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    I'm using this reactor design:

    I'm allowing it to run for 15 seconds, cooling it down inactive for 7 minutes, well within my time frame. My old reactor outputted significantly less EU/t than this one and I left the glass fiber cabling attached to it and let it run for one cycle (15 seconds) :!: Danger!. According to the EU meter i was getting ~640 EU/t on glass fiber cables. Also I thought I read somewhere that reactor output ticks were capped somehow, does this still apply or am I reading too much and remembering too little?

    According to the wiki this should not be allowed and it should break them @ above 512 (i'm glad it didn't)

    Question 1: Is this one of those "combined" EU packets and not single pulse situations?

    If not:
    Question 2: How do i get the output of my reactor to storage safely?

    Ideally I would use a HV transformer and take it down to 512 Eu/t then input that into a MFS. I just sadly don't know how transformers work that well, do they save the excess energy inside while they are dormant. I would hate to lose all that power because of the cycling effect of my reactor.

    Thanks gents!

    So i pieced together a 6 chamber reactor. The chamber itself is a 3x3x3 cube with the reactor chamber extensions filling in the plus sign space. According to the math that leaves me with 20 spaces of "free" area to allow for lava/water. So my question is does the water/lava have to be a complete cube or can it be the entrance flowing animation to be counted. I can hold space in that area and there is still a very very small pocket of air.


    Hello, IC^2 noob here, just started yesterday:
    According to the wiki tin cables are only allowed to pass 5 EU/t. i have 5 solar panel flowers all with tin cables transferring to a single tin cable that goes down to my array of EU storage devices.

    EU-reader (which i read is currently bugged...) states on the output of the solar panels is 5 EU/t (5 panels) but the combined cable is 25 EU/t.

    Question: aren't the cables suppose to melt if above rated capacity? If this is per design, can the wiki be changed by someone in the know?