Liquefacted Coal

  • I use 1.8.9 minecraft, but i download 1.10.2 to see what new things are in IC2. I don't know where i have to make this post, but, Why Liquefacted Coal were removed? Anyone can explain me? It wold be great if it back to IC2, Coalfuel was a good fuel (I think). And, for what is H. Coal now?

    Sorry for my English, my native languaje is Spanish. If you don't understand me I can explain my ideas in spanish.

  • Hydrated Coal was removed years ago, as the canning machine was overhauled the recipe was removed and the items disappeared. It just so happened that the items re-appeared during the 1.8 port, to leave the option of adding it back open. The biggest issue now if probably how it would be made, as the canning machine is really for fluid crafting now.

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