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    How to AFK even with afk hunger :
    Take some food in your hand, preferably one with low returns such as carrots otherwise you'll waste it, and press right click. Now, press F11 to turn the game in full screen or if it was already full-screened, to turn it into windowed. Stop pressing right click when the game's window loads back and it'll act as if you were constantly pressing right click. If you hold some food, here you go.
    Or just get a macro.

    Heyo Kirara Reborners, I'm happy to sell my iron.
    The price is one ender pearl for 128 iron ingots. And you get to put the ender pearl into the world anchor in the middle of my dome, otherwise the iron will not build up anymore.
    If one golem spawns every 10 minute and yields at least 2 iron ingots on average, I get 144 ingots per ender pearl, so it's definitely worth giving me all your ender pearls.
    We're not talking about your everyday iron found in caves, that is iron directly extracted from golems' life, meaning that stuff is actually the best iron you'll ever touch in minecraft.

    The point of the mod is to literally punish players abusing death, and I'm punished for dying 35 times in a row since I couldn't break my bed fast enough since I got mining fatigue IV. This mod must be taken down or needs to be coded properly, as I thought only a few deaths would trigger the events, and I doubt dying by carminite golems is one.

    Damn it, I've voted "we keep it" instead of "remove it". Just count +1 for "we remove it" and -1 for "we keep it"

    Hello all, I'm told by Keda that you need to wait at most one minecraft day for the effects to run out.
    I think this is a dumb mod, and you know it. Hence I request to shrink the time to 3 minutes of bad effects
    That way I don't waste my time waiting a while for the effects to run out, but I'm still punished for dying.
    I really don't like this mod, so here's a vote for disabling it.
    If the vote fails, I still want a shorter time. Nobody here should decide whether I play or not. Especially with the very limited time I have. Also the blinking screen makes me feel sick, I got a headache last time and it started a bit last Sunday before I logged of, this is some serious issue. I don't like blinking screens, I can feel potentially sick but I don't think I'm in great danger. You need to tell Ashlee to make the effects to from 00:10 to 00:05 before refreshing, else I get this blindness effect going away and rapidly coming back, causing the headache issue.

    I've got a stack of wood in a chest and I need to send it to 4 electric furnaces, so that each furnace got 16 items.
    The furnaces are NOT equidistant from the chest.
    How to do that with GT/IC2/Buildcraft?

    Bc gates on the furnaces sending a signal when an item is inside, closing a pipe. A GT regulator to send 16 items per second (or if you can, redstone signal) through the pipes and hatches (or whatever they're called) on the pipes (to the side touching the machine so they only open when there's nothing in them)

    How i should do it if i cannot simply go to first tech tier? Im on the bronze age right now and i need to go further. What machines should i build on LV to work properly?

    You should go with the lathe, it'll allow you to make 1 stick and 1 small dust per steel ingots if I recall correctly, unless you need some MV machine as well. But I'm pretty sure you can't bend steel until MV.

    I have a feature request: If a cable melts down due to overamperage or similar, could nearby machines get a brief period (5-10s) of immunity from exploding due to environmental fire? Right now if you are unlucky, if a cable melts down then a nearby machine could instantly explode as a result of the fire spawned by the cable melting, not giving you enough time to even put the fire out.

    I had a first workshop back on kirara 3, with every basic machines. They took me 2 weeks of mining, exploring and building. I once placed a wooden pipe that touched some bronze pipe filled with steam. I saw some fire on top of a machine for 1/2 sec, and everything blew up. I guess GT machines are imported from china to our crafting tables.

    Hey Keda, I have 2 accounts, my main one is "Nexey_", my second one is "Nexey". I've just tried renaming my first to "Nexey", so I renamed my second one to "Nexey__" but couldn't rename my first to "Nexey".
    Can you :
    - Delete my "Nexey_.dat" (BE CAREFUL, I'm on "Nexey.dat" on the server, don't delete it)
    - Rename my "Nexey.dat" to "Nexey_.dat", open it and change every "Nexey" to "Nexey_"
    I will keep you up to date if I can get my main account to be renamed to "Nexey". I don't want to ask to just copy "Nexey.dat" to "Nexey_.dat" since I could dupe my whole inventory.

    So : Delete "Nexey_.dat", rename "Nexey.dat" to "Nexey_.dat". I would love if you could actually make a backup, so if something wrong happens, I'm safe. Thanks keda !

    If there was proper source control and transparency half the problems would not have happened.

    Pay me by agreement to share the information about all possible exploits or imbalanced features you can think of whether it is with my script or another script on this server, and you can have them. It is a 2x2 structure. I can throw some other early game mats at you if you want.
    All my items exploded, so I can no longer sell you that BBF.

    I always share the exploits I find to the admins. Did you know I was OP on Kirara 4, by invultri? That was kind of a thanks to all the things I did

    I would love to buy them Nono, if iron golems are not nerfed I'll be able to pay in iron blocks in a little (or long) while. The most expensive things I have are iron, a chest worth of glass and one flawless gem (can't remember which one). I've also the coords of some neodymium veins in the Nether if you're interested. Or I can sell you ink sacs :p