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    "I believe ignoring criticism is a much bigger dick move than anything we've done."
    (quoting with phone was too hard-core for me)
    I totally agree with you on that point, and I've even listen to criticism a long time ago (ask surio, or go back a few pages to see the logs of me discussing with him), so I hope no confusion was done within my paragraph, as I was talking about the fact that being respectful and recognizing the stuff Airam has done is the first step to a good community.
    But that leads me to another thinking. Perhaps you, and Kosyak, have been recognizing the stuff Airam has done since the beginning, but not in the good manner. Hence all the complains about that, and I fully understand the posts, even though I still disagree with being mean or saying you can do his job without any argument. Thanks for giving your arguments btw, that was much nicer than reading Kosyak's post. I've never talked to you before but I've always thought you were a nice person, now I know you're one.
    Sorry for not counting the player who complained publicly, but I feel like the problems that are really bothering somebody must be posted here. The total count was is 1, Kosyak, and Aies made his statement afterward which puts it to 2.
    Can you tell me what the solution you've proposed is? I've literally arrived on the server and felt like being part of the drama, at least to calm down the people (I'm no savior so I might be bad at this).
    And one more thing, if Airam can't do things properly, why don't you vote for kicking him out of his functions?

    I love the tweaks as they are, and I think it's rude to tell Airam staying away from the scripts for one (or very few) problems you've encountered. The fact only one person actually complained about it proves it's more of a personal problem towards Airam than actually asking kindly to remove / redo these tweaks, and propose a solution that is not keeping the tweaker from GT5.
    Kosyak, since I'm speaking of you, I hope no offense is taken but telling someone how to do his job isn't a great act. And keep in mind Airam isn't Arch, so you can't expect him to be as great as Arch.
    Here's my plan to avoid any more drama : Kosyak, post a comment saying what's bothering you, why it causes you a problem and what would be the best solution to solve it. And stay opened for questions / discussions. You (and everybody else) must stay respectful, write kindly and recognize the stuff Airam has done, even if he's provoked some accident recently and did some mistakes.
    Arch was overbuned with all the people saying what was going wrong and complaining ALL THE TIME, so overbuned that he actually thought of leaving Kirara and stop funding the servers. I don't want to see another admin / mod / tweaker / whatever Airam is being infuriated, stressed out or even on the verge of throwing everything away.
    It starts with one person pointing out how to do stuff correctly to the person who's actually in charge of the stuff. It ends up catastrophically.
    Please avoid any comment like that in the future.

    EDIT : SORRY AIES, can't read properly the names :/

    Could I also get whitelisted? Please?

    Edit: I get a crash when I try to load the pack, did I do anything stupid :huh: ?

    Seems like you're using build craft in this pack, whereas it us not included. And you didn't provide us the whole crash report, did you? Otherwise I would tell you to raise your permgen and the amount of RAM allocated to the game

    Am I white listed? I'll try to run this modpack on Saturday :D
    I now have two accounts, "Nexey" and "Nexey_", can you white lost both so if something happens to one (like mobs killed me and can't get stuff) I can just go with the second? And I can also do all the warp stuff with my second account and not touch it with my first :p

    What about people (like me) who use chisel blocks in order to come up with creative builds ? You need to see my oldest base on Kirara 3 and my older base on KIrara 4.

    Edit : I broke the quotes o/

    Why not having thermal heaters (following the same principles as crucibles, some thermal heaters can only heat up to a certain point before melting down) that would, you guessed it, heat up the materials, and than a centrifuge or an ore washer, which would take the hot materials and wash / purify them ?

    You mean the Base where we had a Super Node in out Thaumcraft Room? Or do you mean my Underwater Base? Because if it is the later one, did you go there while SpwnX has placed Galacticraft Junk in the Base?

    The first one, I'm not aware of galactic junk in your new base. Also there wasn't any free crops to harvest at your new base so I never came there... :p

    Can somebody give me the modpack (config, scripts and mods) as the connection at my student's room is better than my actual house ?
    For instance, I've tried downloading infinity evolved 5 times this week end, each time took 3 hours each and one went to the end, but the rar file of the modpack was corrupted so it failed as well. When I crashed at my student's room, it has been downloaded in one minute, no problem at all. So please. I need it. Now. Or else :Reactor: :Nuke TNT:

    I only see 2 options about what happened concerning Airam :
    Nonotan is too easily offendable (no offense but that happens)
    Airam was really mean (and that would surprise me from him)
    The only time I got in trouble with Airam was more than a year ago, I was being a silly and annoying kid saying "mining tin o/" or random crap like this all the time. He told me directly he couldn't bear me anymore. I've taken what he told me in account, I grew up and realised he was right from the beginning. And hey, now he's telling me some dad jokes when I hop onto IRC whereas back then he couldn't see my name appear in the chat anymore. What got stuck in my mind afterward was to listen carefully to mean / hateful persons, even strangers. They either have a right reason to hate you and tell you what's wrong, or are just being meaningful for no reason and are not telling you why, hence you have to not care about them. Good thing Airam is the first kind of person.

    I confused Airam and Surio in this message, this story happened with Surio but I forgot him. That doesn't mean Airam isn't a nice person but I wanted to sum up this fact :p

    Airam helped me a few time and he's a nice guy to talk to, unless you paint his machines pink (I'm still laughing today)