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    You have to implement forge dictionary for gregtech thorium and yours to coexist, same goes to making components - couldn't make a depleted isotope cell with RP ingots
    some bugs - like heat bus storage module has a cap. of 12000, while it should have 120000

    Greg, a suggestion:
    A Sprayer, which will make stone and dirt.
    A tool which will be charged with its own pellets or liquids maybe which would work in the same way as vanilla IC sprayer, but making dirt and stone sprays, when hardened.
    Useful for filling THESE DAMN CREEPER HOLES and filling up tunnels\fast building making

    And you are SURE the Batbox doesnt eat too much EU? I know the Electrolyzer works properly as in my Legit World I have a Chemical Reactor, a Centrifuge and an Electrolyzer running on the same Line with some other Machines (MFE+LVT), and I never got that Message, even when all 3 were running at once. IN ADDITION I have to say, that the LV-Transformer on the Golden Cable can happen to make a Packet run 2 times through the same Gold Cable, what creates an effective 127EU/t with your MFE.

    Sure 100%, I wasn't using machines at that time. This happens when you run out of energy (get the insufficient power message) than try to dump power into it again. And it doesnt happen always (dont't know why)
    I already had this thing in SMP a long time ago.

    By the way, there is another thing - if internal buffer is empty and you have operation in progress - then when you try to dump full 128 EU\t into electrolyzer, it tries to BOTH fill the buffer AND continue the operation. I think, that it should do 1 thing at a time, like filling the buffer and then continuing.
    It is easily seen when you connect it to power, machine eats 128 eu\t while it current operation takes maybe 50 eu\t only

    Hi Greg, there is a thing about ind. electrolyzer: I was using it then run out of energy. I disconnected the cable till I refilled my energy supply (full MFE), then I connected the cable back. electrolyzer ate entire MFE, while I had consistent "insufficient energy line" thing. Please check that

    I know about the config options, but really - when I create modpack the last problem I usually encounter is WHICH FRIGGIN MOD DID ADD THIS GODDAMN ORE I THOUGHT I DISABLED THEM ALL.
    you know, only metallurgy has COLORED ore name, takes a while to remember all ore adding mods

    Thanks, I ll proceed to forge forum.

    Idea is not so hard. When ore generating mods (like forestry) are present, IC either prevents them from generating their ore dictionary ores, which IC has(like tin and copper) or stops itself from generating its own ore \unless specified\. Quite useful feature and it would take just several lines of code.

    Greg, I wrote this some tima ago, but didnt recieve your response:

    it's a real question: how many EU does consume a miner with DD + OV scanner before it finish ?)

    It depends on height of mining. I have BWG3 installed, so my normal height is altered from 64 to 70-75. it takes A BIT MORE THAN LAPOTRON (like 50-100k more maybe) - but last levels have most precious stuff.
    And why do you think miner with lap is overpowered? If u have problems with energy, just make a huge EV powerline and move miner, transformers and batbox with it..
    lap in miner is a soultion to simplify life - we dont need to hook a bat+LV+MV+HV+MFSU, but if we can afford a charged lapotron, we already have MFSU..where is overpower-thing?

    To think of it, oil is rather rare (not counting deserts lol), you have to run QUITE some time to find it, than to transfer it to your base - it usually IS expensive (with tons of RC rails and such)
    each deposit is (by MY rough estimations) ~~~ 400-600 oil buckets

    even 600 buckets of fuel with rate of 300k per bucket is 180kk know, 4-6 quad uraniums will give even more...
    I know, this is close to being energy-hungry ass, but why would I make this HUGE (and resource-eating) rail infrastructure, if it isnt even close as profitable or even spend any diamonds on world anchor to turn all that oil on the place into fuel and burn it there?
    I assume, that basing of 8-32-300k per biomass\biofuel\fuel, its STILL easier to make 2 cactus farms to get constant supply of biomass ._.
    We have configs now, thanks..but its not thet I want to set things and keep silent, I want to help you with criticism :whistling: