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…10101001511621s1r14lflr10) then plan your whole setup around that. it kinda pointless to ask for reactor designs an all(except computercraft scripting.. cause not even i kno how to do that) cause most of them are already posted and you just need to look.. the only main difference is how u put everything together... good luck to ya :D

    ill be posting pics of my 4 casuc reactor 1820 eu/t each nuclear power station(w/ auto shut off, battery meter, control panel, ect. and all) for my single player world soon so. i hope once thats out, that it will help you out more

    I modified your to make it output 1768 effective EU with no cooldown time and infinite cycles and producing, in total, 354,000,000 EU. The only problem would be to supply the ice. It's a MK1-0-EA

    yes sense new 1337 patch ive changed this and now i get 1820 Eu/t and the 10 sec cool down is virtually non existent cause it takes more time to pull and reload the cells... new plan is having 4 of these for a total of 7280 Eu/t or regulate between 1-4 reactors running at a time with auto shut off once either reactor is done running or when storage is full. so basically i can have either 1820, 3640, 5460 or 7280 Eu/t. all of it controlled from safe room w/ no access to reactors when running. ill post pics once Ic2 is ported to 1.0.0


    ok there is no max on how many 512 eu packets can be sent to the mass fab. currently i have in my test world 4 nuclear reactors putting out 3400 eu/t total(pre 1337 patch) into a mass fab on one side... so the mass fab can take as much power as u can put into it AS LONG ITS ONLY High voltage, and what i mean by that is u can have 20 nuclear reactors(600+eu/t each) each reactor connected to a high voltage transformer and each output of each transformer connected to a single glass fiber cable and connect it to the mass fab... now for the boring part math..... 20*600=roughly 12k eu/t(way too much just to connect to mass fab w/o high voltage transformers) so in the end no matter how much power your sending to the mass fab as long its in 512 packets then your fine... if u want pictures of proof of concept then just let me know ill put some up

    so now ice cools for 300 instead of 200 am i correct? if so then omg wonder if i can put another a 5th reactor w/o changing my cooling system...

    Update for reactor:
    added 3 more reactors for a total of 4 reactor setup
    added another chest w/ 5 transposers
    fixing timing so theres hardly no over flow

    produces 3400+ Eu/t with four reactors

    will have pictures soon of reactor, cooling system and control system v3

    I wonder if the redpower world works with industrial... Doesn't work, works with industrials tin, or two different tin ores? (tin for example)

    Also wondering what is the ball at bottom middle in this recipe:

    not sure what yur saying at the begging w/ redpower working w/ Ic2(if its compatiable? yes it is, does it work w/ tin ore from Ic2 idk) and for the red ball i dont remember what its called

    Reactor components can be VERY expensive if you dont go the (CA)SUC type reactor...I'm also pretty sure that it's better to use lava generators for the amount of EU they produce and the cheapness =/ Nuclear reactors arn't even that powerful...

    nuclear reactor are not that powerful? mine produces 850 Eu/t

    i plan on adding 3 more reactors w/o much change to it for a total for 3200 Eu/t. if any one finds a generator setup that get close to this tell me i might use it

    yes using EE to convert obsidian->lapis->ice..

    guess i didnt show it too well but in the second picture right next to the redstone engines are water source blocks converting lava into obsidian from the deployer every 1.5sec(can reduce this to .2 sec if need more ice) this set up is capable of creating 48ice every second(not sure on timing of redstone engines but i think its 1 sec per pulse) at max speed for the deployers... the four crafting tables are more then enough to handle everything... the only difficult part was w/ the transposers(can use more/less depending on preference) and the timing(redstone engines are not good enough hence the transposers).

    ok ive been working on my reactor trying to get max Eu i can w/ eff. 4 or higher using ice.. as i was creating an ice machine i went way over board w/ it for one reactor... so i plan on making 4 linking reactors putting out roughly 3200 Eu/t at one time...

    reactor setup (x4 in the end)

    the timing for the transposers is.(this is not set in stone you may use more/less transposers w/ different timing.. this one is just mine for little lag)
    timer 1: .500(4 of them)
    timer 2: 2.6oo(5th one)

    i havent run a full cycle yet, but i am strongly confident that this set up will work w/ vary little over flow(guessing 3-5 stacks max) per cycle

    screen shots

    only thing need to add for a 4x reactor set up is add 4 more transposers and change the timing

    mods used are:
    Teleport pipes(optional)

    i dont think it is cause he was waiting for notch to stop releasing so many Pre-patches so he didn't have to updated the mod so much... but i just got the reactor running.. gonna do a 3 cycle test so far it its over producing ice for 1 reactor it probably enough to support 2 reactors and a breeder(testing at later point, so plan on building a breeder, i still haven't got the max amount of Eu coming out of it atm cause im producing 845 Eu from the reactor but w/ the Hv transformer im only using 1 output on it so im getting a fluctuation of 400-512 Eu readings i plan on fixing this soon i just want to see if it will run a few cycles w/o exploding... so tired from all this :wacko: