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    Ive tried multiple things with luminators to try to get them to light but they never do. Ive tried wiring so its like a cable, a machine, i put it between 2 batboxes! Nothing makes it glow. The only thing i can make it do is explode. Am I the only one experiencing this or are luminators still not fully coded?

    Scrap boxes already drop enough free items, they don't need to also drop bones for those people playing on peaceful. here is a simpler solution, if you have the technology to build a fabricator, build your self quantumsuit armor, get a nano saber, AND MAN UP FOR GOD'S SAKE!

    To reword what I said. The drawbridge would be like a cobblestone generator from the earlier versions of minecraft, except its industrial and it retracts the blocks back into itself, and has a finite range depending on what material the bridge blocks are crafted with.

    So I guess this addition would go like this, you have a hardened cf block, you chisel it, it becomes a cf stair block facing you. The stair block is a new id, you chisel that stair block, it becomes a slab variant of the block. Is this what we are going for?

    I couldn't really think of anywhere else to put this so ill put it here. Ive noticed in 1.23 that its possible to get infinite insulation for cables by using a wrench on basic cables, since this drops the cable block, when placed gives a copper cable with insulation, I do not know if it works in smp but I have made it work for basically every cable. Combine this with insulation cutters and you have as much rubber as you can get(before you run out of bronze to make wrenches with)

    Does the floodgate make a long bridge that can be retracted at the flip of a switch and there are no outriggers around the bridge to make it work? Also, doesn't the forcefield basically require teir 3 equipment to run?

    What if you don't want to, can't install the red power mod? What if your jar cannot hold all the ids for the items in it, what if red power just boggles you? This simple single block addition would be a convenient solution for those who want waterproof redstone but not a couple dozen confusing widgets and gizmos that will only take up block ids.

    All the mining laser needs is more staying power id say, it can be used on mobs when there is no time for a bow and arrow's pullback time. And currently it breaks through blocks fairly well, but when I use it, its dead in under a minute. I now devote 4 slots in my inventory to recharge it, a mfs and 3 lapotrons, problem is that the thing takes way too long to charge on the go, with its charge time you could build a respectable 2 story shack. The laser needs to either have a greatly increased battery life, have upgraded versions that use expensive materials to increase efficency, or make it easier to power it, like maybe having its own ammo. Or maybe even could be charged slowly with electrolyzed water cells. Its open to debate.

    I was thinking of having a drawbridge block added to ic2. It would basically work like a miner turned sideways, extending instead of a pipe, crafted drawbridge blocks, that push out of the drawbridge generator when some sort of input is given, and when the input is taken away, the drawbridge segments would be pulled back into the drawbridge spawner block. The spawner block would be a simple machine block with one side being the output face with the top half being the area the bridge segments come out of, on the opposite side would be an input face that looks similar to the output face but with some defining feature from the output. The spawner would have its output face changed like all other blocks, except for pointing up and down, unless maybe if the bridge units were to be made climbable(not really necessary). The bridge blocks could have various versions that have different max lengths and durability, say wood, stone, iron, and at the highest tier would be bridge segments made from alloys, of which it would be possible to make ridiculously long spans from a single spawner. The bridge blocks themselves would probably look like a thin layer of the material on top and some scaffold like supports underneath, taking up the top half of the block like an inverted slab. You cannot place any other transparent blocks on them like scaffolds. If bridge blocks are pushed into the side opposite of the output face, it would signal that bridge builder to start building, basically turning it into an island to reinforce the bridge. The bridge spawners would probably take up a moderate amount of eu/s, the amount controlling the speed.