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    Ok. Bugs were the following:
    Forgot to shutdown the Client Plugins. Fixed!
    Unneeded Test Messages. Fixed!

    To the Other thing. I am still thinking about that part if i should implement that. Currently nope i will not add IFluidHandler support (thats the Pipe/Duct support). But maybe at the next big update

    Btw: what's that buildcraft file download in your release thing all the time? Something useful? :D

    It is a custom Version that allow me to add pipes. I already figured out that it is a BC bug that pipes crash the game when i install them with the original mod.
    I told Spacetoad that and asked him to make a custom release. He did agree. Also i can add features/fixes to it which help a lot of things out.
    But this version is not nessesary. It is only needed that TinyModularThings can add pipes. You can dissable them with a config so you do not require BC.

    And to the other thing it is a API Only mode bug. ^^" Will add a fix soon.

    Please give me a Pastebin with your full FMLLog. That Crashreport define me to a line that makes no sence at all at least for me because it did not have that crash in some form at all.
    The first thing i assume is a ID missmatch.
    To help you i always log everything in SpmodAPI. So loading blocks items utilities world stuff and so on.
    if anything fails and i think that does happen at your side then search for this:
    "Config could not load. Reason: "
    There is always a [SpmodAPI] behind something i log. Please check that.

    Update: 1.3.1:

    Fixes: Adjusted SpmodAPI that you can run it without TinyModularThings.
    Fixed: StoneMacerator do not freeze anymore after a reload of a chunk/Server.
    Fixed: FluidHandler from WoodGasser had no check for fake extraction.
    Fixed: Some Inventory inserting and Extracting part.

    Downloads you find at the Start post.


    This update is for Servers Important! Because every tileEntity (simply almost every block from IC2 classic) is fixed with that update.
    I do not know why it was like that if it was immibis or someone else i can not tell it.

    Fixed: TileEntities do get only loaded on Clients. (Means on Chunk Unload the loose all their data... MFSU = 0 EU automaticly)
    Fixed: Cables connect now to other Cables... they can vissualy connect but that does not mean that they transfer energy keep that in mind. But all block that say i am a cable will work now. That was a bugreport with nuclear controll.
    Fixed: Some recipes with electric items did not work how they should be. (Diamond drill were not craftable when you charged the Basic Drill. So you had to upgrade it.) If you find more of these bugs then tell it to me. They will be covered as bug if the recipe is there.
    Fixed: Drills crash game when you break something else that has a material of iron or rock.
    Changed/Fixed: Energy Tooltips do no longer require NotEnough Items.
    Fixed: Tool Damage will be now showen how it should be.

    I know that there are still more potential bugs in this version. Nothing crashy at the moment but i have to test them in a ingame world to say if its a bug or if it is working.

    Please help to finalize this mod at the 1.6.4 MC version so it is stable enough for an update.

    Update: 1.3.1:

    Fixed the crashi version of 1.3.0. That missed a texture File. No other Changes at all. (Added a missing file no code changes).

    I will test it. However about that 1.3 version... i am unable to load it even with no other mods. I get this client crash:
    (Sorry that it isnt a proper crash-log as there wasnt any generated. Posted log is from MultiMC console.)

    this is a texture bug. But i will exchange files.
    You can fix it yourself. Just put the sprites folder from the newest version to the 1.3 version then everything should work.

    Sadly, I can't use it as my game crashes on me all the time. When I only install SPmod, some classes from tinymodularthings are missing. As soon as I also install tmt, the game crashes because of something else:

    The First Crashreport is a Item Missmatch error. Because he tries to load something which he can not find.
    To explain it more simply: When Any Item / Block has a Missmatch he automaticly Stop the Registering of the Items/Blocks. Does not care where. So then the Recipes missmatch because he get Items which have a null in it instead of an registered Item... I have fixed the other bug and hope that everything works how it should.
    Check please the FML and Look for a crash on loading that should happen after the SpmodAPI Info Files (loaded blocks/items/World/Utils)

    Also a note: My ItemIDs you do not need to make + 256. It automaticly do that for you you only need to type a number in and you get it out. Thats it....

    Thanks for that thing. I am still working on the API mode. Never said that it is finished.
    When i tried it it worked perfectly. But i will take a look in it.

    To Your fix. You forgot something. That crash was happeining on class load and not at the line where you showed me.
    I have to remove the Import to make it actually work..

    Ok Two things. I Checked it twiche to get sure. You are right cables do not connect to the Nuclear controll counter. That bug is fixed.
    The other thing is a little bit weird and nope its not a energy net bug from IC2 It is a bug from Nuclear Controll. You connected the things wrong.
    The Side with the Point is the input and the other sides are the output. Do not ask me why but this is the case. And even if the cables are not connecting everything else does connect to it.
    Try it out!

    Another big issue is that i cant change IDs. I want to swap IC2 for your working IC2 however all my things dissapear.
    I see now. It seems that you decided to use some sort of smart-drastic-ID system instead. Well please try to think about us which need to sustain our small worlds with millions of cables and IC2 blocks or please, make it optional? ;(

    Interesting. One little thing. I do not think that all IC2 Exp blocks are compatible to IC2 Classic blocks. I do not know what that is the reason...
    A little help to upgrade would be use the 1.3... Version. Start your world with that and then update to the newest version.
    But then again there is another problem which i can not fix anymore. I could but it would distroy every peoples world which used 1.4.0/1.4.1
    The thing is IC2 Exp (and the old IC2 Classic versions without that new ID system) are mixing their blockIDs. Yeah it is a mess....
    So i had to resort everything manually and install then my id System. There are still a couple missmatches..
    The new System allows people to config everything really fast and they do not need to care about updates with new Blocks&Items because it automaticly assign them. Also it save a lot of time when you want to make your own modpack... I hated it to setup 200 IDs. So keep space after it (couple ids 20-50 depends)

    And to the second edit. Nope it is not a drastic ID Assignment or something. It is a ID system that ask for only the start id and then register from them. The only thing that you can not do anymore, which id not think which is nessesary you can not change single IDs. Everything else is still the same. But much more Compact and it increases a little bit the starting time because it does not have to read the file so long.

    And that dissapearing bug could be something else which i nodest with my texturer as we played on our server.
    Its a extrem bug on Server Side only which i already fixed and will udpate soon that TileEntities get only Registered on the Client Side. That was weird. Maybe that is your Bug. If that fixes it then luck else i am then really sorry but i do not want to make the work back what i already did. :/


    OK thanks good to know.
    Little bugs i found:

    IC2 Drills Crash the game. if you break blocks that are not rock or iron from the game. Normal ores should work with that.
    IC2 Crops loose their data at servers at least. Still tring to figuring it out.

    I will work on that as soon as possible...

    I think i can be happy that my version works with every mod that i tried with it jet works fine.
    I also startet recently a modpack with a lot of mods. And the only things which is not working are Forestry addons (Binnis Mods & Magic Bees), because of IC2 Classic. (It is the hack that prevent forestry from shuting down minecraft because he can not find the fingerprint).
    I highly recommend immibis to make that ic2 classic replaces ic2 Exp instead of making a fake mod that tells ic2 addons that ic2 Exp is there.

    Hello Everyone.
    You may remember the dead mod AdvGenerators from 1.2.5-1.4.7
    If that is not the case. Here is the Original thread: [Addon v1.112]AdvGenerators²v3.3.0-New Toys!!!

    After i created a couple things in my mod and in my world i missed every now and then a alternative
    energy source. Yeah IC2 Exp Lavagen was extreme nerved. It was anyways finite, but i could not find
    something that i want to use. At least for just a couple EU for free and watergenerators are simply
    not enough. So the really old mod AdvGenerators came into my mind. I loved it. Sadly there was no version
    for 1.6.4 or newer. So i decided to update it.

    AdvGeneratos^3 is a 95% copy of AdvGenerators^2.
    What are the changes?
    First and Easiest change. Unlike before the blocks support almost every form of FluidContainer.
    Second thing some recipes changed a little bit. Later to that.
    Third thing. The PESU is no longer counting as batterie in your inventory. Also it do not save his energy
    when you break it.
    Fourth thing. It require my base mod SpmodAPI. That adds a lot of things. Luckly you can dissable
    almost everything by the onlyAPI config in the config file.
    Fifth thing. It supports IC2&IC2Classic. But only my Version of IC2 Classic. Immibis 1.6.4 version does not
    support ic2 exp addons.
    Sixth thing. Slots explain what they do in most cases when you hover over them and press controll (have be empty)
    That is a feature that come from SpmodAPI!
    Seventh: Wood gas can be turned into a biofuel if you have bc (refinery) and forestry installed.

    Now the differences when you switch from ic2 exp to ic2 classic or back.

    If you use ic2 exp everything that uses redefined iron in the classic version require Iron plates.
    In the Exp version none of the machines can explode!
    When you use IC2 Classic you create a magnet in the electrolyze. (Config can force the ic2 exp crafting recipe.
    When you use IC2 Exp you can not foam plasma cable!

    Yeah i think that covers everything.

    I hope you enjoy the new old AdvGenerators^3

    Little note: Prerelease count not to for AdvGenerators. I have it active because my whole todolist is
    not finish yet.
    Download link:…inyModularThings/releases

    I have tried the new version of your IC2 Classic 1.6.4 and it works ver well with GraviSuite and Advanced Solar Panels.
    I'm glad that I can play with some add-ons. I'm really welcome this new "IC2". :)
    Although I found a graphical bug when I equip my character with IC2 Nano Suit and Quantum Suit.
    I don't know, what causes it, but should fix this before the 1.8 Update.

    Em that is not a graphical bug that is derp bug. A extreme derp bug. So extrem that i punsh myself now.
    Quick fixing way. Copy the Armor folder from the normal IC2 Jar into the IC2 Classic Zip.
    That should (can be the case that it is not) fix it temporary for you.
    I will fix that and exchange the download files as soon as possible ^^ Sorry.
    And thanks for the report^^"

    i took the E-net bridge mod because i couldnt find a version of the power converters mod that runs on 1.7.10. :(

    Even powerconverters may not Work because it uses a special part of the API which immibis not Cover...

    Note here that i will play on a server with My IC2 Classic Version and try out how much mods will break!
    I guess it will be less than with this version xDD (joking to much)