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    For anyone also having the load cycles problem, I forked FMP and removed the "after:*" mod loading dependency.
    I'm not sure if this will break existing microblock configurations, but this is for anyone who can't wait or needs FMP because of other mods.
    Build in Attachement, No warranties at all!

    Edit: It will prevent you from adding microblocks via the config file if those mods are loaded after FMP!
    nope, still works

    EDIT2: My Pull request got merged, Official FMP version ( now works too:

    I have a fail load in FTB after last GT update. FTB says more informations are in ForgeModeLoader-client-0.log. But I did not found it. I found FTBLauncher Log.txt only. iI´ve tried to remove a GalacticGreg mod, but that didn´t fix that problem.

    PS: thx Gorilla

    Can conform this with yesterdays released GregTech update, but not in FTB:

    Seems like some new Mod loading orders were introduced :)
    Full log in Attachement.

    Not even a Custom Lang File will help. ALL my TileEntities use the same set of Blocks (except the Storage and Ore Blocks which have their own thing, but even those have a similar System). There is no Category or anything behind that, only Tools and Harvest Levels.

    NEI itself btw works perfectly with it (Block Tooltips are localised properly), so WAILA definitely fucks up the Block Tooltip thing of NEI (yes, that thing is from NEI).

    Thank you for the explanation, now that know why/how I think I'll gonna contact ProfMobius and take a look at the Waila Source myself, mabe I'll find something. :S

    EDIT: I've found the Issue for all those Waila bugs, it was neither Waila, NEI nor GregTech, it was Waila Events....

    The latest version of Extra Utilities (…a-utilities/files/2264383) has a line in the changelog:

    Guessing that means no more GT hammer sounds? (Not that I've tested it yet)

    Released 3 hours ago, seems like he just needed a little poke or already was about to finish the new feature.
    And when looking at RWTema's code, I can already confirm that this will work.
    Cut down to the relevant parts, for the interested ones:

    1. static {
    2. AdvancedNodeUpgrades.problemCodePresent = (Loader.isModLoaded("gregtech") || Loader.isModLoaded("gregapi") || ModAPIManager.INSTANCE.hasAPI("gregapi"));
    3. if (!AdvancedNodeUpgrades.problemCodePresent) {
    4. addEntry(new Matcher("HasContainerItem") {
    5. @Override
    6. public boolean matchItem(final ItemStack item) {
    7. return item.getItem().hasContainerItem(item);
    8. }
    9. });
    10. }

    This means that I will delete my patched version and link to the new one.

    From the Shoutbox:


    [Today, 1:08am] ultrasn0w: xD
    [Today, 1:10am] ultrasn0w: ok WAILA really derps up every GT Block

    Isn't there anything to do about that?
    I already thought of creating a custom .lang file, but all LV Machines have the same

    If there is nothing to do about that/you think WAILA should fix that (what probably won't happen because of ProfMobius beeing inactive/focusing on other stuf) I will create a .lang with summarizing names ("LV Machines" or something instead of that long thingy).

    I found a realy nasty bug and hope it is caused by GregTech. Minecraft plays realy random tool break sounds/anvil break sounds and it's realy annoing.

    The Infitech mdpack maker could pinpoint the reason for that at Extra Utilities.

    Not a GregTech Bug. Mods are not supposed to ask for Container Items Clientside after the Game already started, unless it is on a Workbench (what is clearly not the case if the Sound happens randomly).

    I don't know if someone is still looking for this, but I patched com\rwtema\extrautils\item\filters\AdvancedNodeUpgrades.class from latest ExtraUtilities-1.2.11 to fix the annying sound Issue.
    I've done this by simply removing: (Thanks to KageDragon…71#issuecomment-149439317)

    1. addEntry(new Matcher("HasContainerItem"){ public boolean matchItem(ItemStack item) { return item.getItem().hasContainerItem(item); }});


    Note: also interesting for GT6 Users (like me), it fixes the same thing there (which is the main reason why I made this).

    RWTema just (finally) released a fixed version (1.2.12), so updating will fix that now.

    Oh right Neutrinos aren't "Red" in my Code. I think WAILA just does Block-MetaData lookups instead of proper Item drop lookups.

    Yes, I also thought of that...

    Is that Eletrotine Alloy Ingot made of 1 Silver and 4 Electrotine?

    Hmm, the recipe of the Ingot is different then back in the RP2 days (Mabe because they did not port the Alloy Smelter yet).
    Mabe the "Alloy" is not the one known as the classic "Nikolite", however the dust defenitely is.
    It replaces all known uses of Nikolite and Nikolite Dust known from the RP2 recipes (The RP Solar Panels, Battery Boxes etc.).

    Mabe remove the Project-Red recipe or classify their "Alloy" different then the normal Nikolite Ingot.

    It's Almandine Ore. No Neutronium thingy and the "Empty Ore" is small Sphalerite.
    I should consider deleting the old GT config files, they are from a REALLY early GT6 version...

    Oh and Project-Red has has reimplemented good old Nikolite, however they renamed it to "Electrotine".
    Would be nice if you could add that their oreDict entries to the GT Nikolite unification.
    Relevant oredict entries:

    1. oreElectrotine (The ore block)
    2. ingotElectrotineAlloy (The ingot)
    3. blockElectrotine
    4. dustElectrotine

    Greg, unification seems to be broken in 6.00.57, but mabe it's just the dev version in my dev environment.
    Copper from 4 different mods stay different, even after throwing to the ground.
    The Unification config file only lists gregapi stuff (even though Railcraft, Forestry, IC² and ProjectRed are installed).

    Oh and I have to say that there is really a significant improvement in loading speed. :love:


    • GregTech.log

      (995.69 kB, downloaded 137 times, last: )

    Yep and now I posted it, to be more an official bug report. ;)
    I might have defined the word lag here a bit wrong, but logging always takes some time especially this amount (besides from making it impossible to read other things logged in the console).

    Nevertheless the Electric Heaters work like a charm. This setup regulating the temperature and automatically stopping if there is no item in the mold for more than 7 Seconds.


    [CHANGED] Thanks to the complaints of axlegear, in order to use Diamonds for making Steel you will need to heat them to 4200 Kelvin before using their Carbon. So in the beginning you now have to use Graphite in order to make Steel.

    The Thermometer and the electric Heater are needed at the same level; either allowing direct control of the Heat with the Heater or controlling the Heat with an attached computer (implying the Thermometer can be wrapped as a peripheral in ComputerCraft/OpenPeripherals), which automacially throws stuff in the Crucible for it to cool down.

    Also: If you're going to implement a machine which requires IC² Power, will the old (or at least "better") circuit/battery recipes come back?
    On the server I currently run I've disabled Recipes for those two because they are still "unnerfed" (Additionally to this IC² Stuff, most of the OP/High Tech stuff from other mods also got it's recipes disabled until GT is further; like the Quarry or Minechem Stuff).
    I also already collected some Tetrahedrite :)

    Something different, bringing some decoration Blocks from GT5 back would also be cool, you know, the yellow-black striped ones.

    Oh and letting one place his/her vanilla/GT Crucible on top of a Burning Box to heat up some water and cook some food or "produce" destilled water would also be pretty awesome beside the relaxing effect of a hot bath.

    Agree with Blood Asp.

    Also there is already Psychedelicraft, adding almost everything + more what was mentioned before. Even with super beautiful shader effects (which can be turned off in a config for weaker systems) and a "not too easy" way to get stuff done.
    So this should be satisfying and balanced for everyone playing GregTech and wants to make his/her modpack 420% better or just wants to spent time waiting till the crucible has finally reached 2087K.