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    For some odd reason, Teleporters in SMP lose their like all the time. But one teleporter works fine, but the other doesn't. I can teleport there, then back, then there again, but not back again.

    At the moment, I'm getting around this by having 2 FreqTrans's in chests to fix the Teleporters when they break.

    Try ShaRose's ID Resolver! It's a real life-saver. There's a version for Forge compatibility.

    EDIT: Dynamo seems to work with BTW v2.98. I didn't do any extensive testing, but I started charging a RE-Battery, and the Dynamo was powering an electric furnace nicely.

    I don't use ID Resolver. I used it for a week. It corrupts chunks like crazy if you have AdditionalPipes. When a teleport pipe gets an ID change, the chunk gets reloaded.

    I edited one to make it able to increase in heat very slowly. My design heats up extremely slowly, but works. If you replace the Plating with a coolant cell, it starts cooling, but slowly. You could heat it with lava buckets to make it run faster. Or just remove some of the air cooling.…CCHCCCHCCIUCCHCCCHCCCHCCH

    Although, nargon made a better breeder. Here's the link of the reconstruction of the breeding mode in the reactor app.…CCHCCCHCCIUCCHCCCHCCCHCCH

    Perhaps add a cycle speed setting, and a tick-number setting? So you can run it faster, or just jump to a specific tick. Also, later add an "Explosion Point" button that warps tells you the range on where your reactor can explode. If it's a MK I, then it will just say "Mark I"

    And once you're done with that, make it say what MK it would be classified as.

    Idea- If you put a regulator output on a matching energy storage unit, it will output normally, but EXCESS power will be redirected to the other side. Like a mass fab.
    Edit: Realized you could just put a regulator a block infront of your storage unit.

    Wrong. It is balanced, but only with itself and vanilla mine-craft. You Cannot get free resources like that. Did you know glow-stone blocks are actually equally valuable as cobblestone? The issue arises when you combine two mods that allow abuse to occur, like industrialcraft, which is also balanced with itself and vanilla minecraft. Getting double ingots out of the Ores is fine, You can never turn em back into ores, so no way exists to get free materials with just industrialcraft. Now, If you add EE, you suddenly have a loop which you can use to cheaply create masses of resources, but that only is possible when you have both mods.

    Equivalent exchange is not designed for balanced play with Industrialcraft, and vise verse.

    Except for the IC2 patch. Which adds some recipe's, and does some balancing features, preventing infinite materials. However, you can get many materials far more cheaply. Like you can turn 4 glowstone into a diamond instead of 32. Or 16, nowadays.

    Simple. Make it like bedrock. Immune to all explosives and can only be removed by the force field generator.

    To be exact, Chestplate redues all taken damage by 33% before the armor calculation is applied at all.

    A whole suit is meant to protect you from damage, but i doubt it's yet working fully.
    PS: Currently MCForge for some reason does not contain the necessary hook within the EntityPlayer file, thus the NanoSuit can't exactly be working (same for Quantum) and will be considered a normal MC armor.

    As well, the idea of a "Nano Batpack" or anything related was denied due to the fact it would be plainly imba. Exspecially if you consider a Quantum Suit would provides 100 full charges for a normal tool with each single armor piece.

    Perhaps being able to have the QSuit Chest have the ability to drain from portable energy storage systems in your inventory and add to tools/the quantum suit itself? Like if you had your inv. full of lapotrons, you could run for days without recharging. Slightly less imba that way. Although, perhaps not able to drain from lapo's. So its even less imba. But still able to recharge your fancy stuffs like that mining laser and drill.

    I also think the power limit is a bit buggy, as it is limited to 512, even with multiple MFSUs hooked up, and reduced in the case of a branch as well. Also, if you have capacity, I think it ought to have a higher limit as well.
    Also, the config does not seem to support fractional values, which I think it should, unless a technical difficulty does not allow that.

    I believe a technical difficulty would not allow fractional values. BUT, you can have another value, Blocks Per EU calculation, so it would be EUs/Blocks Per.