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    hello guys,

    today i made an little experiment.. i needed to power an mass fabricator installation, so i needed serious juice.

    with this problem i made an quadriple generator setup, no not 4 chambers.. 4 NUCLEAR PLANTS.
    i had them running for 2,5 hours straight now without any signs of overheating. just an stable temperature and massive juice :)

    here is the design for the reactors (can be compacted)

    the reactors are constantly switchet on and off by an sequenser, the patern i set it all up was an giant +

    it was pretty expensive to set up but it does deliver an constant heavy juice for my factory

    Hello people,

    first of all marry christmas to all.

    second, i wish to go into constructing of an massive 1500 EU/T reactor, using automatic bucket fillers and all the necesary things.

    but actualy, i have NO clue of where to start... anybody have some hints for me? i wil post my finished design for the reactor

    i agree that the bucket might be something that isnt right, but even without it runs throu 1 full cycle before needing to cool down.

    anyway, the single eff cell is indeed an lowering of total eff, il try to tweek the design just an litle more, stand by for results

    edit, i totaly agree with the new setup, however. my origonal build has the option to add just one more cell to give an extra kick. if needed.

    however it comes to the price of cooldown time

    hello guys,

    spend some time to create an powerfull mark 2 with high efficienty.

    well, after some painfull meltdowns while testing an few of these in the field, i came up with one verry nice (BUT EXPENSIVE) design. this is an fully expanded 6 chamber reactor.

    reactor chamber components.

    uranium 6
    cool cells 23
    heat dispensers 24
    water buckets 1

    small note: this reactor MUST be fully serounded with water or you WIL get an meltdown if left unatended.

    Active EU/T 140
    Effective EU/T 104,19
    Total EU 28 000 000

    max cycles 2
    note: if you want to run 2 cycles the bucket of water is an must have. without you wil have to let it cool for 137 minutes. with it is 57 minutes.

    good luck with this baby.


    attempted to create an moderate reactor some time ago, an mark II-5ED

    capable of running 5 cycles at 1,8 efficiency
    5 uranium cells.

    wel, i can do all the math or share the design.. here you go.

    if you know an simple improvement dont hesitate to tell me ;)

    added an new reactor with an 2,20 efficienty that puts out 110 EU/t
    this is an mark II 3 EC