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    I still don't find it as a valid excuse/reason for change. Besides those recipes where never really that secret if you used the Recipe Book or Craftguide and i know at least one of those is older than "The Clusterfuck that shall not be named"...

    This. Its always been relatively easy to look up the recipes if you want to, but the thing is you have to decide you want to do that rather than experimenting yourself.

    Still the idea has potential for being used to make things outside the regular UU Matter recipes, sort of like Thaumcraft's duplicator. Though I'm hesitant to suggest a feature that is available in another mod.

    There was compatibility patch which Flower Child said was perfectly legal even if he didn't like it. Seems to have vanished into the net though.

    Actually your wrong. ICBM is not for blowing things up in different ways like mods like Explosives+ aims to. The aim of ICBM is to bring strategic warfare to Minecraft and to blow stuff up strategically. Rocket Science isn't a space program deal much either from what I can see. The only rocket that brings you to space is that passenger rocket. But that's all. I respect Kentington as his mod greatly inspired me to make ICBM but he doesn't look like he's got lot's of time to work on his mod so I decided - instead of waiting for an update, I'm going to make one.

    Thats why I said promised. Supposedly a space station/satellite type thing was in the works but Kentington never had time to finish it. Still your mod looks awesome and a excellent successor to the military applications of rocket science. I'm half tempted to use ICBMs as a base for more civilian applications if I can ever get up the motivation to start coding things again.

    To be honest, I already made a mod that is a "take over" to rocket science with at least 12 different missiles and compatible with newest Forge. It doesn't use the IC2 API though. You can see it here if it interests you:…-60k-downloads/

    From what i've seen though, your mod is moslty focused on blowing things up in numerous and creative ways. Rocketscience always promised a more general space program type deal, even if Kentington was never able to deliver it.

    Minecraft Wiki says Emeralds only spawn in Extreme Hills. Why hasn't this been done before, at least as a toggle-able option? I'd love a reason to have mines in different biomes for different things.

    I'm not really a new member. I just don't talk that much. Mostly I just lurk, check out new addons and ways to use the IC2.

    Sometimes though I see things I feel the need to comment on. I saw that post soon after it was made, didn't feel the need to say anything at the time. Probably should have since the post appeared libelous.

    And i have one little question for the ones that visit the technic forums, do they have ads?

    There are some adds on the sides of the forum but that's about it. No adfly links, no "offshore paypal accounts" it looks like there is just enough to keep the site afloat.

    Personally I don't feel Technic/Tekkit should be discussed here other than in the context of IC^2's interaction with the other mods in the pack. However I don't feel it's mention should be a bannable offense as it smacks of (unwarranted?) hatred. This is a forum for the discussion of IC^2. Technic has their own forums with people who are ready to handle Technic issues.

    This may very well be one of the coolest mods I've yet seen.

    For new stuff I vote PvP and multiplayer. Not much other use for world destroying rockets at the moment.

    Some other suggestions you may feel free to ignore
    Some way to manually input coordinates without the scanner. I'd like to set up a rocket transportation system between bases but right now its too much of a hassel.
    Scratch that didn't realize it was a planned feature of the space station update

    Terraforming rockets, strap a terraformer to a booster, load a programs and send it off to some place far away. Not particularly useful at the either but something cool.