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    I currently use this in my power plant with 20 water mills. It works like a champ. The only thing I had a problem with was I tried to have buckets come out of the filter and then drop down one block into the water mills. After moving evertything around to have the pipes all on one level it worked great. No real wory about looks as it's like the redheaded stepchild of my powerplant. Just slap it and close the door.

    Someone has already made a network communication program. I believe it is a parallel communications connection to two computers. I would imagine it wouldnt be too awfuly hard. Here is the minecraft forum thread where its located: Forum thread. I would imagine if you start one computer though and have it wait for an incoming signal then have it react.

    Try this:

    If redstone.getInput(side) then
        print("Signal got!")

    Heres one of mine for my unfinished factory.

    Mine is messy as well, but eh, order out of chaos. I also plan on using it for my forestry section. This code will HAVE to be cleaned up once it's done. I think I am going to make this the base program eventually and make it call other programs depending on which section of the factory I want to work with.
    Edit: Program is very unfinished as well.

    Here's a tip, if you want to use bundled cables its easy. Use this command with the list of color numbers (listed below).
    redstone.setBundledOutput("back", "1", true)
    I used 1 as an example. It would turn on something connected to a white cable. Here is the list of colors.
    White: 1
    orange: 2
    magenta: 4
    light blue: 8
    yellow: 16
    lime: 32
    pink: 64
    grey: 128
    lightgrey: 256
    cyan: 512
    purple: 1024
    blue: 2048
    brown: 4096
    green: 8192
    red: 16384
    black: 32768

    Are these multiple programs? Or did you build this all into one? I would be interested to see your script if you care to share it.

    I have started using it with my powerplant. It works like a champ. I believe you have four output sides with it (Not sure of the top or face has a redstone output. But so far I love it. And if you know at least a little BASIC, then lua is a snap to use. Anything you want to do with redpower, this mod gives you a central command point for it, rather than a wall full of switches.

    Ive added that mod, and I just added ligistick pipes (BC addon) You know of a good guide for begginers? I have only created BASIC scripts with batch files...

    Well, I don't know too much about LUA. There are a bunch of files HERE to give you an idea on how it works. Which is what ive been doing. There are enormous capabilities with this.. I even saw one program that created a network between other computers using lua.

    Reactor ---> 3 Way Detector ---> Storage ---> Machines

    At any given time I will have only a couple machines running or my entire processing factory. You could also wire something like that to initiate another array of generators with an MFSU as a choke point you have cut off with redstone. Once you hit the next level of output, it activates another redstone output and reverses the signal at the MFSU, turning on more generators.