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    They were fine for me as long as you didn't do silly stuff with them. Granted there were texture bugs with the cables, but I fixed that too, it just wasn't looking for the textures in the right place.

    To be fair its an awsome mod even with these bugs...
    I ported it to 1.6.4 to. Its compatible to IC2 Exp and also Special Compatible to IC2 Classic xD.
    It supports now FluidTanks a little bit more. Some parts are reasonable not compatible. That can may change.
    And also i added a support from woodGas to Forestry Biofuel which is the same like the biofuelcell from IC2.
    So you can choose do you use BC and Forestry for Biofuel or IC2.

    The IC2 Classic GlassFiber cables.
    I personally enjoy it because powerloss happends only if you have a certen amount of cables placed where they go. so you can even aviod with these powerloss if you build it intelegent.
    And also a thing is the cables do not create any ServerSided Tickratelag at all (That means the cables only create renderlag) which means that IC2 is the only mod i know that does that xDD

    Little note:
    After the 1.4 Update of IC2 Classic i will shrink down the Speed how i release the updates. So it can take a couple weeks/months until there will be a new update.
    I coded now for a couple weeks constantly... (often 6+ hours) and did not came to play and it drained a lot of my free time to make everything running.
    Not only because i wanted to release that. I also wanted to restart my modpack because i do have IC2 Classic now, and a couple other mods which i have almost done.
    Like AdvGenerators³ which was not supportet for 1.6+ anymore and i loved that mod even it was extremly buggy (do not mind on me but had a lot of crashes at 1.4.7 with it),
    Also i have a lot of mods that i want to create but i am simply drained... and that is even draining...

    If i am fast enough (because i have to change a lot of stuff in my mods (cleaning code because of learning while i code)
    the next update will be friday or saturday...
    If not then wait or ask me...

    Update: Version 1.3
    Nuclear Reactos is now right sized (it thaught that his start size was 2 rows instead of 3).
    Nuclear Reactor is now in the EnergyNet a multiblock which means it sends always the same amount of energy out no matter how much cables you place in.
    Random bugfixes.

    Notes for Version 1.4:
    Config in IC2 Classic will change Drasticly please save your worlds and test it out. Please save your worlds before you update!
    It will be no longer for each BlockID&ItemID a extra config. I will merge them all together to only 1 ID.
    To make it less confusing. The Config will request a Start ItemID & Start BlockID. From there it will register its blocks and Items.
    At the end it is also telling you how much Item&BlockIDs it is getting used up.
    How that will be looking at the end is like the example i throwed under this Reply.

    If you do not want that and want to have the Old Config file because you like to move items messedup around then tell it to me.
    (Note if to less people say that then i still add this drasticly change)

    the configs aren't fake, they just don't allow altering of the difficulty too much. One of the purposes of GT is to pose a real challenge to the player, so allowing it to be made easier doesn't make sense.

    If you try to shutdown something via gregtech configs it will not happen. You can config as much as you want but you will be it will effect everything soround you extremly. Even if you do not want to!

    That is really like the IC2 fluid reactor (on Ic2 experimental), heh. Coolant going here and there, producing heat on exchangers and then boiling steam to run turbines to generate kinetic energy for electricity.

    To answer that correctly i checked the source from IC2 exp (note: I used version 654 and 660). And you are not that correct.
    The Result Produce Steam from a Nuclear Reactor is the same.
    But in IC2 Exp it is that you pump fluids in to produce steam. It uses simply the exess heat which you can not get rid of... (At least i did understand it so)
    and make steam out of it. IC2 Team If i told this wrong then correct me please.

    But my way is a little bit differend. You use a Nuclear Reactor and make your setup. But instead of using Heat Vents you use Steam Vents (I found no better name <.<)
    They Produce Steam out of the Internal Tank of the Nuclear Reactor and drain a little bit of heat. There are defined numbers for that also so you can math everything out... Normal Rector Components are still useable inside of NuclearReactor (The steam Producer). A couple will be not accepted because of Free EU bugs then...

    But that is the idea. So you can make differend Reactor setups... And only Steam Vents produce steam.. everything else wastes heat.

    I'm in the EU team sir, i never ask "Hey, i wan't RF in ic2, you will do it?", i just ask because he said it one time ;), i was happy with the idea in that time trough - just because you can power a quarry with copper cables, asdasdasd -.
    Also, i'd like to burn in a nuclear reactor, just to feel what steve feels :'(.
    Talking about the old times (we never talk about the old times but i wan't to talk about old times because i'm nostalgic, happy?)...
    ...what happened with the old dw20?, like, his videos are boring, i don't see them anymore, he has been playing 2 different modded mc seasons and he didn't even said Ic2, i don't like enderio and a 85% of his videos features it now :P, today he finally decided to play BC and he call redstone engines "Redstone energy.....thingy".
    C'mon direwolf20, don't be another RF youtuber.

    I personally do not like RF. Some Generators are interesting. But mostly i do not like that RF tries to be the Main energy...
    Then they should make it that forge provides a Global Energy System. (Electricty, Pneumatic, Custom)
    That would make it a lot of better.

    And i personally try to avoid RF as much as i can.....
    The only thing i Like From TE3 (creater of RF (if someone do not know)) are Tesseracts.
    They are really good programmed.
    But the Best energy system (energy transfering) is the IC2 1.4.7 (classic) energy System. You can place as much cables as you want the lag will not increase at all....
    The Cables do not tick at all which is perfect. BC, EnderIO, UE,Mekanismen,TE3 cables tick and create lag as more cables you place....

    "a bit". it changes world generation, so that ores spawn completely differently(one HUGE vein per 3*3 chunks), and with the right configs set to true, it makes many vanilla recipes harder, too(wood logs only leading 2 planks, 2planks only yielding 2 sticks, iron tools requiring plates, stuff like that), and has ~45 machines, with 5 different versions each. GregTech can do more than most mods, but you need immense amounts of time.

    But most configs in Gregtech are fake.
    If you install gregtech then you have to play with his rules..
    And i tried that and after 1 day testing i said nope and added a hack which removes the recipe removing from GT....
    After 1 day later gregtech was no longer in the modpack.

    RF over EU? Heresy! Burn in a nuclear meltdown you heretic! :P

    I have a plan that you can use BigReactors Turbines in combinations with Nuclear Reactors.

    To explain it, there will be a Nuclear Reactor that will produce stream instead of EU.
    And the thing is that you have to use cooling parts to create Steam.
    So cooling a reactor with those items that eat redstone or lapis will be useless. At least for PowerProduction....

    I personally enjoy the idea from Dungeons. Because Quarries pick the stuff up and you get over time anyways iridium.

    But another thing could be instead of smelting the raw crystal you could put it in a lasertable from BC and get a random item out. Iridium is not a 100%.
    Like scrap boxes. you have to get a chance to get something good :D
    That is at least with modcompatiblity a chance.
    Else i would say dungeons. So people can decide what they want.

    I think you have to wait until MC 2.0 to be fair in this way...

    IC2 Classic for 1.6.4 (the version which is compatible to Exp mods) has Explosions active.
    But not all the Exp machines.
    But you can work with all Exp Mods.

    They are at some part extremly op because you can hook them up to an Enderchest... EnergyCrystal charging and co.
    I personally think they should not make the poweroutput based on the material.
    It should be based on the wind and the rotors are only differend in terms how long they last...
    Like Foresty frames...

    I personally like the IC2 (1.4.7 or lower) power at the most.
    True powerloss was a little bit a pain but with good combinations i was able to everything i wanted without much powerloss. Note for it that Tin And Silver(IC2 Glass) cable had the same amount of powerloss.

    And powerloss is usefull. Sounds not right?
    Simply the really cool thing about IC2 was that it damaged entities.
    And there was powerloss usefull because you had to keep up with the cable power loss. Else it were a to op way to kill Entities.

    Note that the damage was so extreme that you even if you weared 3 parts (body was a jetpack) of Quantum suit were not able to keep up with the damage you gained over Time^^"
    If we talk about 2048 EU.

    Also a note: You were in ic2 able to change the powerloss with rubber :D not extreme but a little bit.

    FZ charge is a long story, but I don't really think it should merrit conversion, or else it will break FZ energy system :P , but you can compare them with how much steam 1 bucket of steam generate Eu in a steam turbine, vs the how many charge in a FZ steam turbine and then divide it, and you will have the coefficient :)

    Hmmm Interesting. But with factorization it changes how much it produces. Because the higher the speed the more energy get produced so less steam usage but more power (true to keep up it uses more steam but the power output will be bigger).
    And to add a math: 320mB Steam = 200 EU.
    I did code test that while i was adjusting IC2 Classic to the IC2 Exp API.
    I have to ask neptunePink for that. I anyway want to make my machines to the thing compatible... (FZ energy)

    EU <-> RF 3:25 (approx. generator vs steam dynamo with charcoal)
    EU <-> MJ 3:1 (traditional forestry ratio)
    EU <-> FZ Charge 1:1 (based on smelting energy use, not final)

    The Correct converting is a little bit differend you make a mess to the Energy Conversation.
    And because IC2 Energy is not a solid number (2 is a solid number, 2,222 not)
    the correct convertings are:

    EU to MJ: 2,5EU = 1 MJ. (Set by the first IC2 BC Converting Addons!)
    EU to RF: 1EU = 4RF. (Set by TE3 Itself)
    To factorisation i have no clue but as far as i know a lot of energy.
    I think 1EU = 10 Charge. But i do not know it really.

    I think he means chance. That's the best word I could think of to fit that sentence as a native English speaker.

    Oh ok. Now it makes sence.... XDDD
    And no i do not feel pressed at all. The only thing that makes me eat backward is to update that to 1.7.10.
    For myself there is almost no reason to update that thing.... I have a good life down here in 1.6 :D even so i could need fastcraft...
    (Note: in a couple weeks that is no longer the case)

    Could you not even add Plutonium fuel like Gregtech did that just produces twice the power for twice the energy in nuclear reactors?

    Hmmm twice the output?... Nope. I will make it like the IC2 Exp MoxFuel. It will be mox fuel. But it is harder to get there.
    Because you have to choose what you take. MoxFuel or save uranium. Because that is highly more Expensive then just reusing it.

    To explain it (its a unfinished idea): if you have depleted Uranium cells (not nearDepleted!) you can throw them into the Macerator and get a chance (not set yet) to get plutonium pellets out (how much? idk not set) you craft maybe 4/9 together and get 1 plutonium. After you have 3 plutonium and 6 normal uran crafted together you get MoxFuel.
    It will produce at normal reactor heat the same amount of energy as normal fuel. As hotter the reactor get the more energy he will produce. Like a breeder. Note you do not get Depleted MoxUranium cells out of it! But a 100% chance to get a Depleted Uranium cell.

    That was the idea what i had.... Hope not to extreme.

    Haha!Not to far from that :P, but no, if nostalgia doesn't complete eat me i'll stay, if it does i'll leave the forum sometime waiting for a solid version of Industrialcraft 2/3, anyways Speiger seems to have some plans :P, i'm also really trying to get into modding, which is a really hard thing, don't know where start, like, well, so much questions xD. But anyway Speiger:
    You are the last sperance(Sperance hopefully is a word, my english rules) for the Ic2 world, you can revive the past from this awesome mod or drop everything out like Eloraam did with RP2, just saying, don't feel pressed :P.

    Sperance is no word first... At least i do not get any translation and do not know what you mean.

    Yeah i have some plans. Not extremly much. Mostly more compatiblity from IC2 itself (so plugins and some parts),
    some more ic2 upgrades, (like the ItemOutput, FluidOutput (if there is a use), maybe redstone controll upgrades, Energy Controll upgrades (Imput Limiter)). Simply only things that support automation but everything is not 100% set yet... I try to keep it as close to IC2 1.4.7 as possible.
    The plutonium part from IC2 Exp part will be by the way completly removed. To OP. Even if you get only 16 EU for free... its still a inifinite source that run for nothing...