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    wow, and there I thought, how much lava they eat.O_o I was so wrong lol

    Hi Greg, I may be a pink pokemon, but I am still playing 1 4 2 vers, so I dunno if anything was changed since then.
    I kind of dislike your recepie for nikel-copper coils, because getting nikel dust requires centrifuging some copper, and recepie for blast furnace requires 4 coils, when recepie gives 3.
    its REALLY annoying, when you have to centrifuge 2x copper to get THAT LAST PIECE OF..coil.
    maybe you will change the blast furnace recepie to require 2 coils insted of 3 or change recepie of coils, to give 2, not 3 coil?

    another thing is to tweak the urandust-centrifuge recepie to take 8 urandust for 8 urancells, 2 thoriumcells and no plutonium. By the time I get 16 uranium, I usually have a breeder, so this recepie rarely seems profitable.

    another is to make an upgrade for miner, so it would be able to use lapotronorbs

    and some REALLY long ago you liked the idea of using compressed air cells to make a thing to quickly get to the surface while swimming
    I thought that you can make a cool swimming suite for long distances with these cells.
    actually, I thought of some more greg-style development of this idea and got:
    Steve-cannon! this is underwater building, which can be used to send Steve into super-fast swimming 8o We take Steve, lots of compressed air cells, equip with special costume, jump into special capsule and it shoots Steve REALLY fast to quickly travel the ocean.
    Probably, It can also be done in teleport-style, so that when capsule is shot, game checks chunks in direction shot and looks for the ocean-other biome change. Quite crazy, but we have to do something to replace non-existing electro-boat..

    I see, that you are actively working on your mod, thats great.
    Another suggestion is stupidly simple:
    making "oil refining" a more real process.
    Oil > fuel is funny, because roughly 2\3 of our surrounding are based on oil refinement byproducts. USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!! :D
    I say, best would be to make some big multiblock structure (towerlike) which will do processing on different tempretures. I can expand this idea, if you wish.

    biofuel bucket gen only 32000 eu ? eh no good mod

    Looks like you didnt even play with forestry and dont know what biofuel is - why give stupid negative comments?

    Overall, good job. but there is a thing - Gregtech adds a recepie, which is 3 BC fuel cans > 3 IC cans each 100k eu. Yours is even 100k
    being 1.5kk in real BC value, I see no technical use of his and your way to use fuel like this, with new release of Thermal expansion, which has unlaggy pipes + Transformers. maybe fuel should be 1-2kk EU with several generators.

    So, my suggestions are :
    1) up fuel upto 1-1.2kk
    WHY - 100k fuel = 3x32k biofuel = 12x8k eu biomass = ~16 saplings.
    Fuel is roughly worth 16-20 saplings, which really is a joke. This value isnt worth making huge oil pumping-transfering-processing-storing etc industry.
    It should be AT THE VERY LEAST!11 10x more energy valuable, or I ll just burn biofuel in piopowergen.
    2)Make some more machines.
    It would make sense, having several tiers of machines. but techically, fuel is endgame, soo..make a powerfull endgame machine, which would quickly burn fuel and some other liquids, would have integrated transformer, would require some maintaince and would output 2kk per bucket at EV. Maybe make a RL refinery+powerplant. Maybe railcraftish-gregstylish multiblock thing.

    Don't take it so hard. Greg does work hard on his addon, I guess if it's a bug it will be fixed in a few days (no, I believe tomorow ). But you're kind of ... agressive (mainly in your edited post).

    Ofc I am a bit agressive, qse I see a bug which costed me a lot of time to recover from. filling MFE with 16eut isnt quick
    It could be best to for all machines to have eternal buffer for 1 operation and make a rule for them not to start operation if buffer isnt full completely. without it all machines are hilarious energy eaters for nothing

    Now blast furnace eats energy just for being connected to my MFU -_- I didnt put anything in

    Now I did that : smelted some dusts, smelted some ingots, my energy depleted, 1 item got stuck inside, I disconnected cable for energy to recover (back to full MSU) - than connected furnace, and happened what I described above with grinder - progress bar went to 50% than to beginning than again and again, draining my MSU completely. IT WAS CONNECTED TO MV IT HAD EVERYTHING RECEPIE WAS THE SAME ITS A BUG GODDAMIT X(

    What does it do? I thought it can only use regular smelting Recipes, which i no longer register? Edit: It doesnt do that for me.

    Grabbed latest mod version and it got fixed.
    What about blocks? I m pretty sure u need same process to smelt steel block into ingots...
    By the way, I think, that you can make a special cells for your grinder - with double the capacity and made of aluminium
    or having a 64 cells from 4 aluminium ingots, at least.

    I thought about making steel plates and hanging them on a wall in a way paintings do. So these plates will have some average blast resistanse and protect the block behind it. Not from nuke ofc, but they will be really cool addition to design...

    1. not stupid it's gregs choice and it makes sense, I mean look how much the thing is in materials.

    @ 3 the constant eating of energy is because it's trying to get enough energy to process the ores. I am just going on a guess here but each run per ore requires 12800 eu to run. so it needs a constant supply of energy or it'll stall and not process the ores which is what you see happening when it gets somewhat through a process and just stop.

    1) choice isnt..well, usuall
    3) I understant WHY is it eating energy, but it is obiviously a bug, when it has 600k energy from MSU and cant process a single ore.

    1 - There must be a continuous 128 EU/t ... so if you send 32 EU/t, then this start the process, and just after, break it back to start because not "continuous".
    2 - On all (?) GregTech device, matter are consumed at the begining of the process. You must complete it to have your result.

    Solution : If you have less than 128EU/t. Send EU like you wich, but while not putting ore in it. When the device stop eating EU, it is that is internal EU storage is full. Then, shut off the EU. And put ore. You can make a few "process" with the internal EU storage before it stops. Yo uwill then don't loose any EU. You can made the same thing with a MFSU/MFE/Batbox.

    1) what kind of stupidity is that, letting machine run on MV but not on LV? seriously, this is lame, but this explains endless eating of energy.
    2) understood
    3) sometimes it eats materials than with CONSTANT MV goes to the middle of process thn reverts to beggining and goes up to middle of the process then reverts to the beginning and so on, not processing and not returning it. I m sure thats a bug

    Greg, grinder is buggy and strange :
    First of all, it refuses to work with under 128 EU\t but doesnt refuse to eat energy.I d suggest it work normally, but slower, like electrolizer
    second, it sometimes eats ore and cell and refuses to work, till I have to break it and put back. no things returned ofc..
    I m living in mystcraft world

    I can confirm that. Windmills sometimes stop working completely'
    There is one thing, that is noticable - when you place first windmill in a chunk, it gives a small lag,indicating that windmill started wind caliculations.
    With this in mind, I tried removing-placing windmills - no effect\lag (I pretty much can notice ANY lag with my 30 fps and f3 ;d)
    batpacks and tools didnt charge at all, not by one EU.
    Looking forward to bugfix

    I still use factorization barrels, they are quantinum chests made out of wood :D

    How about "an idiot protection" for Fusion reactor? There is a specific amount of components that you need to supply to get profit - so, maybe modifying startup condition to have energy + N components?Or even, using that empty space below reaction scheme to write some numbers?
    And there is one thing I don't like - after fusion reactor finishes - all heat disappears. It should kind of stay heated for a while..maybe you will make some component, that will take EU and produce ReactorHeat at some fixed rate? Obviously, heating plasma in no cheap thing.