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    I think the way it should work is you place one next to a tree and it automatically instataps the tree for 1EU/sec. Then you could combine it with chests and BC pipes to create an automatic sticky resin farm. Including automatic smelting and such.

    Well, as Alblaka leaked a bit of info about T4 on the Antimatter Generator page, I decided to post a suggestion about some of the basic stuff. F.E. Energy storage and such.

    Energy Storage would be stored in Iridium Crystals which store 10kk EU, which could be crafted like so-
    Where I= Iridium, A= Advanced Circuit L= Lapotron Crystal.

    Block based energy storage would be in IESU (Iridium energy Storage Unit)
    But first, you need to know how to craft the HyperMachine block (Name subject to change)
    Where I= Iridium, M=Advanced Machine, and 0=nothing.
    Then the recipe would be-
    Where I=Iridium Crystal, A=advanced Circuit/super-advanced Circuit, M=HyperMachine block, and S=MFSU. It would be capable of storing 100kk EU.
    No transformers (Everything would run on 2048 EU's, so HV transformers would be used, and there's no point to add Super-HV.
    Antimatter would be the generator for this tier of EU. Ion Cannons and Group Teleporters would be running on this tier, and probably a bit of other new stuff.

    Macerating Diamonds would provide 2 diamond dust!
    But what is this diamond dust used for? As an upgraded form of Glowstone dust, of course! And if you craft 4 of it together, you get Condensed Carbon Nanotubes (Cause diamonds are compressed carbon, ya know?) And if you craft 2 of those side-by side, you get Condensed Carbon Mesh! And you probably know where i'm going with this... When you compress that expensive thing, you get Condensed Carbon Plates! Which are a higher-tier replacement for Carbon Plates! HAYO! Also, new recipe for the SuperAdvancedMachine.
    Force Field Advanced Machine Force Field
    Where Force Field is Condensed Carbon Plate. And everything else is what it looks like.

    And the Super Advanced Circuit!
    Gold Dust Industrial Diamond Gold Dust
    Superfuel Advanced Circuit Superfuel
    Gold Dust Industrial Diamond Gold Dust
    Where Industrial Diamond = Diamond dust, Gold Dust = Glowstone dust, and Superfuel = Lapis Block

    But wait! There's more!
    Glass Fibre Glass Fibre Glass Fibre
    Industrial Diamond Force Field Industrial Diamond
    Glass Fibre Glass Fibre Glass Fibre
    Where Force Field = SuperAdvancedCircuit makes these shiny new genetic cables! How does it work? Nobody knows! Not even the guys who invented this thing! They just know that the advanced circuit had such an intelligent A.I, it created a genetically engineered creeper that INCREASES the voltage you put in! Every 20 blocks, instead of losing 1 eu, it GAINS 1!

    That's all for v2!

    Antimatter actually exists. Go look it up. However, it makes a huge explosion whenever it touches it's antipolar atom. (The atom it's based turned into antimatter from)
    Thus, it releases an ungodly amount of energy. Because instead of breaking atoms, you're DELETING them. And producing tons of energy at the same time. How I think it should work would be that you use this recipe for an antimatter generator:
    Where M=Advanced Machine, A=Advanced Circuit, and I=Iridium Plate. It would create an Antimatter reactor, which is fueled with UUM and Uranium Cells. Each piece of UUM and Uranium would create a whopping 10,000,000 EU. And it would output T4 energy. (2048 EU)

    The nano saber is somewhat useless right now. It's only use is for PVP. I think it should (once 1.8 is out, ofc) always be a 1hit kill ON CRITICAL. So normally, it would 2 hit kill, but when you dropattack, it would instakill. That way, it actually has some practical advantage over the chainsaw in SSP.

    What I was thinking on how it works was simply so that you could have an equal amounts of macerators and furnaces. So like when you have 3 macerators and 3 electro furnaces, they balance out in terms of speed. Same with the Rotary Macerator and Induction Furnace. As of logic working, it's basically a hammer on a free joint on a rotating disk, which is attached to a high torque low acceleration motor. And then little minipistons to push the bigger chunks into the hammer path and sort ore dust from rock.

    Like the induction furnace. But a macerator. And using Rotation Speed instead of Heat. It would have a recipe something like this:
    Where R=Refined iron, M=Macerator, and A=advanced machine block.

    It would be used to create a Macerator counterpart to the Induction Furnace, so you don't spend hours waiting for your macerators and spend seconds smelting in your Induction Furnace.

    Edit: It would have 1 input slot, but 2 output slots. So you can Macerate an entire stack of stuff without deloading it halfway. And it would also macerate at full charge 2x the speed of the induction furnace, so they would take the same time to do the same task. I.E you put a stack of iron ore into the Rotary Macerator and then you put the 2 stacks of dust into the furnace and it takes the same time to smelt as it did to macerate.

    I think that to make the QuantumSuit better, the regular nanosuit should only block 95% of damage while all 4 parts are charged. Also, in 1.00, if you get hit by a tesla while wearing full quantumsuit, you take 5 hearts of damage. And it takes a total of 60kk eu, (Not counting to make/get the next things)4 uncharged lapotron crystals, 1 reinforced glass, 2 advanced circuit, 2 rubber boots, 3 advanced alloy, 2 machine blocks, and 2 glowstone to make the full suit. In other words, somewhere around 65kk EU to make 1 quantum suit.

    Edit: The quantum suit is actually REALLY easy to get if you have a lot of scrap in your Mass Fabricator.

    Simply put, pistons on steroids. It would have to be powered by an electrical current (Duh!) and would have no limit on the number of blocks it can push. It would also launch entities about twice as much as Hippolomatus' pistons. However, it would work slightly differently. There would be 2 blocks- A magnetic block and an electromagnet. The electromagnet would be powered by electricity and, when activated by redstone, it would push all magnetic blocks along a straight line from it within 16 blocks in the way a piston would, but ignoring blocks in the way and being able to push as long as there was no bedrock or reinforced stone in the way. So you could have something like this for your self-reconstructing home:
    on the bottom row, where x=electromagnet, D= dirt, O= air, M=Magnetic block, and C= cobble.
    But you ask, How do I move my magnets back again after launching them halfway around the map? Simple. With a reverse electromagnet, which is basically the same, except it pulls instead of pushing. Magnets would be crafted probably like so:
    Where R=Redstone, and I=Refined Iron.
    Electromagnet would be something like
    Where C=Cable, M=machine Block, and Q=Circuit Board Thingy (I forgot the name of it)