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    Not really a guide, buthere you go

    I agree, the whole how to setup part is not too comprehensive. I advice to use the planner to teach yourself the basics (at least that's what I have done)
    Taking a look to the list of good reactors can also help.

    In a nutshell: All cooling comes from within the reactor. Cells produce heat depending on how often they pulse (by having neighbouring cells or reflectors), and try to donate the heat to adjacent components. if they can't, the heat goes to the reactor hull.

    Virtually all other components try to redistribute the heat and to dissipate them.

    Heat exchangers primarily transfer heat around. there are four kinds, all with small differences in how much heat they switch and such.
    Heat vents are cooling parts. they dissipate every tick a certain amount of heat. again, some are more useful than others and all have their speciality.
    Condensators are basically single use coolants. they always have to be replaced after use (and are in that way a very very expensive option)
    Coolant cells are more or less batteries for heat. they merely store the heat.
    Plating just increases the Max heat level and decrease the explosion force in case of a meltdown.

    For more detailed information on every item, see the wiki


    your best bet is probably to read the guide again, then experiment with the planner. basically, a kk is one million (k = 1000) and cells output different amount of EU depending on type (single/duel/quad) and position. again, this is something the planner tells you.

    Just play around with the planner and keep in mind:
    The amount of EU/cell can be seen (efficiency * 1kk eu)
    Grayed out components are not used and can safely be removed (stating that they are not needed/ wrongly placed IN THAT PARTICULAR DESIGN)
    Yellow components are either not cooling at their most efficient OR the planner assumes they are being replaced during a run
    Red components basically are screwed up; they melt in the design.

    not sure if this is what you want, butthis may be suitable? It's only eff A, so it might be on the low side. It is the design I use on my survival map, might not be the best but it is quite nice. I let it run for 2m30s, cooldown is 5, about 1.1m EU is produced during run. no running cost, and a redpower pipe system can maintain it.


    point I tried to make is, you only need one clay block. the recipe returns two, you use one for the next. so its quite pointless to try "limit" the recipe like that

    "Alternatively, the recipe could be set to also require a block of clay, and then return two blocks"
    So in fairness, you really only need 1 clay block? i'd think you'd suggest coal dust or something else ;p

    But I like the idea. no new blocks, no big impact. +1 :D

    Kudos for this thread. I like this a lot :D you could bottle them in tin (soda) cans using the canning machine. Effects could vary.
    I'd like to see a jumping potion made with a crapton of sugar (capable of making you leap over fences or even two blocks) eventually upgraded with coffee if you think sugar is too common.
    Another one could include a push effect (i'm totally not a programmer, but i think hope it is possible to bind a knockback effect to a person rather than to an item)
    Or the industrial version of a regen potion, based on UU-matter! if :Matter: can become anything, it can become steve!


    List of Thorium Nuclear Reactor Designs

    • Greg's Idiotproof Reactor Design, improved (not by me!). Mk.1-E7, 0 chamber (1 Quad-Cell). Mk.1-E7 2-chamber (2 Quad-Cell). Mk.1-E7 4-chamber (3 Quad-Cells). Mk.1-E7 6-chamber (4 Quad-Cell).
    • Based off HAYO CORP.'s "The Efficient". Version A (4 chamber) (Eff 6.80; With 3 extra slots to cool exhausted components.) Version B (Exactly same as A but without cooling slots.), Version C (5 chamber) (Efficiency 7, 5-chamber; Has slots to cool exhausted components too. Slots indicated by standard plating cools 8 heat/s, heat plating cools 4 heat/s, containment plating slots cool 12 heat/s.) and Version D (Copy of version C without plating).
    • HAYO CORP's DDoS/CSCR, GregTech style. Version A (Thorium/360K, requires refresh of 360K's every 5600 seconds (~93.5 minutes)) and Version B (Plutonium/360K, requires refresh of 360K's every 500 seconds).
    • SSD's designs, posted at Rick's thread. Click me .

    Apart from the fact that most of these designs are high end (iridium reflectors ftw) you might consider swapping them with the regular ones. However, they will have to be replaced several times during a run.

    also, i have seen the opportunity to improve some designs, if you will. i'll post them here.

    2Quad Th core, 7 eff mark 1 (2 chambers) (80ish copper cheaper, 16 tin more expensive)

    3Quad Th core, 7 eff mark 1 (3 chambers)
    (457 copper cheaper, 1 less iridium reflector, 106 less tin, 13 less iron and only 4 gold more)

    EDIT: new 4 quad Thorium cell design. 4quad Th core, 7eff mark1 (6 chambers)
    (±600copper cheaper, 220 tin less, 80 more iron, 6 less gold)

    I have to leave now, i'll look another time for the other reactors


    The OP says no mods other than IC2. GT shouldn't go in there.

    But if Rick allows it, add this design. No need to give me credit, it's an idiotproof design. (Credits actually should go to Greg for inventing the thorium cells in his addon.)

    That is horrible inefficient. throw away a chamber and a good chunk of the reactor vents (which use too much copper imo) and you can make this with a fraction of the cost:

    I like most of this, though not the uranium one. I mean, make a good breeder and you already have eightfolded your precious uranium. Install gregtech and you add thoriumcells, plutoniumcells and maceratable uranium ore.
    I'd like to see an additional recipe for soul sand though. I prefer not going to the nether but for a railcraft blast furnace I have to, and there are no such recipes as of yet :(

    I really think that BuildCraft pipes carrying water should be able to used by the watermill just like the geothermal generator which accepts lava from BuildCraft pipes. This should really be implemented because of how the geothermal generator is able to do this.

    As soon as watersources behave like lava, as in no infinite water.

    as for the compactsolars, I had an error aswell. make sure you use a recent forge build (the recommended one is NOT sufficient for compactsolars, for example. you need at least build .263 I believe.)

    as for the other two addons, seeing as you have the same crash I think you're using an old forge...

    Hope this helps

    Edit: whilst looking at the log, I notice you use a very new forge. Now I blame optifine ;P

    Hehe, I like the idea a lot ^^

    sadly, I think the chance of actually seeing this happen is slim. you'd need a few new items which serve only one use (the collider) plus Block ID's AND it'd be a multiblock machine.
    If I recall correctly Al the dragon dislikes everything that has but one use. Unless these "coils" would be used in other recipes *cough* tesla * cough* I don't think it to become real.

    Also, I remember a discussion where Alblaka explained why he is not a big fan of multiblock machines (something about them being slightly laggier than normal one-block machines I believe). Long story short, other than the nuclear reactor I don't think we'll see anything like that :/


    Fun idea, but don't fix what is not broken