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    Good evening all, I just looked at some of the blocks in my IC2 mod and came across a reactor fluid port, how can I use this in my reactor? Currently it is generating about 120EU/t and I was wondering if using fluid to cool the reactor would improve its efficiency minus the multiple 60k coolant components or will it completely obliterate my base?

    With your rocket pack try jumping then press and hold spacebar in the air, your rocket pack should activate, try it out and if I doesn't work then I have no idea how to help you with this issue

    Greetings everyone now; I am not sure this is the place to report bugs on the addons so here i go;

    when i installed the Nuclear control addon i came across a problem with a few blocks, that is the Thermal sensor, Remote thermal sensor and a built up nuclear reactor i installed it in my base and set up my Nuclear control system to shut down the reactor when it got to a certain temperature now, in my old base in minecraft version 1.6.4 when i used nuclear control i set the thermal sensor up to emit a redstone signal when the temperature was below a certain level; basically if the reactor got too hot it turned off and another sensor i had on the same sytem triggered the alarm when the reactor overheated now; fast forward to Minecraft 1.7.10 and nuclear control version 2.1.2a i made up the same sytem that worked in my previous Minecraft version but this time it didn't work, first of all it emitted a redstone signal regardless of the setting on the GUI when i inserted the remote sensor locator card into the remote thermal sensor and as a result when my reactor over heated it took out 10 days of hard work because of my Nuclear control system not working, now i don't know if i installed it wrong or if it is a clash with one of my 131 mods i have installed, i am also having issues with Eroginous Beef's Big Reactors mod too, the block won't change from an outlet to an inlet when i click on it.

    As for my reactor problem i tried to change it's mode but it doesn't seem to work, it is stuck on throttled mode, is that hard-coded or can it be changed with a certain tool in industrialcraft 2
    any help on the industrialcraft 2 related issues will be greatly apprieciated

    Regards V497

    Do you have screenshots of what you're trying to do? It might just be something is touching something it shouldn't be or the redstone mode is inverted for example.

    using Project red for 1.7.10 and a few vanilla Minecraft items like redstone torches and a couple of repeaters in conjuction with the remote thermal sensor from nuclear control 2 i am trying to make a reactor failsafe that shuts down my reactors if they get too hot in an effort to prevent the reactors from blowing up my moon base, i am also trying to make a remote damage control center that activates when there is a bit of damage on my base e.g. say i am away from the living quarters of the moon base and a meteorite hits the building releasing the oxygen endangering anyone who is in the barracks i also intend to create an automated emergency sealing system that seals the area when it detects the loss of oxygen, i am using the most up to date Galacticraft mod with as many up to date mods i can in Minecraft 1.7.10, currently i have 128 mods installed

    Does it still output a redstone signal when the temperature goes too high/too low? because when i put it into my world i added it to my reactor and when i powered it the remote thermal monitor put out a signal despite what mode it was on to test this i used a howler alarm attached to the side of it BUT it went off regardless and there was no other redstone near the alarm the version i am using is minecraft 1.7.10 and the addon is IC2NuclearControl-2.1.2a any help would be appreciated

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    how do i do this because i would like to add a load of Custom Alarms to my IC2 Nuclear Control addon and am getting frustrated with my Minecraft game not reading my file as anb alarm, it's in the howler alarm selection but there is no sound when it is selected when i add as redstone signal, how can i rsolve this?

    I'm a bit curious why you're still using Minecraft 1.6.4, but you could try the one from this page:
    As far as I can tell, it's the newest one for 1.6.4 - build 19 is for 1.7.10.
    I tested it with just itself and Forge build 965, and it didn't crash for me. However, since you didn't list what other mods you'll be using with it, I can't tell whether it will crash due to conflicts.

    Thanks for connecting me to this download, the web page it led to was the aforementioned "Suspended Website" you got me to the download of the mod I needed, it works very well with the other 101 mods that I have installed on Minecraft and does not Crash my game so a big thank you

    Hi guys, I am currently looking for the PowerConverters mod for Minecraft version 1.6.4 in order to convert Rf/t to Eu/t, and the links that I click on either leads me to a suspended web page or downloads which crash my game, where can I get this mod? I tried using the transducers mod but that doesn't help, what would you suggest and where can I go to get a power conversion mod that works for Minecraft version 1.6.4 without crashing my game?

    Thank you for the reply, i will try that out and once i have built the reactor(s) and have them working i will post up a youtube video showing it and those who have helped me will get credit for it, and i will also if permitted Advertise this website in my video but only if i am permitted to do so and i will look into getting that coverter mod so i can fully utilise my reactor and its energy output

    Best regards

    I would like to build some reactors that turn on and off automatically as needed and also for an alarm to trigger all over my facility should things go bad with the reactors and my facility is pretty big so any help would be greatly appreciated: also the Minecraft version I am using is v1.6.4 due to the fact that most of my mods only work in Minecraft version 1.6.4

    Best regards

    Good evening all, I have a question for you;
    How do i create a Nuclear reactor in industrialcraft 2 that shuts itself off automatically asit gets too hot so it can cool down and also how can i make it so that my reactor does actually cool itself down to a safe level before restarting, bearing in mind that i am not using the technic packs, Nor do i hjave any Project red installed because my PC lags heavilly with it.

    i have at least 59 mods installed including:
    >Industrialcraft 2 Experimental
    >Applied energistics
    >Thermal Expansion
    >Nuclear Control
    the Reactor also needs to be energy efficient and last full cycles can you also tell me what my reactor can actually power in my world

    Best regards V497

    Hello everybody, V497 here, I just stumbled upon this thread and i needed to ask you all something,
    I just recently downloaded Nuclear control for IC2 and am trying to stick in custom alarm sounds however i placed the files in the sound folder for nuclear control and they still didn't appear in the howler alarm, now i know that it is an outdated mod however i think that it will be very useful in my current project of Moon Base Luna on Minecraft using 50+ mods including nuclear control.

    The Version of Minecraft i am using is 1.6.4 and i am not using the technic launcher for my minecraft any help that i can get from you all will be greatly appreciated

    regards V497