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    the whole reason I'm complaining is that silicon, which is (in AE2), if i recall correctly, made from quartz, has an EMC value of 1 then, which would be.. a bit to low i think. i think it's supposed to be harder to get than that. i don't recall all the recipes right now, but I'm pretty darn sure that AE2 silicon is NOT supposed to literally be cheap as dirt. enderio has a recipe to turn sand into silicon, btu that has something inbetween a 1/4 and a 1/12 chance(don't recall it right now).

    uhm, that's the opposite of nerfing, but meh. it makes more sense to remove the recipe though, that's true.

    EDIT: or make it so that you have to pulverize the sand beforehand, giving no output but one -insertwhateverplaceholderitemhere- as a secondary output of 1/256 with no possibilities to modify it.

    There's no point adding an EMC value to it just to not be able to use it. I'd only have an EMC value of 1 anyway, as that's how much sand has.

    the mechanic is that you can't take it OUT of the transmutation table, you can still put it IN though. pahimar did that for ores, so there would be no free ore doubling-quintupling, depending upon the mods installed, but you could still use it as a form of furnace, even though it's wasteful with oredoubling mods installed.

    it's not "nerfing it to irrelevance" it's "fixing all the dupes", who were the major complaint with EE2. Pahimar added these options because he knew he couldn't fix all dupes with all mods.

    EDIT: somebody gotta do something about those quotes.

    It's added by AE2, not EE3, so it's designed to be learn able so you can use EMC to make everything in the mod. Lazy devs = lazy gameplay

    pahimar deliberately added the possibility to make each and every item in the game impossible to pull out of the transmutation table, the list of those items can be edited by say, server owners or players who don't want dupes in the game. that is what i meant. does nobody here watch forgecraft? they talked about the stuff in EE3 there.

    Well i would say: EE3 is still wip. So do not use it.
    Use Project E instead which seem to be very stable and much further build then EE3...
    Also it allow automation...

    well, you can't DO much with it, but transforming items, but I would say the code of the mod is not WIP at all. The code is all there, it's just not used by much right now. i mean, seriously, you can even assign EMC values to items that don't have one by default. it calculates the EMC for items crafted from them if you restart the world, too. the system makes sure there are no dupes, like there were in EE2.(at least as far as i know, it works perfectly, too) I would not call that WIP at all. and who says automation won't come. also, don't complain, you can transmute 8 stacks at once. automation isn't THAT much of an issue.

    or EE3. that adds it totally legitimate, without the need to abuse cross-mod incompatibility.

    Sorry for the inconvenience that the fragility of brand new, high-speed technology causes these days.

    the most likely intended fragility of it, that is. if things don't break down, companies lose a customer everytime they sell something. might not apply that much for computers and stuff, as that's old in a few weeks, anyway, but it still applies.

    no idea if it's the right or wrong place, but i know of to soluions to the problem: you can either change worldgen so only one type spawns, or you can just exchange all different ores for one(with cheats, that is, but you don't cheat anything, as all the ores are oredictionaried). The first possibility is used in FTB modpacks, the second is done in the code of gregtech, it's called unification. that's ways to get rid of 4 kinds of copper/tin, even though unification wouldn't really help you with your particular problem.

    the spawnrate might/should be adjustable in the configs. you can go there and set it to "0" everywhere but for one mod. I think that's how FTB does it. otherwise, install EE3 and turn it into other stuff.(not exactly what you asked for, but it IS a way to get rid of it)

    Quoted from "Chocohead"

    I never realised ice biomes were at absolute zero :D
    It makes sense. Ice is frozen, and objects that don't move are often referred to as frozen. Biomes contain atoms, and when atoms don't move (frozen)- they are at 0k. 0k is absolute zero. Therefore ice biomes are at absolute zero.

    well, there's still water and entities in these biomes so that's obviously wrong. also, you know, frozen doesn't equal not moving at all, or you couldn't throw a snowball.

    wrong. at least the last time i played with it, there was this thing called "industrial coil", which can store quite a bit ofpower(especially the one made from bedrock which can hold simply craptons), but you cannot put power in and out at the same time, you have to toggle modes with a redstone signal. also, you can only see the power stored if you rightclick it with a certain tool(forgot the name, it's in the in-game handbook).

    for the carbon part for steel? i noticed there's carbon ore in NEI, don't know if that is generated though. also, i heard some talk about it being dark ashes, but that was a while ago and i don't know if it's still that way in the current version. I also heard that it is definitely NOT coal, but, as i said, it's been a while since then.

    yeah, you need high-tier engines to run the extractor continuously, and it is very power hungry. before that, you need to deal with the wonkiness of RotaryCraft's's power storage system.

    To be honest, anything more than 2x is overkill unless it uses it. Factorisation was an exception as it takes so long to go from 2x -> 3x per processed ore.

    well, rotarycraft can be considered an exception as well, as it takes even longer(at least in earlygame). later on, you can make the crazy amounts of power to keep the extractor going all the time, and it also isn't too spimple to craft.