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    Maybe we can say:
    Eloram has the right to make her code closed source and forbid any use of it to others. Right? Right!
    Good, this side discussion can be closed by this agreement.

    And now, back to the thing that's more important. The real question is, it's good that she use this closed type of license?

    For this, we have many points to discuss:
    - Speed and quality of development
    - Sharing of ideas (Something like take things that make the same into a new mod. Maybe a mod where only the Pipes from BC and/or the tubes from RP are in to make it as a plugin for other mods)
    - And so on.

    But all these points which have a large amount of pro and cons are very important but useless at the same time, when we have a person they could say: "You wouldn't play as i will? Fine, i close my mod and no one ever could use it. For that guys, do what i say, when i it say..."

    For me, it is a big different when a person could say: "Do what i want or i close the mod and no one could use it anymore, because i have the right to do this." or "Do you no do what i want? Fine, here's the code, do with that what ever you want but i don't make nothing with this anymore."

    And for this, i prefer the second one.

    The real problem is, that the ModLoader, ModLoaderMP and/or Forge are not under the GPL. When it was, the complete discussion would not exists. Because El had not been closing the sourcecode.

    But maybe it's because she like me an german people and we're idiots about our "Recht auf geistiges Eigentum"...

    Should be possible but the problem i have with that is, that you could use that for the big reactors with many uranium cells too and i think this would make reactors to strong.

    Maybe an reactorchamber with an ajoustable temp indicator would be better

    i am running minecraft on linux too and without problem.and with some addons too. there is only one nasty bug with key stuck which can be fixed by updating lwjgl.
    btw from my experience linux return files in order which were copied into directory. so you just need copy ic2.jar into mods directory first and then addons.

    it is really the ctime? when it is the mtime then a simple "touch filename" can do the job also.

    The main issue with a MCForge integrated converter is the fact the energy systems tend to differ a lot.
    Would be hard to generalize them, I guess.

    Maybe but not really the generel thing is that all machines receive energy packages per time interval and must have a special amount of packages per time to operate. Theoretical u can say when 1EU arrived and should be transformed into BC energy than it could maybe something like 2BC-EU or i need 2BC for 1EU or more generell 1EU = 1F-EU = 2BC-EU when a another mod cam an say 1M-EU = 2F-EU then it's only mathematic to convert one package into an another.

    For me the more interesting question is, why mods like IC2, RP2 and Buildcraft must have thei own converters? The problem exists because forge don't have an converter in it. I mean, forge has an ore library to make mods compatible with each other, why not an energy coupler with an databse to convert energy units from one system to another?

    Oh yeah, lets delete all articles in the wiki and all posts here in the forum, beacause every information is like cheating...

    Maybe would it better to say, if you don't like it, don't read it.
    Good i would have informations about transfering energy across a large distance, i look in the wiki and nothing. A question to the community? A lot of meanings how to do it or the relevant posts ist on side 460 of 954 that should be good way to get informations?

    Sorry but in my opinion that makes not sense.

    And if you really need the recipes install one of the following mods: Recipe book, Craftguide, Not Enough Items or look it up on one of the many sources outside of the wiki. Putting it on the wiki page is going to spoil the fun of people who want to find it out themselves.

    If you think that to an end, all recipes and all informations could delete because someone could see something to spoil his fun to find things out by himself. And for what is the wiki then still existing? Right for bad jokes...
    When that's the idea then, in my opinion, the complete wiki could be delete.

    But when the wiki should be the place where you can get informations about the stuff in IC then all of the informations whicht can help should be in there.

    Now it seems to work correctly and maybe can switched back to reactorhead / 1000 + 1.

    Hhm, it's possible to see the sourcecode? I've decompile it but it's not so easy to read it. Do you have a Repository or something?