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    UPDATE 1.4 IS OUT!
    To the Changes:
    Fix: Server&Client Issus (server is loading Client only classes) are fixed. Mostly Nei Plugin was the Error.
    Added: EnergyNet Sends only the demanded Energy and not every energy into a machine. Calling a api function from IC2Exp.
    Fixed: Derp bug that created energy full energy use even 1 eu was needed. Curses of the the change before.
    Added: Foaming Event. It allows that People can foam custom blocks with the FoamSprayer. Was never Supportet in IC2 Exp. Sadly
    Added: Recipe Event for Electrolyzer. It allows you to add only recipes to it. Requirement for the AdvGenerators mod which i updated to.
    Removed: The Heat info of the Reactor parts. Was anyways only for testing.
    Added: API for IC2 Classic is loaded. So with the IC2 Classic api you can still use the IC2 Exp API but can detect if IC2 Classic is loaded or not.
    Added: New Energy Classes to the API which allow the Classic ic2 to handle the energy more smoth and also allow multible energy packets again.
    Extreme Adding: New ID System for IC2 Classic. Instead of setting up 200-300 IDs you only have to setup 2 IDs for blocks and items togehter it automaticly build the ids and tells you how much ids were used. Also the +256 math for ItemIDs falls now away because of the new IDsystem.
    Litte note here: I had to sort every item/Block before i could install the new System because the IC2 Team made it shuffeled. Why ever. But this new IDsystem will make a couple blockID & itemID missmatches internal with ic2. It is about 5-10 ids in total.

    I think that was it. ^^" A lot of work.
    Here are the first API Files and I will do 1.8 Update if it is stable when i am ready to update.

    I don't think many people will be moving to 1.8. I'm staying in 1.7.10 for as long as I can, going to glue my feet to the ground.

    I will update anways when my todolist is finished. So that case which is earlier happening is the reason for me to update. XD
    And i do not think people will not update in 6 months. That is only the guess how long i need for my todolist.
    Could be 3 times longer

    Long Time no Hearing from me at this thread. Yeah i know.. Said that it will come since +13 days the new version...
    Now here an explaining. I did completly rewirted my entire guis (i have only 2-3 gui classes left. For note: About 20-30 guis in my mods). I did finished Adv Generators.
    Made it to IC2 Exp and IC2 Classic compatible.
    Added a few things which ic2 should have supportet (foaming other modblocks were not supported).... Added a whole new ID System. that is much easier and will maybe even allow a id setting system in +1.7
    (Before you guys yell 1.7 has no longer ids. True maybe true) 1.7 has a idsystem but it automaticly sort it by the guy who added the things first. So if you remove a mod the whole ids are missmatching the world.
    So i decide to make a config that allows you to simply controll the IDs. So you can even setup from other mods the item/blockIDs.
    And yeah i have heared a lot of yelling from people that made servers that they have to reset the world at some part if they want to deinstall a mod.....

    Anyway IC2 Classic version em.... let me look... 1.4 will come out in the next couple days. I want to make a quick ground check if everything works.
    Can be tomorrow or in 3 days. I will not add or remove things anymore. So there is no big delay at all. (I did code for about 2 months without playing.... :/)
    Also the first api files will come out!

    I think it'd be a good idea to add a recipe from the array versions back to the non-array version. Also, have you thought about making array versions of non-renewable generators? Lag OP :P.

    To the uncrafting recipe. Yeah that is totally a needed thing. But you can add these recipes with a addon that allow you to add custom recipes.

    That would not work, at least not easy because they have a custom inventory and handle fuels intern.
    To make this possible the controller needed to accept Items (burnable) and fluids (burnable too) and then he should also handle those which would maybe increase the lag. Depends how he install it. (I know that he could build it lag free), But the main problem would be how do you keep up with the massive item/fluidRequest into only 1 block?

    Not sure if the buttons worked as I managed to crash and corrupt my world until the latest update fixed it ;)

    It works fine with Immibis Core and nuclear control, the main bug I've found is that the sensor kits are reporting that reactors only output 1 EU/t per uranium cell, despite them still outputing 5 as expected (when not touching any others).

    Other bugs I found include NEI support not working (or was it you never had any?), seed bags have slightly broken tooltips (see attached image) and electric items don't show their stored EU.

    The bug of this picture here i did already fix xDDD My old coding area (not Grandle) does see that also as error so i had to fix it to release the first IC2 Classic Exp Version xDDD.
    Use EnumChatFormatting for that simply xDDDD

    Why don't you try it and see what happens?

    See i have a version in 1.6.4 and does it and i have no trouble with any addons i tried with. To be fair i tested only it with Railcraft and AdvGenerators which i support manually.

    And the other thing. I do not want to fix decompiling errors for twice and you are not allowed to give me the source of ic2 Classic (the version without IC2 Exp compatiblity). And to the other side it is also not allowed to me to give you my source...

    And nope i stay as long as possible on 1.6.4 and then i choose another version and update the mods i have to the version. which are at the moment 5 mods...

    That seems to have fixed it. Adding Immibis Core still gets Minecraft stuck in a load order loop though.

    Nuclear Control 2 doesn't seem to work with the compat either:

    Correction, it can work if the recipes are set to old in the config, but then many items/blocks are missing recipes. Not sure if that's just a Nuclear Control bug though. Reactor Sensor Kits and Thermometers don't work on reactors either, they just open it's GUI when you click on them. And apparently putting a normal Thermal Monitor on a reactor crashes you too:

    Reason for that is because immibis ic2 works in a shifted area and simulate that it is this ic2 exp.
    Most bugs would be fixed if he rerange the files to the place where they belong.

    When you think there's an 80-90% chance that it will work, it's not really worth setting up another Minecraft instance every time just to test it.

    Really weak answer immibis. It takes maybe 1-2 minutes in Exported MC (i did not talk about an extra dev invioment) to make a instans.
    And when it is already created you exchange only the mod versions and try to start it, load a world (maybe a world where almost everything is in use)
    And then you can say it can run.
    Because a dev invioment is really resistant to bugs. The exportet version not. (Did not find the right word)

    IC2 Classic does not (or is not supposed to, anyway) rely on Immibis Core. Neither does the compatibility mod - it's just set to load after it if it's installed (Unless Forge broke something again and it's treating that as a requirement?). This is necessary since Immibis Core does something slightly weird that otherwise causes it to not work with the compatibility mod. There could be other mods that do similar things.

    OK. I said nothing about that.

    IMetaDelegate is not implemented currently. Not implementing it won't break anything inside IC2 Classic, only other mods that use the IC2 Experimental API (which it's from).

    Sorry you are wrong there. I installed that class into my energyNet and made cables/EnergyNet compatible to it and everything is fine.
    A thing what you should know. The new EnergyAPI from IC2 is using a lot of Fake TileEntities which do not exist in the World at all but they are stored in the TileEntities which produce the Energy....
    That is a thing that you need to cover too else a lot of big addons/Mods will be not really compatible.

    The new version attached to this post should fix the ClassCircularityError (not sure why I didn't get that crash in Eclipse though) and the dependency cycle with Immibis Core.

    Always test a mod in a invioment where no other mods exsist (Server/Client Sided) before you release something.
    My Old Texture was right about this thing while i coded TinyChest...

    Sure it is. Otherwise, what happens when a mod says it requires IC2, and IC2 isn't installed? (Answer: Forge gives you an error messages and refuses to load the game).

    Why just throw the modID = "IC2" in instead of "IC2Classic"... that would make things a lot easier for you. (Then you have to rerange your Classes back to the Folder IC2 but thats not that big a deal) It replaces IC2 Exp anyways and if you throw both in recipe missmatches will prevent every comunication between those mods... And yeah there are recipe missmatches inside of that thing...

    Also note that it's not in IC2 Classic proper, but in the API compatibility mod.

    Here a thing. Do you think people will support 2 differend versions of the same mod? Nope... I do not think so and i know nobody who would do that (even myself). Do not mind me if that comes ruff over but i am just thinking about every possebility that can happen.

    Also a thing i nodest is. What did you do by way of the items that does not exsist in IC2 Classic but in IC2 Exp.
    I see only a fake block that you output. which is interesting...
    But that is not solveing every problem. Like IronPlates or something like that.
    tried to replace every item that exsist in IC2 Exp with an item that matches or replaced it with a NoUseItem. (matches: Quad Depleted UraniumCells are 4 Depleted UraniumCells from IC2 Classic).

    And now a thing which i have to say: THANKYOU VERY MUCH THAT YOU DID RELEASE THAT. You took from me so much away that people will not ask me anymore if i update. I simply tried to avoid it.. Now i do not have to do that anymore and i can play on the version i choosed and do my work how i want it without the version update request (i hope at least that will happen)......

    Thanks again^^"

    I do not mind it on adv machines a requirement of his core.
    And i use Redlogic anyways (fmp is to unstable for me)

    But i do not want a requirement on a stand alone mod that is basicly a basement.
    Even if i do want to install addons that have nothing todo with his mods.

    I try in my version as much as i can to prevent any mod requirement but make it as much i can compatible to other mods.

    I don't know what he's done, but reactors don't output extra energy from connecting more cables.

    Actually, it seems he just only makes power output from one cable, that's what the EU reader suggests.

    IMetaDelegate is this:
    You have a generator/machine that is a multistructure. But you want only that the master of it get the power.
    For that you use IMetaDelegate that register the TileEntity that Sends/Recivers Energy to every position that you provide in the MetaDelegate function.
    So even if you have only 1 Generator/Consumer every block of the structure will be connected to cables and the EnergyNet powers/draw energy only from the master...

    That is it.

    I think Immibis did not take care of it.
    And that Immibis made IC2 Rely on his own core mod is a bad thing! IC2 is a standalone mod! And the Bug which i have (Forestry shut down the game) is not represent in 1.7.10. So he do not even need that...
    I do not know why he did that. But he did it.

    Also a thing. Immibis added ASm to the IC2 Classic thing. Which is really not required... He makes that to make FakeMod that says i am IC2.... which is not really a need. Most every mod uses only the API of IC2 and if they use the base classes, the do use ic2 main classes.. he just could use the main path as IC2 Classic mod. that would solve most problems because the Main classes in IC2 and IC2 Classic if he would not renamed the folder are 99% Identical..

    Immibis how did you solve the IMetaDelegate Problem with the EnergyNet?
    Because NuclearReactors and SteamTurbine from Railcraft will not work with that system.
    And if you did not implement IMetaDelegate to the EnergySystem then the NuclearReactor should maybe have the bug that you can increase the poweroutput with putting more cables on it.

    ^^" And i think that solution were possible without ASM........ If you want to have comparing fact then look into my version.

    But at the end good job!

    I an pretty sure, though I may be wrong, that RF does not have any one enet, or equivalent. It is up to the cables to move power from machine to machine, thus the need to tick.

    RF (TE3) Cables: You have 1 generator, 1 machine and 1000 cables between them. Every tick you have 1002 TileEntities that tick.

    IC2 (Classic): You have 1 generator, 1 machine, and 1000 cables between them. Every tick you have 2 TileEntities that tick.

    Now for the differece between IC2 Exp and IC2 Classic power:
    If you place a cable in IC2 (both) it gets registered in a Network that stores the placed energytiles (sources, conductors, Acceptors).
    Now in IC2 Classic it automaticly generates a path from Energy Sources to Acceptors. Even if you place Cables it tries that.
    (Note: That i can be wrong but i readed the code for a couple hours to understand it)
    Now in IC2 Exp it creates a Node that represent the EnergyTile. That node will be implemented into a grid that calculates the energy transfer. (Now to the really important info: There are the same amount of grids as Placed EnergyTiles.)

    Now that covers the Registering.
    Next point is the EnergyCalculation:

    IC2 Classic (Immibis version):
    The Generators try to send their energy to an reciver. The Energynet is only as pathfinding there.
    While they send energy it also checks for nearby entities to hurt.
    That will be applied when the main worldTick start.

    IC2 Classic (Speigers Version):
    The Energy calculation happends here after everything was calculated. That mean at the end of a worldTick.
    The EnergyNet goes through the List of Energy Sources and fires for them The i want to send energy function (the same as in immibis version) that sends the energy to the Spots where it is required. Only if the can send it.
    Note here: Some blocks like transformers send multible energy packets at the time. So even if you think it is sending 32 EU per tick that is not true it is sending 128 EU per tick but in 4 32 EU packets.

    IC2 Exp:
    Now the thing that is extremly Complicated and i can not explain the deep ways of how they do it. I Try give a short cut.
    So after the main world tick is over. (Like IC2 Classic (Speigers Version)) The Energy Net start to calculate.
    So the First thing what the EnergyNet does it goes through every grid and Say finish your calculations. You are simply done and stop. Nothing will happen in there. It is just required for the Restart.

    After that it is clearing every Energy Transfer change that happend (for the EU Reader and Explosion(is only a guess because i never saw a explosion code in IC2 Exp!) and Detector cable).

    After that is done its done it cycles again through the Grids and say them that the should prepair their calculations.
    Now from here it will be hard to explain what it does:
    Short form it will check for neighboar grids and setup everything what it needs. After that every grid prepaired a thread. Then the cycle ends.

    After that cycle it will cycle again through the Grids and tell them that they start to calculate their energy.
    What now every grid does it sends its thread to the ic2 threadpool which will do the calculation while the world is waiting for the next tick.

    And here ends the world main tick now.

    In the thread pool will happen now the following things:
    It tells the grids to calculate how they send their energy.
    How they do that? I have no clue that includes a big amount of math and calculations.
    How fast they do it and How long it takes? I have no idea. As much as i know it takes to long to calculate it in a normal world to tick.

    I never released a version that contained major bug, because I test my stuff, so what you're saying is not true. I also never forced anyone to update.
    An yes, the 1.6.4 IS a dead version and the bug you are talking about is fixed in a version for 1.7.2

    So the first thing you say is that the bug i told is not exsisting. Then you say that you fixed it? Wait. Did anyone understand it? (Just kidding)
    So aroma at least you agreed that this bug exsist in 1.6.4.

    The second thing a version is dead when nobody is using it anymore/working on it.
    And i know quite a lot people who still play on 1.6.4 and still code on it too.. So you are wrong.

    Now i understand why i see so less people playing with ic2 & mods anymore..... Another reason from me why i should stay on 1.6.4 as maingame instead of using these versions which are so extremly unbalanced and base on more is better then everything...

    I think this should be enough... Bye

    True i make bugs. But unless you i do not switch to the next version until i removed the most dangerus/botherring ones and do not force the player to update to an more unstable version
    because the new MC version created new bugs into your mod...

    And here another bug to your backup mod which is bothering extremly:
    Everytime you load a world your backup mod adds another ticker for the backup.

    So if you switch worlds for testing and then go back you get 3 backups instead of 1 in the time you setted up in the config.

    But i think because it is 1.6.4 you will not fix it because in the most eyes it is already a dead version...

    It's not a sync issue and there was only one rotor affected.

    You can just turn off rotor rendering in the config file.

    That's kinda against the license.

    To the First thing: If you mean the CarbonRotorblade and the MixedMetal Ingot Blade then you are right.

    To the Second thing: Or you just could make your work right and do not make these kind of bugs. You can see how i made it its opensource...…der/

    To the last thing: You gave me the permissions to fix these bugs. Forgot that? I was only able to fix it with rewriting it because your coremod was not dev compatible at all and i tried every version you had aviable on the download page..
    So this is in your permission area!

    The part that RF produce 32k RF and its twiche as much power as a generator produce stays on the fact that The first consume water and orientate on Railcraft boilers and the second thing they do not care about gamebalancing.

    The gamebalancing is totally messed up at all in 1.7.10.... I mean a enderquarry which is not that fast require more than 600 RF per tick ony to run at basic full speed ( without upgrades) and even a quarry powered with 200RF is still faster...
    <.< Guys sit together and make a clean gamebalance.... The old balances with 1.1 and 1.2.5 and 1.4.7 were totally good...

    I personally do not understand it. <.<