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    Not especially, since Player keep tweaking things. But from what I can tell, a batbox for example outputs 32EU, which can go down tin cable. Another batbox will make it 64EU so the tin cable would fry. Meaning having hundreds of HV Solars will now fry cables as the amount flowing through adds up. This is opposed to before in which each EU packet was dealt with separately. That's what I think happens, but things might have changed.

    It woudl be lovely if we could get the wiki updated specifically for enet to give the overal idea and allow people to know how to start arranging things :)

    I hope i am not the first to think of this,

    I have been thinmking about scrap.. and getting it reliably and getting it into the machine reliably, without manual work.

    Where to get free items to recycle to scrap? Anything I have would just require me to get it and collect it and put it in to the recycler, and then take it out and put it in a Mass fab.

    So the idea is this ( and it works on creative )

    Hopper feeds Mass Fab.

    hopper fed by box which is fed by recycler with upgrade for exporting its items to the box.

    Recycler is fed by a hopper/box, you can put whatever you want in there to recycle.

    Now for a unlimited item to turn to scrap.

    Build a small area for the chickens.... use water to push the eggs into a hopper and that hopper feeds the recycler.

    :Rubber Log: = box
    :Rubber Trampoline: = hopper
    :Generator: = recycler
    :Advanced Machine: = mass fab

    :Rubber Log:
    :Rubber Trampoline:
    :Rubber Log:
    :Rubber Trampoline:
    :Advanced Machine:

    OD and OV scanners.. they have been improved but... not as good as before

    before i could just run around and scan.. boop boop boop.. and get a general # for the area.

    I like the output screen but wish i could have the old style back as a option ( like electric wrenches have a lossless mode)

    That way when i discover a high ore number area.. i can checki it out more if i wanted

    also the OV ( better) scanner is scanning like 12 blocks ( thats 3 more then before) but the miner does not seem to do the 12 blocks.. ( bug or miners will do it but not if they were placed already)

    I don't think that will work, cable resistance was going to be changed to x per block instead of 1 per x blocks.

    i don't understand, so you loose energy on all cables.. just higher cables loose less per block?
    IE copper = 128 but looses some small ammount ?

    I am missing some info :(

    Well i tested.. looks like the EU reader is currently working again!!!!

    My advice is for people to update there wireing ASAP!!!

    I plan on going the HV cable route with two transformers every so often to reduce the loss for my windmill design..

    And my Solar panels will get a simalar change to protect them.

    Explosions are not in yet.. !!! I would suggest making sure in patch notes this is said specifically that its in so people can avoid issues

    You did a great job with all those builds, now it just needs a polishing here and there (mostly balance) and its perfect :D

    So the big question.. for the current version available to download, is the new E-net in? or are we still under the old rules?

    not sure about all your questions but

    machine 1 gets all power
    machine 2 gets all leftover from machine one

    and so on..

    i presume transformers break up and first to request type deal like above but the transformer only outputs 32's

    This is not accurate. You can use UU-Matter and then the Amount of Silver or Iridium is only matter of time.

    This is not accurate. You can use UU-Matter and then the Amount of Silver or Iridium is only matter of time.

    exactly! time and power! so its imho not a major worry/issue long term :) just the start up till end game

    Alternatively you could make the massfab be far away from the energy generation (way farther than the storage blocks), so it has a very low priority and will receive the least energy, until the storage is full.

    that would work.. cept i don't want to drain.. ( i anticipate i can't keep the power levels at max for a while so i want base to get power above mass fab)

    from my understanding you can't get it to work with only one batbox since you want to check for full and for empty, so you need 2 batboxes and 2 splitter.
    The thing you want for the redstone logic is a T-flip flop

    Thats what i found that would do it!!! ( had the edit screen open while playing with it so i missed your reply) but it works with what i added for charging :)

    thanks man :)

    Ok, I have a desire to make a replicator/mass fab shop..

    However.. I would love to have the replicator only run on excess power that is generated without impacting the bases power.

    What i mean by this is I want a battbox only when fully charged to output energy to the mass fab, Drain itself dry and then charge up ( without outputting )

    I got the wiring to work with 2 splitter cables but don't know how to make the box

    could anyone suggest anything to help? this works but it feels.. weird

    I know i am getting it wrong.. and i am going to research redstone circuts to figure out how to have a constant signal but have it turn off when another signal happens ( since the box can be told only output with a signal) and have it stay off till it gets the signal again .. .. ?

    So i think i got it

    from MSFU emit if full
    pulls piston back and allows the T Flip-Flop to operate

    Bat 1 gets charged and bat 2 charges from bat 1.

    When bat 2 is full Bat 1 can charge..

    When Bat 1 is full it emits a signal the the T Flip-Flop

    that turns the wire to Bat 1 off ( no more charging) and turns on batt 2 wire on.

    Bat 2 discharges and Bat 1 recharges till both are empty.

    Bat 2 when empty signals to the T Flip-Flop

    output for bat 2 is turned off and bat 1 wire is turned on to charge.

    When the MSFU is no longer topped off it stops sending a signal and a block gets put in place to block the T Flip-Flop from working. but still lets the cycle finish and charge bat 1 and 2 but not allow them to drain.

    So.. is there a better way to do this?

    That's a good idea, I'll search for the emerald rarity but I think it is not the same since it is biome dependant ...
    But I think that my rates are too high ... I'll make some tests to try to make it harder to find that diamond, and I will re add ore duplication but I am considering to have a new route for the duplication

    could you add silver blocks as well? would be nice :) less common then gold?

    I just made a chargepade that powers my teleporter.. and i am finding.. that its not a good idea..

    When i stand on it my teleporter that it normally powers starts running.. i don't want to teleport in error..
    could there be a option to turn off the redstone signal all together like the other boxes can be configured to do?


    Ideas i have for changes/improvements:

    When mining blocks with inventory, return block + inventory instead of dropping inventory to the ground.
    The way the adv. miner works currently is, that each miner tick, it checks one block. If it is not on blacklist/is on whitelist it will mine it. Thats great, but slow. Since the thing is damn expensive and has the ability to 1. teleport and 2. locate ores(Scanner) it would be more logical to me, if it jumped to the blocks it can mine instead of checking every block. In that case the speed could be slowed down even more. The thing i liked about the normal miner was the way it mined ores. Instead of just making a big hole like the quarry does, it mined towards the ores. At the moment the adv. miner is just a configurable ic2 quarry which is cool, but there is nothing that makes the adv. miner exceptionally better and i would like it to be something really cool.

    agreed. i don't mind it being slow.. i do mind it not working or not telling me anything :/