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    By the way, my suggestion might be out of date for newer GT, but still:
    As far as I can see, there is no other way to use IC2 fluid reactors and hot coolant other than vanilla ic2, even with gregtech, as GT has no machine to consume IC2 superheated steam (correct me if im wrong) and to return distilled water back. So, it feels like GT has 1 particular spot uncovered :) I want moar choices for ic2 turbines, other than stacks of steel into nothingless. Maybe better hot coolant > energy

    Greg, I meant hammering of purified dust, not hammering raw ore blocks. Hammering PD gives 1 purified=1dust, and thats 2 dusts per ore block and so I wondered, why the hell would I need that machine, if it doesnt give any reliable x1.2-x1.5 bonus and that I can get a dust per PD without having to waste tons of energy aaand time by that high-tech anvil-thrower in the corner.
    So I see, its benefit is,as I see it now, to get SOME items and not their dusts. Not sure how it works in GTv5 compared to GTv6, but compared to simply hammering, where I get only dusts, I might get raw materials, which is SOMETIMES more important than dusts, like for thouse thaumcraft crystals, nether quarts, diamonds, etc. Correct me if Im wrong.

    Hi everybody. I play v5 port of GT, but I have a question about GT machines, so I think its appropriate to ask here.
    First, a sifter machine. I used it for a while and I dont see any benefits from it. from 6 possible variants of output, can it get multiple ouputs per 1 item or not, is it limited to single input item = single output item?
    Isnt it a bit unfair anyways, that it gives 1 dust with 50% and after that the next "best" thing with 40% is JUST 1\4 of a dust, 20% for JUST half and a second chance to get a dust is again only with 15%. basically it means that you get 1 dust per input in 40%+15% chance. Most of the time I seem to get dust+1\4 or 1\2 from a single item and I kinda cant see the benefits of this machine, as it takes alot of time for a single process and its results are not some macerator\ore washer type. It should give SOME bonus on AVERAGE, but I "sifted" several stacks of purified ruby dust and struggled to have any increase - plain hammering with 1:1 seemed better. If you would explain what this machine is best used for, I would be grateful.
    Second - I have a centrifuge working with redstone. Centrifuge has 1 output slot, so it can output either items or liquids. Can you tell me the best way to extract both solid and liquid stuff? Preferably with gregtech only. Can I do second output slot or something?
    Thanks in adv

    Just updated from 1.6.4 to 1.7.10 and tried most recent Gregtech. First impressions - ~60 additional pages in nei, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? 3 pages of ores lol?
    Srsly, I have no idea how to tolerate these 60 pages in NEI, and turning off these toolparts one by one is just ****** annoying, any good suggestions on that?
    Other thing is, how the hell to play this? Any normal wiki? Those in OP are lame. No youtube please

    just tried 2.0smth

    DA HELL IS THAT??? MFE is 4kk MFSU is 40kk and tier up? whats with that amount of.. rods? Lithium etc? uranium 235+238? what the heell? *just excited*
    I got a feeling, that we will be buiding 50x50x40 reactors soon :D (there is such a mod)
    still, waaay too many new stuff
    Greg same thing to you, I updated to 162 and my head popped :pinch: *smb plz update wikis'*

    Can smb give a brief explanation on what are new things and how to use them? at least ore washer is familular..

    Hi, everybody. Greg, how about some LIQUID DIRT???
    and a new construction foam, kind of normal, blast resistant material (I mean, which is more explosion-proof)

    btw anybody nows where to find some adequate tuts? because my head wants to pop from all that information =\

    and another thing.. GREG MAKE YOUR OWN REACTOR :C (and more components) the other thing is, maybe it was fixed, as I m on 1 5 2, but I dont have the way to take out upgrades, which sucks

    Hi there, Greg and Co

    I had a thought, when I was trying to understant your item-moving stuff

    How about same with liquids? It sounds like pipes, but i mean MARE CAMPACT stuff. For example, I cound use a system, where I could use both item and liquid transporting function through the same line. Or several liquids through same line when I can't afford to run a second pipeline, etc

    Another idea is to use heated coolant cells for some stuff:
    first, these coolant cells can give its heat to something. first idea is.. super high-pressure water gun 8o charged with heat and water, one shot-killing almost everybody, except people with armor - could be nice. Basically, its a long shot laser thing, which doesnt break blocks
    second, using its heat to boil water in industrial boiler (and cooling itself, as a result)
    third - using its heat, we can make a special diving suite, for super-fast underwater swimming

    I'm done for now :D

    Carbon Dioxide Reactor

    It takes CO2 from the air and electrolyzes the Carbon, compressing it into charcoal. Oxygen is released into the air or compacted into cells (given empty cells to the machine).
    Energy required would be about 12000 EU per piece of charcoal

    getting something from air cant be giving profit from just burning, remember?

    About fusion reactors - there are STILL issues with containing that ridiculous heat and the other thing - getting SOME profit from fusion

    before that - thorium is good enough =\ btw nuclear energy is the most clear powersource even compared to solars as solars require some "eco-dirty" stuff (don't know what actually is)
    well, current, wind and earth heat are better.. but they are ridiculous to mass produce

    btw thx for that half life 3 joke :DD

    maan, it would be good to tweak some numbers and it would have become quite nice. faq the grama. :thumbdown:
    btw reenriching can be done only with 4 ingots, which means 1\4 the efficiency of reenriching

    and I had a reactor with 200k+ heat.