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    Would likely be possible ,although maybe requireing an actual UI for it, as extending your inventory might not be easily possible. The size is a bit small, although I could imagine a complete set (compresser helm, on the other hand, sounds like a bad idea, hmmm) but yes, I think it would be useful, and usable, especially as another alternate piece of armor. The main issue is that it competes with the OP nano-leggings, and considering that the opertunity cost is a bit high, I think bigger capacity is really required. I mean should I really pass up +6x (I think) movement speed for +25% inventory space? Its hard to say.

    If it were a separate UI it would probably be easier to code, too... I had thought of this, but didn't want the added inventory space to be considered excessive, or imbalanced. This was the reasoning behind using the armor slot to limit the number of devices available at any one time to just one.

    An alternative to using an Armor slot is to make the UI only available if the device is right-clicked while holding it; in this instance the device should still draw power even when inactive. Note that this would allow for multiple extra storage (with consequent increase in power drain).

    ok, so this has either been talked to death, is programmatically impossible, or just plain far-fetched...
    ...but this is my concept of an IC2 implementation for adding personal inventory space.

    Perfect for those extreme dungeon exploration expeditions, or for collecting the harvest from your 40x40 cane farms.
    Sure, it's expensive to build. Good technology isn't cheap, you know!

    The Compress-O-Belt(tm)

    * Worn in place of Leg Armor.
    *Provides 9x1 worth of additional inventory.
    *Belt drains small amount of EU/t from backpack; internal capacitor allows for small interval of self-powered use to allow bat-packs to be recharged/swapped.
    *Dropping belt, or belt running out of power causes belt to immediately empty items in extra slots, either into free inventory or onto the ground.

    Possible recipes could include advanced components to take into account the arcane forces involved in matter compression of this type; ie

    :Cable: :Advanced Machine: :Cable:
    :Advanced Circuit: :Compressor: :Advanced Circuit:
    :Refined Iron: [chest] :Refined Iron:

    Please forgive my vast void of knowledge when it comes to the technical side of Minecraft.
    Thus, not knowing if this is firmly in the realms of wishful thinking, or actually plausible...

    ...after hiatus, I return. Fear not, little ones. My fur is soft, and smells of cinnamon.

    (Seriously, until last week I hadn't played since 1.6.5)
    (yes, I'll get to the point. forgive me if I'm about to ask something explained to death.)
    (yes, I searched the forums. I couldn't find anything relating to this, tho.)

    After wrapping my head around the new beast that is IC² I noticed that empty fuel cans are stackable, but filled ones not... I assume this is a parallel with fully charged batteries being non-stackable, but it's hellish annoying to fuel setups located any appreciable distance from home base when you have to drop half an inventory of stuff just to make room for jerrycans. Given that you can carry world-melting amounts of EU in the form of Lapotron Crystals, is it too much to ask that I be able to carry comparative amounts of EU in the form of fuel?

    (replies telling me to "just make Crystals and use those to transport power" are completely missing the point.
    One does not become Biofuel King with shiny rocks.)