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    Typical trouble shooting:
    1) Check uranium cells have not depleted
    2) Check redstone signal to the reactor, including toggling/breaking redstone connection. Sometimes redstone glitches into on/off position.
    3) Check storage devices are not all full
    4) Check any transformers have not been accidentally redstone powered, especially by nearby detector cables, and that they have not been 'turned' to face different direction.
    5) Good luck!

    So your comparison of leaving the server running all the time is irrelevant - the basis of comparison still fails on the amount of resources required. No matter how long of a time period you have to work with, EE still can produce diamonds faster, with far fewer resources required for the setup.

    It's pretty clear that you aren't actually familiar with EqEx in actual gameplay.

    No, my comparison is EXPLICITLY about the time, not the material.

    And I actually do play with EE, and am doing so at the moment. Have fun with the personal attacks.

    I'd say that a variation by a factor greater than 6 means they are hardly comparable.

    The problem with this, is that setting up a server on your own machine, which is just as easy to do as modding a minecraft install, allows you to leave the world running all the time, generating EU to make UUM. Even with just a few wind generators, you can have enough UUM for all the diamonds you need, all while you go off to school or work or hang out with friends. I guess I just dont see a difference between making a few wind gen's then putting 9 UUM in a crafting table and swapping in and out all the steps in EE to make cobble into diamond. In fact, the EE model probably would take more of my time.

    Sorry about the thread jacking, I will leave this one alone from now on.

    Anything that produces glowstone, redstone, diamond, or lapis(or anything else 'more' valuable) should be a fairly high tiered plant, with minimal seed drops, say 0-1 with a rare 2 drop, and be very environmentally picky. In addition, anything that produces a block or item not already infinitely producable(such as all stone types as well as wheat, meat and wood) should be medium to high tiered.

    As for actual plant suggestions, how about:

    Name: whatever, i am horrible with naming things.
    Tier: 8
    Short Desc: Plant only found/created and usable in swamp biomes used to create clay.
    Appearance: Looks like a plant.
    Gain: When harvested, produces mud that can be dried in a furnace to produce a clay ball.
    Attributes: grayish, clay-like color that can be used with any visual style of plant.
    Abilities: Can only be planted in swamp biomes and directly next to swamp water(not on the border of a different biome if the water changes color)

    Name: Icicle
    Tier: 5-8
    Short Desc: Plant that creates snowballs/ice blocks, not usable in desert biomes, and better drops in snow biomes
    Appearance: An Icicle
    Gain: When harvested, produces some ice shaving(seeds) that can be combined into an ice block, or planted elsewhere.
    Attributes: white, blue, translucent
    Abilities: requires no lava within 15 blocks(no lava light reaches it), requires low light, say, under level 10, will not 'plant' in desert biome, and matures fastest in snow biome, requires to be 'planted' on the underside of a block, with water above that block (think about the water drips growing an icicle). Using a Macerator on an ice block will create a 'seed' or two, the ice shavings produced when harvesting the plant.

    My setup using a batbox behind an MFSU, with the MFSU output going first through a detector cable, then through some transformers and back into the batbox. the detector cable output is inverted and run to the MFSU, so when there is no power on the line, the MFSU stores, and when the MFSU fills and over flows, it triggers the detector, which allows the MFSU to empty. The output of the MFSU, after the detector, before the transformers, goes into another MFSU, to be used by all my machines.The reactor power goes into the first MFSU, and the detector output also runs to the reactor, turning it off while the first MFSU empties into the second one.

    Edit: Here is the screen shot. closest to viewer is the batbox/MFSU pair, to the left is the transformers on the way back to batbox, and to the right is the inversion of the detector signal as well as the hole to the reactor in the background.

    Uploaded with

    I finally consolidated my storage chests from all over and figured out why I am so short on tin... I have 9 full stacks of lava cells, plus the cells that have been used to power everything I have done until now(finally got reactor online).

    I have played with EE on a single player world, but it seemed a bit over powered when I literally was running out of room for the diamond blocks I was producing.

    Does anyone else run into the problem of having hundreds and hundreds of copper dusts but no tin dusts to make bronze? I see there is a recipe to make iron from tin+copper, but i have more than enough iron, and tin is what I am always short on.

    Well looks like after a few more changes, I've got a working version, thanks for the good error reports, they help so much :)

    Expect this in the next version, Al will prob want some more testing on my fixes, but we'll get this out to you guys with the GUI id fix, and other misc stuff asap.

    Thanks for the quick response.

    P.S. I meant treecapitator, but treecapacitor does sound like fun, trees storing EU and all...

    Keep on trying, reinstall Java, reinstall your browser. Make sure there is no script blocking plugin active in your browser and make sure you have your browser set to allow Java applications to run.
    If all that fails then there is nothing we can do for you. You might as well throw your PC in the garbage :P :whistling:

    When I find issues like this, it is usually a matter of using Firefox on Linux. There are a number of sites I just don't use because something breaks.