[1.3.2] Open Beta v1.107

  • it shoud work, but changing platform main and few other classes wont work.

    public boolean isBlockNormalCube(World world, int x, int y, int z) 
            return blockMaterial.isOpaque() && renderAsNormalBlock();

    damn minecraft execution logic...

    Temporary 107\30 fix list:

    1.) CFpack have isRepairable set to true, for some strange reason, it's maybe by design, but if you want something similar it shoud use special gradual crafting to move pellests from item to item, without destruction of packs.

    Gradual crafting shoud follow rule:
    First item in grid go to crafting result, other items stay inside and have damage altered.
    Possibly will implement as addon or patch.

    2.) EnumArmorMaterial suggested to implement EnumArmorMaterial.IC2 for compatability reasons, DIAMOND or any other may result later in issues similar to laser fuel.

    3.) ItemSprayer server sided implemented incorrectly, now it wont update CFpack on player, to server side only shoud be moved ONLY foam distribution part, and nothing else.

    4.) Nanosaber active state not moved to server side, still async, suggest to move activation-deactivation to server only and implement cooldown for this event.

    5.) Cell is client sided and without cooldown, cause major async problem with block pickup.

    6.) Reactor overburn whitelist needed else if (var3 != Block.bedrock.blockID) cause reactor to remove personal blocks, frames, special blocks and other stuff that shoud not be removable.
    suggest to share explosion whitelist with overburn one

    7.) Reactor max heat not properly reported to components, this will cause core exchangers to burnout on reactor with platings.

    8.) Fuel level and number of pellets not reported via NEI plugin, not a bug, but whynot?

  • Суть такая, надо NBT таги на топливо в джетпаке и канистрах выводить на подсказку вещи.

    Урон бетонного ранца дублировать также в тултип вещи, по сравнению со всеми остальными вещами, эти просто "белые вороны", у всех отображение доп сведений есть, а у них нет.

    Еще имеет смысл режим лазера, ключа и еще чегото там также выводит подсказкой на вещь, как и айдишник рации, мелочи но доставлять будет и проблема с листанием режимов и "не знаю какой режим" решится.

    кстати могу пригласить на тёплый ламповый сервер, если интересно - подробности в личку.

  • Argelbargel y u use strange letters xD cant read this stuff

    (and never, NEVER use google translator to german for this, almost died laughing when the text to speech engine read this XD )

    TrinityCraft Server, Whitelist.

    Ic2/BC3/Forestry Railcraft/Logistics Pipes/Nuclear Control and more!

  • Ok so storage redstone is "working" emtpy batbox turns on nuclear reactor directly next to it. BUT! It will not update actual redstone connected to it. Not unless I place something down nearby. Seems you've fixed the redstone but it doesn't trigger an update event for nearby blocks so while IC2 machines read it correctly actual redstone doesn't.

    You can kinda work around this by having a redstone clock setup nearby. It'll trigger it to update.

  • Noticed rubber wood with rubber taps don't regenerate if only tree tapped once.

    Rubber tree wood isn't going directly into forestry's forester backpack anymore, before it was.

    Those are the only things I've spotted so far.

  • Gonna make a bit of a correction to my last post, the rubber wood isn't going into backpacks at all, saplings and sticky sap is going into the forester bag though, rubber wood appears to be the only item that isn't going into the bag.

  • Quantum Suit Leggings do not drain any energy while quantum-running, I'm using the key config rather than sprinting, if that matters.

    Quantum jumping seems to drain energy just fine.

  • rubber regen seems like the client isn't getting an update, disconnect and reconnect or surprisingly right clicking with an empty hand will make it update to show its filled again.

    Also seems to be a very minor client desync issue with solar helmets and batpacks on a hosted server. wearing both when it hits nighttime the EU stored will stop counting up, but unequipping either and re-equiping seems to not check if its night time client side and it'll show phantom EU gain, also reconnecting during night time will also cause this, as well as weather change. None of this was tested with any time or weather manipulation commands, just naturally occuring.

  • The version 107.35 seems to have broken the Snyke's Advanced Machines mod. I put some refined iron in the extractor (recipe defined using CMR) and the game crashed and every time I load that world it crashes.

    Fusion Power Engineering Industries® Making Fusion™ Automation Chamber© is DONE!!!!!!!! HAYO!!!

    Hint: Click the Automation Chamber text to see how it looks :D