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    Isn't the energy pack tier 3, so the tier 1 batbox and generator can't charge it? It is the energy pack made with energy crystals right?

    Yes sir. I bet that is the issue! I don't have a tier 3 battery yet but hadn't made a backpack so figured what the heck, make the big one? :) I'll get my backend systems up to tier 3 and I bet that fixes it!

    So generally I've been used to taking any item that can store EU [battery, tool, etc] and tossing it into a generator or a batbox to charge it up. No problem.

    Recently moved to the new 2.2 IC2 and made an energy pack... but I can't charge it. It wont go into a generator or a batbox. Is there a special thing I need to charge this?

    I'm playing the FTB Infinity version so it has charge-pads included and those don't work either. They charge my tools fine, but won't touch this energypack. :(


    Thanks MauveCloud

    Ya that's weird. The exact mod name I show in the loader is:

    Industrialcraft-2_2.0.397-experimental which... as I type it out... I realized my mistake! It's IC2 - 2.0.397 not IC2 2.2.0 :love:

    I think that should get me going in the right direction now that I'm looking up the correct version!! I appreciate the links, will check them out right now!

    Edit: I just realized you made the reactor planner! Very cool tool! I'm off to make either something cool or a giant crater. :Nuke TNT:

    So I've been poking around the forum and to be honest, I'm totally lost. :(

    I've been fiddling around in IC2 for awhile and have made most of the machines, gens, etc but haven't taken the plunge into nuclear because, well, I have no idea HOW to! I watched some great videos from Direwolf but it seems his nuke video is on a different version as most of the components he used I couldn't even find poking around in creative.

    I then went to the wiki and found data that said to use a uranium cell.... and... cant find that item in creative either.

    I'm guessing I'm just not finding 2.2 info? So... looking for any good guides [videos or written] on how to get started with nuclear engineer in IC2!

    Appreciate the help. :)

    :Nuke TNT: