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    Heya Greg! Love the Mod! Makes the server take actual effort to get things, instead of everyone running around in quantum by the end of the week...

    Quick request... any chance you might be willing to make the Quantum Safes harder to break than a piece of dirt? Sucks when you have 7 million items in a chest, and suddenly, they no longer exsist. Maybe have it take as long as a piece of reinforced glass. Was thinking it might be nice to have it act like the personal safe and require a wrench and be empty, but depending on how much is in it, that could be difficult, lol.

    Had one other question... is there any chance there might be a config added for the EU consumption of the Jackhamer? I was working on a display piece in one of my mystcraft worlds where I was mining everything away except for the ores so some o fthe newer players can see how ore generation looks and was totally excited when I saw this get added. Excitement was crushed a little when I learned that it only mines trash blocks, but takes so much more power per block than a regular diamond drill...

    And it fine, you should run lot of quarries to get quantintum chest.

    I have to agree with everything mistaqur has been saying... infinate liquid storage would just feel a bit... cheap...

    Iron tanks from RC are nice, as they not only look nice, but take up reasonable space. Only reason I totally agree with the Quantum Chests on the other hand, is having a central place to put throw-away stuff is nice. Super valuable fuel on the other hand should have effort involved with it.

    One of my server members brought up an issue with the Industrial Electrolyzer. He puts water cells in there, starts processing, goes back to it a few minutes later, and it's not done with the stack, instead the progress arrow is stuck and the machine is pulling high amounts of power from the MFSU he keeps power stored in. Had him make a dedicated line for the machine only, and it still glitches out, not finishing the cell it's processing, and just keeps eating power until the power is all gone, or the machine is dismounted.

    Using Forge 395, MC 1.4.5, IC2 1.09 build 133lf, and Gregtech Mod version (let me go open the freakin file, extract the info file and find out... kind of obnoxious as hell it's the only mod that DOESN'T outright state its version...) 2.50C.

    Can PM ya a copy of a link to a dropbox copy of the server's current client ifin you'd like.

    Edit: Was unable to get the issue to happen in SSP testing, but happens every time in SMP after approx a stack of water cells... very wierd.

    Also, love the hell out of the mod. Any chance you might make another tier up of EU storage, maybe has items in it that take upwards of a week to process a single part... (love super end game stuffs, haha)

    Absolutly love this addon, it's epic as hell, but seriously? Why is there no information in the main post, or following post telling us what each of the blocks do, and how to use em? Most updated thing I saw was the video from Direwolf20, which was totally epic, but the security setup is different from what he showed in the vid.

    Got a wiki hiding somewhere? Would be damned handy, haha.

    Besides all that, keep up the awesome work man!

    Oh, before I forget, any chance you might be willing to add in an option to have the mob kill upgrade kill non-aggressive mobs as well? The Turtles from Mo Creatures have been annoying me, and I was totally hoping when I threw the on switch every one of them were going to fry, lol.

    Just curious, not sure if I'm doing things right, but when the Thermal Monitor gets tripped, is it only supposed to send the redstone signal down? I was under the impression it applied it directly to the reactor chamber it was attached to and stopped the reactor.

    I can make it work like this of of corse, just curious if that's normal..

    Using IC2 1.97 and addon version 1.1.9b.

    I tried doing MCPC, it's not IC2's fault. MCPC tried to kill the server I run... was lagging horribly, and even after rebooting the server (stopping, running again) it went right back to being borked. I went back to a previous copy of the world (backed up thankfully) and haven't had a single problem.

    I tried converting the world files over that MCPC was using, but when they got into the vanilla server, the same problem arose. So, it's something frakkin terrible happend because of either Bukkit or MCPC.

    Also, post this kind of stuff on MCPC's forum... IC2 is only IC2. They have nothing to do with Bukkit ports to begin with, lol.

    Kinda running into a brick wall trying to figure this out without asking for help. I understand that this may possibly not be an IC2 specific issue, my guess is either it's a problem with Forge (which the makers of Forge say it's not) or it might just be Mac's stupid special copy of Java they force Mac users to use, but anything would help. Poor guy really wants to play on the server again, lol.

    I was tryinng to help one of my server players get his client set up on his Mac (*shudders and goes to wash hands some more*) and both IC2v1.97 and the Trains & Zepplins mod are absolutly refusing to load with everything else. We went through and did mod by mod elimination, everything else works, and the exact same set of mods work perfectly fine on PC, but when done on the Mac, it refuses to load. Won't get past the Mojang screen.

    Using IC2v1.97 with Forge, combination works perfectly on PC, but on Mac, it refuses to work at all.