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    heh... by the time I'd finished manipulating block ID's, I managed to mulch ALL of my machinery and cabling...

    so in a fit of pique I over-wrote everything with a pre-meddling savefile. Net result cost me a decent Mk II reactor and a half-completed Overlord's Fortress, but better than the thought of replacing and rewiring an entire goddamned workshop...

    How do we check what version of NEI we have? I've run into this exact problem - using no other mods but IC and Forge. It's most certainly NOT a bukkit or multiworld problem, as Akaedis pointed out. My only solution was a rollback to an older Forge version; obviously not an option for people using Forestry. (this is why I use as few mods as possible...)

    I probably should re-edit the thread title...

    All my arcane problems with later versions of Forge were traced back to the command line I was using to launch Minecraft - something in it was causing Forge to act in strange ways. When the command line was put into a batchfile, it worked as originally intended. Problem solved, happy Minecraft, happy me. Thank you all for your input on this; it was frustrating because I was following installation instructions correctly - but bad things were happening.

    You can use this machine to heal and feed any player quickly, to "sleep" at any time of day (if you want to be afk), to set "bed" position, to cure any harmful effect, to inject nanobots (if or when it would be needed).
    Possibilities are endless.

    That's heading towards something powered by EU, not lightning! (I like the nanobot injection idea tho, very Deus Ex - tie that to being only powered by lightning - to shut up the "lightning rod" fans once and for all - and that would be pretty cool actually... very arcane)

    when I said diesel, I meant that in the metaphoric sense...

    as for adding BC-based generators - until BC and IC become one mod, that will be no use to me. I don't use BC.

    Superfuel does exist, but what I'm angling at is a return to the old disposable 'fuel' - tin use be damned. I have loads of the stuff. But at present my only (relatively) portable power generators are geothermal, which are a pain in the ass because I have to keep heading back to the Nether and manning a pumping station for awhile. I also don't want a system whereby I have all my power generation centralised, and I have to use batteries or lap-packs or whatever. I want something that I can take on expeditions, so I can power a couple of miners while I fossik around through old mines.

    ok, so this is in part a poke of fun at everyone suggesting lightning rods. But my reply to that very topic spawned an idea... no measly lightning rod feeding EU storage, but the ElectroVitalyzer!

    Picture a contraption that Frankenstein himself would be proud of, which uses as input the constituent parts of creatures - and when struck by lightning, it brings those pieces TO LIFE so they can serve as your minions/underlings/cannon fodder!

    You could use rotting flesh as a base for all the recipies, with the 2nd ingredient providing the type: say, arrows for a pet Skeleton, gunpowder for a Creeper minion, and suchlike.

    If this ever gets built - I'll post a tribute video in full Rocky Horror Picture Show drag.

    Seriously, who doesn't want their own Zombie army? :D

    wow... people still bring this one up? Al's been knocking this idea on the head ever since the Dawn of Time. I do recall dire things being promised for any who dared broach it again...

    ...and if you're going to suggest harnessing lightning, then I want nothing less than a gigantic freakish Frankenstein-inspired ElectroVitalyzer - something I can put rotting flesh into, flick a switch, and Lo! My own pet zombie.

    Sorry, I won't go so far as to don fishnets, or start singing Rocky Horror tunes - though if one was actually made, I could be made to eat my words :D

    IMHO the current system of re-usable 'fuel cans' makes fossil/biofuels WAY more hassle than they are worth... being unstackable makes them almost pointless as a method of energy transfer given their limited EU capacity. Please don't mention lap-packs, batteries, uranium cells, Electrolyzers or any other form of portable energy - I know they exist, but I don't want to use them.

    If balance is an issue (altho with the advent of high output nuclear, I can't see it), then make fuel more expensive to craft - 10x the plant material, or 4x the coal, whatever it takes - but please bring back my beloved diesel from the old IC days!

    Whilst I've never bothered with tweaking EU outputs, I do have a theory as to your dilemma... and it has to do with the fractional EU output of water and wind (particularly when 'unmanned') combined with the EU loss inherent in cabling.

    Although the exact definition of 'manned' vs 'unmanned' in relation to IC eludes me at present, I can only assume that the player has to be occupying the same chunk as the generator...

    And in theory an EC Meter should be able to tell you if there's any current flowing at all through a particular cable section; perhaps test each piece from the generators down the line, to see if it's a case of insufficient EU output to overcome cable resistance.

    As I said, a theory...

    If you've already created a world, and then change your IDs, you'll mess up your world. For example:- Make a CF structure, CF has an ID of 150- Change CF's ID to something else, and change the nuke ID to 150- Log back into your world and you'll have buildings made of nukes

    I'd figured that bit out when I was re-assigning IDs... (brought back memories of a world where all my rubber trees became macerators) - my dilemma seems to be that CF has more than one ID allocated to it...? I say this because I can spawn/create raw CF in my world - which works perfectly, sets as normal - but /already hardened and placed/ CF gets borked over. It's no giant drama; I was just hoping I wouldn't have to rebuild an entire 4 stories of Overlord Fortress... cheers peeps

    Something with in that pointed FML to the downloads folder.

    I'd dearly like to know what exactly caused that to happen...

    Monoxide :
    all my mod zips end up in my default Downloads directory (ie c:\documents and settings\aethir\my documents\download)
    zipfiles are then extracted into separate folders
    minecraft.jar opened with WinRAR
    drag/drop files from extracted modfiles directory to jar

    I haven't had an issue with this until I tried to patch in a version of Forge that was numbered higher than 108... then everything went spectacularly, horribly wrong. Evidently I need to re-work my procedure.

    nope, not "100% completely replicable" as i'm running 152 here with ZERO problems and I never installed Modloader.
    aka: PEBCAK, don't blame others for your inability to install mods properly.

    Absolutely, 100% replicable on my system. As for an 'inability to install mods correctly' - given that the final error was traced to an odd command-line, and had nothing to do with mod installation at all, I'd say that's one of the less helpful replies I've had...

    Might be the same issue that happens between Doggy Talents and Additional Buildcraft Objects - nulling the block ID before putting your block is a BAAAD idea.'s not just a simple mismatch, is it...
    note that reassigning the Block IDs /did/ cause a change from Lights, to Table Lamps, lol. Same result tho; all my Foam, she be borked :(

    (what is it with this game and incompatibility... seriously, this has to be the goatiest program I've ever used)

    I've run into a slight hiccup in rectifying some block mismatches while getting IC2 to work with Jammy's Furniture Mod... after re-assigning pretty much every damn blockID in the config files to eliminate conflicts, I got the thing to run at last. Except... all my Construction Foam (BlockID 150) structures are now made from Table Lamps (BlockID 221). I know this will be a simple thing to rectify, once I know what value I'm actually looking for... at least I hopes so!

    Any ideas on where I went wrong? Or am I just plain ol' screwed?
    config files follow:



    My 2c worth:

    Firstly, I only use IC2 - I haven't branched into BC or RP yet - leaving me with less uses from the get-go... first I started smelting it without bothering to feed it to the macerators (I don't even have a macerator specific for copper, like my other ores) - after my autominers netted me about a chestful of ingots I started feeding it direct to the scrapper. Handy stockpile for when the Mass Fab unit finally gets built. Occasionally I'll grind a stack of dust to keep my Bronze Age afloat...

    I don't even understand why it is "so good" to burn Scrap. Redpower has a better/lagfreeer way for infinite Energy using manned Water.

    I'm thinking that as proof-of-concept, efficiency wasn't really a consideration... this certainly isn't anything I'd ever need
    to build, or would want to build.

    side tangent regarding the whole 'secret infinite power' thing: AFAIK watermills work underground, don't they...?