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    ok, sorry... I don't mean that code was easy, i mean that a recipe itself is something easy (i think), so, How difficulty is to make a block (like macerator, thermal centrifuge, etc? I suppose that blocks are more difficult than recipes, no?

    I can't undersant any word of you two are saying... If is so dificult to make a simple recipe, how much time you need to make a block or the mining laser? Or worst, the nuclear reactor?

    I just want to make a single use battery, and i realised that you only get 1 battery per craft. In older versions it was 5 batteries and 8 if it was hydrated coal. Is a bug or not? In case that it isn't a bug, it is awful, you lost energy in the process...
    Also, if i use 8 coal dust an 1 water bucket it give me 1 hydrated coal dust, not 8, I think is wrong (what happened with the other 7?).
    Thank for read this.

    It would be great if we could plant rubber crop (hybrid plant?). Drop: 1 resine. Grow: below normal. Resistance: normal. Tier: ???. Score ???. I don't know what is that but i read about them...

    Why don't we add multiple output slots to vanilla furnaces then, since we lose 1 ingot, 6 nuggets and 2 stone dust when smelting ores?

    Great idea!!!

    Speiger, sorry, but i don't understand very well your idea.

    PD: Aroma1997, Are you the developer of Aroma1997s Dimensional World? I love your mod, Now, I can't live without mining world, it's fantastic, now, I wan't to do mining in the overworld never more.

    I know that we can put redstone in machines to get 500 EU. So, Why we couldn't put redstone block for 4.500 EU? I know that some machines can't accept so much energy (Explosion!)

    Also i take advantage of this post to make another suggestion.
    I know that it is a waste of EU smelting nuggets, but it would be good if we could smelt small pile of [some ore] dust to get nuggets (if you want it could cost less EU). Also it would be good if we could compress nuggets into ingots (if we could compress ingots into blocks, why not nuggets into ingots?). (I know about batch crafter).

    Oh, sorry, I didn't know about stone dust in thermal centrifugator, the picture of the item seem be to little compared to a block, so i thought i was less. Think that (excluding cobblestone > stone dust in thermal centrifugator because i didn't know):
    Iron Ore > if you make a complete refining process its gives you: 2 Iron ingot + 4 Iron Nuggets + 2 Gold Nuggets + 2 Stone Dust = its give you 6 ingots (I thougt that one stone dust was like an ingot) and 6 nuggets, 2 ingots and 4 nuggets are lost in the process (plus the water).
    Sorry for my foolness. But know, if a stone dust is same like a block (1 cobblestone = 1 stone dust) its means: 1 Iron Ore (block) > 2 blocks, 2 ingots and 6 nuggets ¿And the law of conservation of matter and energy? I know, it is a joke, a portion of the matter is lost like trash.
    Sorry, I should search on IC2 wiki before doing that post.

    I think that macerator should have two output slot, Why? Well... i was thinking that ores should produce besides 2x crushed ores it should produce 1 crushed stone (or stone dust). What can i do with that? You can macerate crushed stone in stone dust, o compress (a few quantity, like 4) in stone. Also you can put in ore washing machine or thermal centrifugator (i don't know), and produce (with % chance) small pile of dust of common metals (iron, copper, tin, lead), small pile of gravel (or a flint) and/or small pile of sand.
    Why i would change that? I think that is some strange that the stone is desintegrated (Crushed ore has stone, but too little).

    I used to use 1.8.9 and recently I moved to 1.10.2, so I am not sure if these crop are already implemented in others versions but Beetroot and Chorus don't have IC2 crop.
    Also it would be great if we could plant sapling in crops (for harvesting wood [and apples]).

    It would be amazing if we could invert the function of the LHE with a button in two modes: Heat Output (Normal) and Heat Input. When the LHE consume HU it heat liquids intead of coolling them, this function is perfect to storage of HU or EU (in HU), heating cooling in hot cooling and pohehoe lava in lava (I don't say water in steam beacuse steam boiler do this).

    I use 1.8.9 minecraft, but i download 1.10.2 to see what new things are in IC2. I don't know where i have to make this post, but, Why Liquefacted Coal were removed? Anyone can explain me? It wold be great if it back to IC2, Coalfuel was a good fuel (I think). And, for what is H. Coal now?

    ¿Geothermal and Liquid Heat Exchange have the same efficiency? In Wiki say that a Geothermal produce 20.000 EU/bucket and Liquid Heat Exchange (+ Stirling Generator) produce 10.000 EU/bucket.
    It isn't the right forum for this question, but, ¿Is more efficient use a Geothermal, LHE > SG or LHE > Steam bolier > Steam turbine for lava (this last i'm not sure how works really)?
    Apologize for the question and thank you in advance.