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    yeah, eloraam did a much better job with tubes IMO.

    btw,auto-crafter is coming in tier 2 :)

    The new tubes are indeed nice... but 90%I if the time, I end up wanting to kill eloraam for the pipes routing sucking. Honestly, they are about as useful as wolves. Iron pipes. That's how you get the same, but even better, routing. And the auto crafter? You need actual power for it, not redstone engine.

    Just want to add my tuppence worth on the "too many diamonds" subject. 8 is too many. Far too many. 1-4 is probably an acceptable amount. I prefer 1 (I've not even found 8 diamonds total yet in my 2 week old world) but I think any cost up to 4 would be OK. I would suggest another way to increase the cost is to use a progression mechanism: iron chest has wood chest in it, gold chest has an iron chest in it, diamond chest has gold chest in it.

    1- You fail at MC.
    2- Good ideas.
    3- Suggestion- make the diamond chest gui have the same amount of overhang on both sides of the inventory.

    I have an idea on how you could edit this to work with infinite frequencies- make it instantly drain 1kk EU from MFSU's when put in them. Also make it use 2 item id's. Metadata id is for frequency, when used it switches to the uncharged id. When it drains 1kk EU from MFSU, it switches back to charged ID. And it keeps the metadata value.

    You can't lose an MFSU. Or at least, I don't think you can. I've moved them hundreds of times and never lost one. I use them along with lapotrons to power my miners.

    Can you add a config option to disable the fusion reactor and superconducting cable? Because both are, in my opinion, more imba than the quantumsuit. The fusion reactor is CHEAPER than a 6 chamber nuclear reactor, and the superconducting cable is WAAY cheaper than glass fiber cable, and is more energy efficient. Perhaps replace the redstone with an energy crystal, and make it create 3? That way, it won't be super-imba. Or you could have it's max energy carrying capacity be 32 eu/t. Also, for fission reactors, replace the 8 reactor chambers with 8 reactors. Reactors are over 2x as expensive, so it'll make it more balanced.

    Add the option to craft the personal safe in a crafting grid to produce the keypad safe. The first time you rightclick, a keypad GUI appears. You then input the code you want the thing to be set to, then click some enter or OK button or something. Then that keycode will be bound to that chest. Rightclicking on it then will popup the same keypad gui, except now if you get the code right, it opens the chest inventory. If you get it wrong, it emits a redstone pulse the same length as a button. Would be very useful for people who are working together with someone else.

    Nope. If anyone would actually want to get in your base, they would just break the door. However, if you used that to turn off a forcefield...

    I would like to see buttons, that wouldn't get knocked off the wall, or completely destroyed, by a creeper explosion. Currently pairing reinforced stone wall with a reinforced door gives excellent creeper protection, but turns next to useless, if you need to craft a new button to be able to get in your base.

    Reinforced stone button would be nice. Crafted like a regular button, but reinforced stone.

    There have been requests for this in the past however i recently thought of a way for it to work that might be easier to accomplish codedly. Essentially it would be made with any of the energy storage blocks, better the storage the more storage the transferer will have you then place one in one of the 4 corners that are unnecessary for a nether portal and another on the nether side and whenever you go through the portal it makes it so that whatever energy is in the first one goes into the one on the destination side. Yes this means that in order to get energy from your nether power plant you have to go there and back through the portal (not to mention that your power plant won't work while the nether is unloaded) but it would be alot more fluid then running back and forth with crystals.

    On the other hand it would be much easier to start up a base in the nether since you could utilize your existing power structure in the real world.

    Do you know how hard it is to code multi-world teleportation and such? Just have a geothermal station in the nether and a huge solar station in the real world.

    Uhm, you do know that this is a simulator, it can't figure out a particular tick straight from the get go. It has to cycle through every single tick, and it's already processing as fast as it can. The only way I can think of to possibly make it run faster, would be to store everything in a data array, and not update the display every tick. Doing every thing in memory and shaving off the little bit of processing time it takes to display the results. I'm unsure of how much processing power this would actually save though. Other than that, the only way to make it run faster is to rewrite it in another language. And seeing as I haven't seen him reply to this topic since he posted it, I'm guessing somebody is going to have to take over his project eventually.

    What I mean is that it runs at the maximum possible speed it can to that tick. I'm pretty sure that for a relatively simple simulation such as this, my computer can go faster than about 5-10 ticks/second. Judging from the fact that I can run minecraft with a dozen mods, 32x textures, and smooth lighting at about 20 FPS, I should easily get faster speeds. I can also get it to go faster by spamming the step button.

    I got idea how to stop overheated reactor. Basic idea is that overheated reactor begin to spawn fire on flamable blocks. So it destroy wooden block. this way it can make hole in bottom of reactor chamber so water began to leak. This water destroy redstone torch which interupt signal to NOT gate which send dignal into reactor so it stop. More in image:

    Nice emergency stop mechanism, very useful for forgetful people like me.