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    How to change the language of IC2? I would like to change it to portuguese. Minecraft is already set to portuguese, but the mod stays in english (item names, etc).

    Thank you.

    Acabei de fazer a tradução completa do IC2 Exp para Português de Portugal a partir do ficheiro de língua en_US do IC2 v2.2.810 Exp.
    O ficheiro traduzido está anexado.


    I just finnished the full IC2 Exp. translation IC2 Exp to Portuguese-Portugal from the en_US language file from IC2 v2.2.810 Exp.
    The translated file is attached.


    • pt_PT.rar

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    en_US. en_GB should be quite close but it's probably missing the new ones as I've not updated it that recently.

    so how can I find all with the new ones? You updated recently, but when? I need a lang file with all resource ids and in english

    I 've used all faces and clicked all buttons, saw several tutorials but does not help. I changed the recipe for the old diamond drill

    I just saw that in your image your Electric Kinetic Generator needed to be

    faced to the Turning Table:

    And then you will be able to work in the Turning table ^ ^´

    Your image: The circle in the Electric Kinetic Generator need to be conected with the turning table

    It will have a clone. Something like NEI has been around too long and had too many users to die. The same way TMI's interface was kept for NEI purely because people recognised how to use it.

    I prefer using TooManyItems for 1.7 instead of NEI and the most recent TMI for 1.8 is also bad (for me, I don't like this). But only NEI can show recipes instead of cheating when clicking in the items...

    MinecraftNotch = MinecraftSquid !

    Sim e eu tenho de refazer a tradução, pois esse ficheiro não tinha o ID de todos os items e recursos. Eu mais tarde, quando tiver mais tempo vou pegar no EN_us, um ficheiro completo e traduzir tudo desde o início...
    Esse que coloquei era do IC2 Experimental... Mais tarde vejo também o IC2 Classic.

    You should NEVER use a website other than Curse, the MC forums or the mod's website to get a mod from. These websites just make money out of the mods without giving the modders any of it or giving proper credits, most of the times, they don't even credit the mod authors properly. Curse does the same, but that's a different story.
    To find new mods, you can use this or similar.

    Really it seems to be a nice site (with no images in the list but Ok) I will try to use this instead. Thanks!

    Benur the site you linked for those mods is one to avoid according to…tealing-minecraft-content
    However, I haven't seen that overlap happen for me - maybe it's because I have NEI Addons and NEI Integration as well, but for me, the items get out of the way of the side GUI when I expand it.

    I like using 9minecraft because it has new mods all days and there I can find nice mods to install, and then I use his links to download. But sometimes his mods are really bad and bugged sometimes, so I search in Google for the official site. I'm now posting and chatting in this website because I saw some bugs in IC2 from 9minecraft by a long time and then I commented there the bug as you can see here:

    Then I thought better and decided to search for the official website of IC2 and I finded it here :D and Really IC2 is THE BETTER HERE (it's normal in the official site...).

    I had a crash report and I reported it here and now I'm waiting for time to try to translate IC2 to Portuguese-Portugal :!: :D

    So, my intention in use 9minecraft is for find a list with lots of mods and how I can install them (there almost all mods are compatible to Forge). Other sites may also be useful but.. I dont know, it's like using Google instead of Bing or others... less adds...
    :Recycler: <--- lol :thumbsup:

    It is for him apparently, an in-game wiki would be indeed useful, perhaps one that is up to date to the current version only. An in-game crafting guide isn't that necessary since NEI already has that and much more, so NEI is usually a must have even with a separate crafting guide mod.

    I use CraftGuide mod instead of NEI a bit because I'm more accustomed in using TooManyItems instead. I know that NEI is not all cheat, but I don't know how to use NEI, it needs another mod (core) and it may interfer with some BuildCraft things like: