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    Just had my first windmill break. Normally not a huge deal, but it turned into a generator with a few... interesting properties:

    * Generator is burning, as if it were generating power
    * The "fuel" seems to be the same as the first item in your inventory. Attempting to take it out causes all sorts of inventory glitches (like how furnaces were hosed in 1.337 due to having the wrong GUI ID)
    * I can't take the generator down; right-clicking with a wrench makes the wrench sound, but just opens the GUI.

    Not a critical bug, but annoying. 100% legit, stock server. I can provide screenshots / saved world if necessary.

    Okay, so they DON'T need to be on the output face. That actually makes them usable. I just built one to test.

    It also does seem to discharge just fine into an MFE. I just changed the wiki page to reflect this.

    Thanks for the confirmations.

    I've been doing some reading on the wiki and Electrolyzers seem like a decent idea to increase the capacity of enery storage, but are they actually useful in practice? They're not e-net blocks, so you can't hook cables to them (can you? I tried this in the past and I got nothing in or out of the block). They require at least an MFE to function and the output is tied up pointing at the Electrolyzer, so you can't use the MFE for anything else. I suppose you could move the cells from a "source" MFE/MFS to another Electrolyzer hanging off another MFE... but at that point, why deal with the loss (just use Energy Crystals instead and get ~6x the power per run)?

    There's got to be a reason for them to exist, but I'm not seeing it. What am I not seeing?

    Thanks for the suggestions. Turns out it WAS the redstone that was the problem... having the torches on top of each other was apparently shorting something out. I moved the top torch ot the other side and it works great now.

    I freaking HATE redstone. :P

    I'm trying to get power down from a wind farm at the top of the map down someplace where I can use it. I figured I'd upconvert it to EV, send that the 50-60 blocks I need to go, then drop it to HV and dump it in a MFSU. Pretty typical, right?

    Well, it's not working, and I feel like an idiot. Please tell me I'm overlooking something simple...

    Here's the power generation spot; the top is an MFE, then a MV transformer to up it to HV, then a HV transformer to go to EV. All the output faces are pointing down.

    Here's a better shot for the redstone. I'm assuming the block is getting current, as it's pointing at the transformers and activated.

    Here's the other end of the cable. The triple-dotted side of the transformer is pointing towards the trunk cable (to the right), and it should just be dumping to the MFSU.

    I've checked the orientations at least a dozen times now, gone over it with a fine-toothed comb, and I just don't see anything wrong. The total horizontal run is maybe 12-15 blocks, so it's not like I'm trying to pass power to an unloaded chunk or anything. The MFE is currently full, so even if redstone were hitting it somehow, it should still be putting out power. Anyone have any other things to check?

    If I can't get this working, I'll just have to wait until I have enough diamonds / coal to make a ton of glass cable and just run HV down. Would like to avoid doing that for now, but lacking any better (i.e. working) options...