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    I feel like I'm the only one still playing this, these days. 3 weeks and no activity?

    Not everyone playing GT5u does always post in this thread. ;)

    I am still playing with my skyblock setup, but due to limited time my progression is very slow. In my current world i am in the bronze age and just started producing my first steel.

    I am also not sure how far i will go or get, since my plan is to get some basic materials via ExNihilo and then getting further materials via IC2-/Gregtech-Crops and Forestry-/Gregtech-Bees. Sadly the bees are currently no option since the game crashes on startup when you disable the comb nerv in the config.

    in the latest build for 1.7.10 the tin plates are uncraftable. It is caused by a double entry in material component config for tin plates (after enabling the 'per item' setting), the first one being false and the second one being true. After deleting the false entry it works, another fix is by enabling the global setting for unused plates. Maybe a hotfix?

    Seems like the code to detect the needed plates needs some update.

    The first line does set the value per default to false (thats why it ends with _false=). Once a value is set, it cannot be changed later. So the second one, also set to true, is not able to change the value for tin plates, they stay disabled.

    If you now take "B:plate_false=false" and change the line to "B:plate_false=true", this will enable tin plates for you.

    EDIT: Actually it doesn't work after deleting the entry, tin plates come back to life ONLY after enabling the global setting for unused plates. After deleting the entry it comes back after loading the game.

    You should never delete any entry from gregtech configs as they get re-generated. Just set them to the right value by only changing the part behind the =.

    AFAIK you still need metal blocks for bees as well as the plants. So without GT5 ores generating, you're SOL. Don't use skyblock

    Well, then i have something new for you to learn:

    After some testing in a creative world with e.g. the gold bees, i can tell you that

    1. you dont need any metal blocks
    2. with the default option of comb nerving you need either uum or ores to combine with the combs and you get purified ores out of them
    3. with comb nerving disabled you simply get tiny piles of the metals out of the combs

    So with disabled comb nerving i can use the GT bees to produce materials for me.

    As a sidenote: i would not have been out of options without bees and crops, it would just reduce the work to get to higher tiers as i just would add the materials as output to the Ex Nihilo Sieve. So your last statement ("Don't use skyblock") is pretty pointless anyway 8)

    I already asked this on IRC, but maybe someone not reading there has some hints.

    I am playing a modded skyblock with GT5U, so, except for the base materials that i get via Ex Nihilo, i dont get any ores or high tier metals. This means that the added metal crops in Gregtech-5.09 are useless to me because they require their material to start producing it. Is there any way to disable the requirement via config, minetweaker or other way?

    leagris suggested GT bees for the production of the materials with some config changes. I will probably try that in the meantime, but since i have never played with bees before, i guess this will thate quite a long time.

    Naquadah can be found on kirara3 as small ore. Thus a nq+ plate should be enough.

    I suspected it, you want to avoid more players joining Server 2 (with your new home) and send them to Server 3 instead (with my new home).
    And since you want them to search for and mine the small naquada ore blocks on the Server 3, it means generation of new chunks and laggy gameplay for me. :-/

    Technically yes, but I have to sit down and actually implement it.
    @others, recipes as suggested are ok ?

    Any specific reason for making access to quantum dust not cheap like the original recipe?

    The important stuff (teleportation/portals) still needs a quantum computer, for which a recipe without _very_ limited access (so no e.g. naquada/naquadria) should be ok.

    And now compare with real world results (kirara settings):

    Basic Steam Furnace: 2048L steam
    High Pressure Steam Furnace: 3072L steam
    Basic Steam Turbine+Basic E-Furnace: 1632L steam

    So based on this numbers, the Basic E-Furnace uses 512EU per operation and is more fuel-efficient then the steam conterparts even with the 34% steam loss in the Basic Steam Turbine

    It is a bad Idea to use Water as Enderman killer anyways, since as soon as someone builds close to it the Endermen will teleport out en mass. Fall Damage is much better since you can switch that to 1 hit kill for an EXP Farm.

    You describe a different type of farm, i am not interested in exp, i am just interested in enderpearls and for that killing quickly spawning enderman with water works just fine. In addition the rules say to not build near existing builds, so if someone actually builds that close that enderman teleport out, he/she did that with intention.

    Independent from that is it pretty bad experience for players, when they start building a farm and then a mod is added, which has hugh potential to create issues or destroy things (e.g. water source blocks removal from mob farm -> farm broken or water source block moves down into your base with complex redstone and destroys it, fun?) and there is not even a hint for that during the addition.

    So please disable those liquid physics now.