[1.4.7] Mekanism v5.2.3 - universal machinery

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    The ratio was changed as of the new update.

    1 MJ = 2.5 EU = 6.25 Joules

    this should solve all your problems! :)

    So, hydrogen generators will generate 400 EU/t ?, interesting... (not).
    Please add a config to disable hydrogen generators and Heat Generators (energy loop with heat generator and OPness of hydrogen generators).
    Also REMOVE theorical elementizer or make its items only obtainable SSP.

  • Hello,

    I want to play with this mod, but the auto generated config file is so small that I can't modify it a bit. I wanted to remove the possibility to craft diamond our of diamond dusts (make it use the GregTech Implosion Compressor), fix some recipes (output the right kind of dust, that's being used by every other mod) and remove the Theoritical Elementizer (just doesn't work on SMP, fun on SSP though). I'm running v5.4.1 on MC 1.4.7.

    Also, I get a crash while trying to look the recipes on NEI on the Metallurgic Infuser.

    BTW, thanks for the mod, you have some really cool ideas (the furnace is so cool!)

    Generated config file. I think it's missing some options


  • Hello! I tried your mod in Ampz pack, and It looks fancy. I think, I'll use it in some environment that consists of BC-powered machines or IC2-powered machines.

    However, there are one thing that bugs me... Positive electrolyze water-> burn hydrogen energy loop. It can't be positive at all.

    Also, it seems like your UE -> EU/Mj conversion ratios a bit... overpowered. Do you plan to fix that?

    Cutiemark crusaders - engineers, Yay!
    Blown up: Industrial Blast Furnace, Industrial Wiremill, Singularity compressor, Extractor.