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    I posted it on the bug tracker when it was added, and it was meant to be fixed. So I posted it back a few hours ago.

    And the pump now empties pools at the same level as it's on. So it's actually useful now ;)

    how doe sthe pump drain .. like the miner? how far of a radius

    Also the universal cells are AWESOME!!! they take a bit to make .. but stackable and reusable.. much better then the old tin cans of yore

    The side thing is to allow greater flexibility, where you choose between one or several magnetizers to do the same job.
    I've mentioned upgrades for range, aoe and speed in the main post. Considering IC2 system stacking them would indeed amplify its effects.

    I wanna try a superoverclocked magnetizer with a stack of speed overclockers now... (to the infinity and beyond!) that would be silly and fun.

    Edit: added a horizontal magnetization option in the suggestion.

    could work.. but would you use minecarts? IE a mono rail?

    i would say make upgrade options for it.. to extend the range..

    allow stacking of multiple ones to multiply the effect ( 2 stacked = 40 3 = 60 4 = 80 and so on) but using full power for each block for the trip

    going to the sides would be imho too much..

    agreed its no longer looking down to find diamonds and other things..

    Would love to know why the change and if something is planned to change it?

    its purely the handheld issue..

    however, the miners don't obey the rule either and "miss" things

    The mod author doesn't hang here. Ask him on twitter .

    I suspect he doesn't play IC2 though, so I don't know if he's really fit for maintaining the mod. I'm considering making a CompactSolars Boner Edition with updated textures and a few new features, probably not going to though, since there's already this :)

    would prefer someone update/maintain.. that mod.. has "sunnarium" which has no source ( if its a block it means regenerating a world which i don't want to do) and looks like its a end game only rather then middle game (and later) as this mod is. since it uses reinforce items and alloys and adv circuts

    it adds in more then solar panels like a molacular transformer ( presume this is used to make "sunnarium" but not sure how)

    the mod author there clearly is stating his mod is meant for replacing nukes.. not lower levels..

    gonna stick with this mod till its dead.. and if needed i will cheat in the panels back and wire it up the old way

    edit: i did send a msg out on twitter and hope he responds

    This shouldn't have to be a guessing game. NEI plugins for 1.7.10 is nowhere in sight, and the lack of recipes either on the wiki or in NEI is making IC2x nearly impossible to use. Someone on the dev team should at least publish a list or diagram of all the recipes for all the machines so that others can do their respective parts.

    crafting guide works for everything i can see :)

    NEI can cheat things in if you want it to, but it does have a recipe mode which only shows you the recipes for things. NEI has much greater support mod wise, so you could see things like IC2's ore washing plant recipes, EnderIO's SAG mill recipes and thermal expansion's machine recipes. NEI is like craft guide, but better :)

    crafting guide does show ore washing.. what does it do better that makes it more valuable to a survival mode? ( IE it should recognize your in that mode and not allow spawning of items)

    I was playing in a creative world to see how viable luminators are for light.. and i still feel they may not be balanced fully to be used as a long term light source.

    8 solar panels and one batt box can keep active 14 luminators forever.

    They act i believe as a single torch but the only benefit is they can be placed on the ceiling.

    I know the limit of light is one of the major issues. ( can't get above 15)

    I saw someones mod before about flood lighting but its stuck on a old version i believer…craft/mods/GregsLighting/

    I wonder if luminators could have a new item that gives something like this? as a upgrade from luminators?

    One problem i found.. in the test world.. when i would have 36 luminators 2 rows 4 spaces between each (so 90 blocks x 10 ) sometimes when i went back to it.. it caused the game to pause/move slow due to updating all the lighting.. I am not sure if its a issues with IC2 or minecraft itself

    thanks guys

    from what i can tell NEI seems to add alot of "CREATIVE" mode options that are available in survival..

    Am i using it right or not understanding whats there?

    It feels like the addon Too Much Items ? ( i am sure i am missing something)

    I feel i see the addon Crafting Guide just shows how to make items.. nothing more..

    I am sure i am missing something!

    when they do add the losses back in, it better be on the current side.
    IRL what they do to overcome the losses in long distance power transmission is to jack the voltage way up to lower the current.
    I wouldn't mind having to step up the voltage to prevent power loss, provided I don't have to do it just for going 40 blocks.

    What we need honestly are numbers.. things we can start plotting for so we can make sure it works as needed.

    I too have no problem with the current cable setup...minus the voltage max on copper, but that's another issue, and the cost of the glass fibre cables as well. the recipe is fine except the output. it needs to be increased.

    as i understand and have picked up.. glass fiber's MAIN benifit was less loss over distance! period! HV cable carried more but lost alot quickly!

    What i understand is All cables will loose some over distance HV Gold Copper Tin! its that the higher costing will have less resistance ( i belive he messed up on that since it makes no sense to have higher cost offer lower reward) so over a 40 block strech you might loose say 20-30 eu/tick for HV. 45-55 for Gold 70-90 for copper and 100-150 for tin.

    Also as i have picked up its no longer packet based, IE you can't send a million packets of 5 and not overload anymore. Total traffic will be a consideration along with the resistance?

    i feel its a good solution, and able to be worked around.

    Indeed you aren't the first to think of this, but the lag generated by zillions of chickens may not be server/client friendly ;) .

    You could try maybe mob grinders?

    true mob grinders would work if you did not need there output..

    my thoughts would be more.. 1-2 scrap every few mins.. so max 10-20 chickens!
    though i realize this could be abused to a insane number but you would need multiple recyclers and such.. possable but headache causing.

    Actually power is being split according to the resistance of the path like real electricity, not just some sort of packet delivery.

    Transformers are one-way with some internal buffer for the excess.

    will it be a good use of transformers to moderate the voltages to avoid overloading a wire?

    IE windmill farm makes 130 eu/tick transformer drops it down to 128 max ( I presume 4 windmills attached to transformer to avoid blowing up a wire) so the wire can be copper.
    1. will that work to prevent blow ups?
    2. how is energy loss handeled.. IE copper wire right now goes 4 before loosing energy.. does this change? ( IE does it loose energy on each wire part )