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    Really cool mod, good job porting it.
    Question for you, would you be able to add custom recipes to some of the machines much like EnderIO does for the SAG Mill with the use of an .xml file?

    This way we, the users, can further expand on the whole idea of chemistry and chemical compounds.

    The Problem with it was, that the Wikipedia Page on it listed no uses for it. Not even one single good use.

    corrosion resistant, so to make advanced machine blocks.
    Also, zinc oxide,

    Also, its not meant to be a replacement for iron, more like additional use for zinc.

    ZnFe3O4 is the chemical formula.
    I was thinking bonding Zinc with Oxygen in chemical reactor to make Zinc Oxide -

    Zinc Oxide has countless applications useful for industry so it could be useful in of itself.

    Alloy smelting 1 zinc oxide with 3 iron to get 4 ingots of Zinc Ferrite.
    Zinc ferrite can be used to craft advanced machine blocks just like refined iron is used to craft regular machine blocks, 8 zinc ferrite with middle empty in the crafting grid.
    Zinc ferrite dust combined with manganese dust to create circuit core to be used with advanced circuit instead of regular circuits.

    Greg, I spoke to king_lemming earlier about why there was no recipes for pulverizing your ores, but there were recipes for rock crushing your ores and apparently you are adding them to railcraft through api, but not to thermal expansion. could you please include your ores in thermal expansion for pulverizing, thank you.

    Greg, I found what you mean about bronze doubling with centrifuge, but honestly, instead of disabling that recipe why not nerf / remove your centrifuge recipe?
    Early bronze is extremely useful for tools and easy to make, this nerf doesnt make much sense.

    Change your centrifuge recipe to 3 tiny piles of copper and 1 tiny pile of tin and whola, everything adds up even no loss no gain.

    Greg, I am so glad you liked and implemented my suggestions!! so im gonna press my luck some more and suggest a few more things.

    1. Sodium is highly combustible, make it burnable in a boiler for a very high yield (4x of lava simple due to how difficult it is to get sodium) will make heating up boilers easier
    2. Beryllium Copper ( a good alloy that has many uses in electronics. I was thinking 3 copper ore + beryllium (it is very rare after all) to yield 20 beryllium copper bars which can be used as a replacement for copper in copper cables and for alternate (cheaper) recipe for copper plating!
    3. Palladium - countless industrial uses, can alloy with silver to make electrodes (to be used in forestry as alternate recipe for diamond electron tubes, can be made into special cells that absorb hydrogen (4 palladium + 5 hydrogen) to make extremely potent fuel source that can burn in generators and boilers. Most importantly palladium is not consumed in the process due to its ability to absorb hydrogen and release it.
    4. titanium to make advanced machines. 5 titanium (1 in each corner, 1 in middle) and 2 carbon plates 2 advanced alloys as replacement for machine block recipe
    5. Liquid nitrogen - already exists in the game already through other mods (not sure which mod adds it) but would be nice to see some integration with your nitrogen cells and ability to pipe liquid nitrogen directly into nuclear reactor as a 1 time outside coolant. Combined with nuclear control you can have an interesting mechanic if reactor overheats pump liquid nitrogen in to super cool it! Of course make it expensive to balance.

    Next suggestions involve tungsten (
    6. Here is a bit of a weird / cool idea I have. Tungsten + nickel to make kinetic penetrator. Its a round that you fire from some sort of projectile launcher (leave that part up to you). Its a 1 time use projectile that will move forward 30 blocks, penetrating and destroying everything in its path except for bedrock. It would be an excellent tool for hollowing out room or making mine shafts, considering destruction catalyst is gone and tungsten isnt easy to come by.
    7. Tungsten + sulfur + manganese to make powerful fluorescent lighting. It will require EU to operate (constant 1eu/t) but will produce very bright light that lights up a wide area + it can have cool graphics. If not too op you can also make it deadly to creepers, preventing them from approaching it!
    8. Silicon in advanced circuit recipe. ! silicon plate + 4 redstone to make 2 advanced circuits

    And last, but not least I absolutely love chemistry and physics and the fact that gregtech adds so much of it!!! What do you think about a particle collider? :) Can open up possibilities for synthesizing californium, einsteinium, nobelium, etc. considering we already have fusion reactors it would mix together extremely well. Would need 8k EU/t and you can insert various cells in there to create / break elements!

    Thank you very much for consideration, absolutely love the mod and would love some feedback:)

    Greg, few requests / suggestions

    Can you add oredictionary definition for forestry fertilizer / ic2 fertilizer to make them interchangeable
    sodium cell + potassium cell to make NaK ( as another nuclear reactor coolant
    sulfur + sodium + chloride to make sodium bisulfare ( could be used remove oxydation or "purify" metal so you add it to grinder and for iron it will yield 3 ore instead of 2 (just like mercury for gold)
    sulfur + sodium to make Sodium persulfate ( also to be used in grinder for separating more zinc out of whatever ores yield it (instead of water cells)
    alternatively another sulfur + sodium could be Sodium sulfate ( to make "pretty" aesthetics glass!
    electrum instead of silver in glass fibre cables to yield 8 or 10 instead of 6
    sodium + carbon to make Sodium carbonate ( either 1. cell to use in industrial grinder to make clay block yield 2 clay or as a replacement for carbon plate when making solar panels.

    calcium + carbon to make calcium carbonate ( - another alternative for tripling iron ingot yield. Taken from wiki: Calcium carbonate is also used in the purification of iron from iron ore in a blast furnace. The carbonate is calcined in situ to give calcium oxide, which forms a slag with various impurities present, and separates from the purified iron

    Sorry just throwing out suggesitons becuase I love the elements you added and wish to see more uses for them :)

    Great work Greg, gotta say since getting this addon mod its like a breath of fresh air into my minecraft game. Though this mod adds much more complexity and difficulty I like it extremely much, so thanks for making this addon :D

    Coudlnt say it better myself, exactly how I feel. Gregtech made me love minecraft again and I was getting bored of it.

    Yesterday I was so happy, I legitimately made matter fabricator for the first time and at the same time finished making silicon plates and made my first legitimate MV-Solar!!

    Thank you for your great work greg, love the mod :)

    edit: If I could make a little suggestion.
    Platinum has six naturally occurring isotopes. It is one of the rarest elements in the Earth's crust and has an average abundance of approximately 5 μg/kg. It is the least reactive metal. It occurs in some nickel and copper ores along with some native deposits - taken straight from wikipedia

    "Copper Ore" hint hint :)

    Greg, I have a suggestion that will help a lot with the mod. right now it is impossible to pipe cells / cans into centrifuge from any side, they do not go into the correct slot. Could you please correct that and allow proper placement? For example, items to be centrafuged from top and then cells from left maybe?

    does not work with translocators either, it always puts it into top slot, even if you specify another slot.

    After playing around for a while I found that it does work if you pipe from below.