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    as far as my experimenting goes, pneumatic tubes behave like bc piping -> top = input, side = output

    as for sending items in, use retrievers somewhere in the pipeline (doesnt matter where) with the item you want.
    if your system has multple intersections, it might be wise to place a sorting machine in, aswell, so you can use paint to further direct certain items. A relay can be used to empty inventories.

    be aware though, retrievers and sorting machines need both a redstone pulse as a blutricity source.

    hope this helps you :)

    I don't really see the point in a reactorpack. My lappack provides me with (literal) days of mining happily and no way my lappack is empty before I run out of space.
    In the case of a mining laser, i suspect 128eu/t will provide you with a longer lasting time than a lappack but then again, your inventory space will run out rather soon.

    Also, why do you start from a T4 genpack? Wouldn't it be more logical if you start from a lower tier? (as in generator + 2 leather = genpackT1)
    And you might be wanting to change the recipes, the general rule here is that no new item construction items or resources are implemented unless it has a ton of uses.

    You make 3 new items for only 1 in-game useful item. Depleted uranium ingot, uran-triferrite, peltier unit...
    I think this best gets some rework. (and you might take a look at the archieves just in case something like this already got denied, saves you a headache later)

    I like depleted uranium ingots though, they make excellent armour penetrating bullets

    Chunkloaders, anyone? Or are they forbidden?

    There is nowhere said that you *can't* use them :D

    on a sidenote - its doesnt really matter anymore. tested my intergalactic space vessels mining abilities with industrial tnt and transposers. It worked, Yay!

    then I came upon a testificate village and decided to drop a nuke. Hovering 50 blocks above ground soil-to-bottom I discovered that Alblaka's nuke® is either way to realistic or that Eloraams frames are less blast resistant than I would've thought.

    After returning to my death point I collected what was left of my ship. 17 solars, 3 pieces of bundled cable, 1-2 pieces of every color insulated wool, a machine block and 30 frames 8|

    For those who want to use chickenbones' version of wireless redstone on their ship : DON'T

    Currently activating a frame platform on which both a Wr reciever and signaller that are linked and activated results in a saving chunks... after restart your frame (aka ship) is torn apart. :cursing:

    There seems no problem in linking it to the ground and then through another wr system back to your ship, though.

    Edit: typo's :$