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    About cells and reflectors I meant crafting of double cells..copper isn't quite fit for that (but I may be mistaken)

    Why do you deny new reactor components so..strictly? ~_~

    I thought of something - when we stop reactor, we use graphite(?) rods for that. A new reactor chamber crafting component would make sense. Maybe 2 compressed carbon plates per 1 rod and 4 rods per chamber?

    About fuels - there is not much to add to nuke reactor.. Some endgame fantasy-based maybe. I think, you can brainstorm your FusionR in matters of innovations, a lot can be added there.

    I had an idea, which isn't tech at all and doesn't even fit in your add on, but maybe - some medicine and drugs? (chemistry tech tree is Involved)
    Good thing to add is red stone block and some storage for coal dust (maybe, battery-type item?)

    Like Nuclear Fuel or Neutronreflectors?

    With uum recepie for uranium > plutonium, we dont need other fuels. Plutonium gives heat, close to possible maintainable.If you would add new high-tech components, we may be asking for a new fuel, though. I still would love quad quad uraniumcell ^^
    One thing is, I thought - why the heck double cells require copper plating? they should require neuronreflector (the most basic one), so double and quad cells are not so easy-crafted.
    About components - I thought of advanced advanced heat exchanger (because AHE is close to just useless), which is 72 core exchange and 32 side exchange (so its 2 most used items combined, generally), advanced advanced heat vent which is stable 30 cooling, advanced overclocked heat vent (most expensive component), which is friggin 60 cooling with 100 core exchange, maybe heat vent with 20 core exchange 20 cooling, for fun.
    To get the idea of price, I think, that adv adv heat exchanger should be like 2 reactor heat exch + 2 overclocked heat exchangers + advadv machine plate (compressed advadv machineblock) + 4 adv curcuits, we craft 2of these things and then combine with 360k cooling cell, plus 6 compressed machine blocks. Max heating value is 30k.
    (sort of this level of price)
    Obviously, they are kind of expensive.

    How about maikng industrial extractor?(just for eyes) You kind of have way too many things on centrifuge. (you cant centrifuge wood, you know :D )

    I dunno, if I told you before, but curcuits should be crafted with BC lasers..they are just made for eachother. Maybe super effeciency recepie (double with redstone +20k energy, 4 curcuits with silver +30k energy
    Overclockers (I think) are more fit to be made on RC crafting table or with lasers, too.
    And maybe adding your own crafting table? something like computercube + laser + energy orb + curcuits? and EU fee for making super-advanced stuff ~_~
    and last more personal, than rational - can you please add fancy pink blocks of uum?:D by compressor

    Worked, thanks
    How about a recepie for ME-cells > cans?
    By the way, arent C-cells coalcells? If so, maybe just use them?
    Another idea is using W-cells with reactor plating in place of copper platings to get orange reactor plating as Wolframium is incredibly heat-resistant. I don't like using cells with platings, maybe compressing lead and W cells to get something that can be used for crafting?
    1 lead per 1 plate to get 1 containment plate is really cheap,too. 4 lead is a bit more fair.

    Another is using railcraft steel plates in place of reactor platings, or better - a high efficiency recepie (1 steel plate plus 2 copper plates = 2-3 heat capacity plates)
    Btw how about making your own reactor components?/don't count coolant cells/

    Chromium can be obtained by cooking iron ore with C - that calls for blast furnace, then combining with Al dust (I think it is same blast furnace cooking of ferrum-chromium with Al as fuel)

    Its used for making Nukes.

    I love it as a powersource V_V

    Also the Miner works perfectly as of now.

    ehem..we are making super-expensive cool nearly-endgame stuff here, IC works almost perfectly too.

    It now slowly charges your Armor if you come close to it.

    I love you

    Stll, new 16-uraniumcell item maybe?

    Once I have suggested a solar satellite, don't know where it is now.

    I did that first :|

    Greg, a little question - 16 uranium dust into 1 plutonium, 4 thorium and 16 cells - isnt it a bit too cheap?
    16 uranium can be made into 128 cells..roughly 5 times more..doest quite satisfy. Plutonium is freaking hard to get
    Maybe 16 cell per itemslot?:o I dont even know, how it is called in English lol
    But that would satisfy my power-hungry needs, probably :D
    Another thing is better ore scanner (tier 3 like) that can show ores in bigger space (maybe 5x5 chunks) and a miner upgrade that would let to scan ores in 10 block radius.
    Iridium rockcutter, which is iron-diamond speed, but takes 1k per block mined.
    Another is Iridium armor, which is iron-diamond-like in density, but unbreakable and w\o any bonuses.

    Actually, I wanted to share some of my thoughts: we finished nuclear and fusion energy generation (only new additions to nukegen itself can be possible or new components, lol), added really cool stuff and..
    What to do now?
    I thought, that we can go into chemistry or we could build some really strange things. I had thoughts about making a flying windmills and you already heard about my sattelite idea. A new personal dimension, random planets.. but I doubt you'd be working with dimensionalapi anytimesoon =\

    omfg, I found a way to get more plutonium - UUM xD

    Greg, I ve seen a mffs mod and had some ideas:
    first is compressing scrapboxes into scrapblock, like a really big box of scrap which is worth alot in massfab.
    the other is compact scrap cell, which is like compact forcicium cell, but for scrapblocks. I love the idea because even scrapboxes in massfab are not enough and EV eats all that scrapboxes in several mins
    diamond drill upgrades - overclocker will increase speed and after some point drill will start mining 3x3
    forcicium macerating recepie would be nice too.

    The other thing is something.. maybe space like tech. How about a personal satellite?

    No it isnt. You know that IC² has a secret Glowstoerecipe? In theory you would get 4 Golddust per single piece of Glowstonedust!!! But i nerfed the reversevariant massively, so its not OP at all.

    Its more of a rarity issue. 1 glowstone vein is like several stacks of glowstone dust. There are tons of glowstone veins, which are really easy to find. Gold ores are pretty much close to diamond ores in rarity.
    ofc I know about that secret recepie. But it would be wrong to chose it as basics, this recepie main purpose is to get you glowstone BEFORE nether, actually to get ore value scanner (I think so, because with this you get diamonds really fast and forget about this recepie). when you can go to nether, glowstone > 8 gold becomes really overpowered, as gold rarity didnt go down. But thats what I think, maybe I am wrong.

    Greg, there is a bug with undestructable hazmat + I have 5k durable rubber boots. Fix it *no dont ever fix it!1*
    btw 3 diamonds is a bit too much for a macerator. not all diamond veins have 3 diamonds =|
    another thing is that current industrial centrifuge lava recepie is..50 mins? cmon, make it go 2times faster for 4times energy
    glowstone dust > gold dust is a bit op, really.

    I thought that He cells can be used with hazmat to make you quickly get to surface, single use, probably. Or in an underwater jetpack-like thing

    The only thing to change is effect - hunger + poison = (new name)
    The other funny thing to add is a local snowfall with radioactive snow. Dunno if it is possible, buuut could be fun. It would kill nukes as a mining tool completely

    Most people play modpacks. Most people play IC + forestry.
    No single living playing person would make IC bronze, which is twice as expensive as Forestry bronze, but complete idiot. So we better balance things to 4 bronze dusts to make up for ingot recepie.

    Found ~ dungeons and it seems, that IC2 loot has lowest priority -first is vanilla, then metallurgy ingots, than Greg stuff, than railcraft\forestry and if there is any chance, game adds IC2 loot. It looks like 1-4 vanilla items, 1-3 Metallurgy, 1-2 Greg items, 0-2 railcraft and 0-2 forestry thing and 0-1 (low chance) to get IC2 loot.
    I dunno how it is explained, just stated my observations.

    Generally people have simular ideas - bugs and fails are SO annoying, that people made themselves forget about IC being not opensource and IC development being strictly controlled.
    IF so many people forgot about natural limits, it is worth to try to let them HELP. I don't mean turning IC into BC-style, but probably extension of dev team. Community consists of 90% of non-coders. Just let 10% help you.

    I think, that water - usage should be added. In any way, for faster cooling, for more interesting setups, for ANYTHING - water should be present. Yes - devs have a shitton of work. Later, yes - in a new way - yes, innovative - yes.