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    Now that's the thing that IC2 has been missing since its beginning. :thumbsup:

    Judging from the screenshots, I believe the quarry strips patches of the ground from the top to the bottom, meaning it has to load several chunks at once, right? Have you, perchance, considered implementing the extrautilities quarry mining algorithm (you dig the column all the way down first, then start another column)? This way you would always have to load only one chunk regardless of the mining area size (which you could then increase :D )?
    Also, how about replacing the mined area with a block of your choice (dunno, cobble, gravel, dirt, stone)? Or are you that set on leaving huge holes in the ground? ;)

    Do forgive me for suggesting your quarry to become a copy of the extrautils Ender Quarry, but your mod has a huge advantage over extrautils - it doesn't require installing a set of needless items to get only one machine that does what I want it to do. :thumbup:

    Aww, you log in once a week and miss 40 pages of popcorn-worth drama. ;(

    At ease, self-righteous knights of software etiquette. I can guarantee Greg will ignore every single one of your posts. And, by the way, posting here will only make countless of his legions go after you with the tenacity of Tank the Tortoise. :thumbup: Such is the benefit of having a gang of zealots to back up your claims. 8o

    So, what did Greggy do this time? Crash the game with Tinker's Something installed? Pff, tough luck, better be grateful he didn't format your harddrive while at it. 8)

    In all seriousness, though - that was a dick move and quite hypocritical too. But hey, what did you all expect? :whistling:

    EDIT: Hey, look, my account still hasn't been banned.

    uziga , Omicron, other non-believers
    You're all forgetting one thing. Greg doesn't give rats ass about anything anyone says about the product of his overgrown ego gregtech.
    And any reasonable attempt to discuss anything with him will result with you being blasted away by either him or an army of his believers, mind you. :whistling:

    Below I noted down the decalog of posting in this thread.

    1. greg is thy lord and god.
    2. Thou shalt have no other gods before greg.
    3. Thou shalt worship greg and always agree with him.
    4. Thou shalt not discuss with Greg, for Greg is always right.
    5. Thou shalt remember that it's never a bug - it's always a feature.
    6. Thou shalt not ask for download links; they are hidden behind dozen spoiler tags for a reason that anyone too stupid to find them is definitely not worth playing gregtech.
    7. Thou shalt not install gregtech along technic pack and his varieties.
    8. Thou shall use NEI and not complain about the lack of documentation for gregtech.
    9. Thou shalt play gregtech in SMP only or not complain about waiting an
    eternity for one piece of UUMatter if you're playing SSP.
    10. Thou shall assist greg in insulting anyone breaking any of the commandments.

    There. Just remember those 10 commandments and you should be all right. 8)

    A friendly reminder to all not happy about gregtech recent changes:

    Greg doesn't give a flying fuck about anything anyone says! :thumbsup: His mod is made solely for him - not that he plays it anyway, since he's too busy coding more extremely-useful-stuff-which-no-one-can-live-without (C) in - and he doesn't care about destroying balance of Every-Fucking-Other-Mod (TM) just to suit his own needs.
    So just go crawl back into your cobblestone shacks and dig down with your iron picks, preferably straight into a pool of lava. :thumbup:

    That was sarcasm, by the way, but it pretty accurately portrays Greggy's standpoint in the matter. :whistling:

    With best regards from Karach, trolling since GT 1.6 MinecraftChicken

    P.S. This mod desperately needs silk touch quarry. Luckily, BC is open source, and changing a few lines of code to make its quarry silk touch was not that difficult... 8)

    Which means I am "done" - there is nothing more to do or to build

    Congratulations, you just achieved Creative in Survival. You know you could have just made a creative-type world from the beginning? :whistling:

    Just kidding... :D Though now you can move beyond the 'Mine' portion of the game to the 'Craft' part. It's MineCraft, after all.

    EDIT: Minor typo.

    GregTech is pretty much life-support for IC2 atm.

    This, I have to agree with. More importantly, however, it makes pretty much everything from IC2 (aside from Enet, of course) obsolete.
    But I do agree with hoho here - why invent yet another power system when there are already plenty to choose from already: EU, UE, MJ, whatever the hell redpower uses.

    Kane, I didn't mention anything about balance, just the power net itself. Besides, I don't give a fuck about UE addons, it's like with gregtech - don't like it, don't use it.

    P.S. Who the fuck is Calcavia?

    EDIT: Thank you, Greg, for your detailed answer. Yeah, abandoning IC would definitely require all the work you mentioned.

    Greggy, me boy,

    Have you ever considered ditching EU in favor of... UE? :P
    I'm just curious, since you pretty much made replacements for every IC machine (save for green gens, as far as I know), and I keep hearing IC2 gets buggier with each release. :whistling:

    Now, I wonder if my account will get banned for spewing such heresies... :D

    HV cables aren't all that bad. If you consider the packet size, the relative loss isn't all that great.
    Plus, they totally look badass, taking almost full block, 95% of which is rubber insulation with a thumb-sized iron cable in the middle (at least with sphax textures). Truly a look to behold. :D

    The UUM-Assembler implements IQuantumChest, also it can show the Informations about that on Nuclear Controls Information Panels.

    I asked as a player and got treated as a modder. 8) So it implements IQuantumChest and I suppose I could hack into your code and call the getStoredItemData() method. No biggie. :whistling: But I asked from the player's perspective. There is no (assuming I don't plan on using Nuclear Controls) way *in game* to check how many UUMs are inside the assembler, am I correct? Maybe you could squeeze in a piece of info on the assemblers gui? But there's not much room left (assuming you won't make the gui bigger)... So, maybe a tooltip? You know, hovering the mouse over the uum (or even the GregTech logo, that would be even nicer ^^ ) and it shows you the number of :Matter:.

    Also (but I have to check it with the latest version), I had some troubles making the assembler save the glowstone block recipe in its memory. I have no idea why, whenever I selected the glowstone block, it appeared in the respective recipe slot but disappeared as soon as I closed and reopened the assembler's gui. Haven't had that problem with any other recipe.
    Sorry to bother you if that issue was already fixed, as I said, I haven't checked it with the latest version yet.

    GT, if there's one thing I like very much about your mod, it's the industrial grinder and blast furnace. For their multiblock structure and badass looks. :D Having said that, industrial electrolyzer and industrial centrifuge are single blocks. Any plans on making them a part of some badass multiblock structures so that they're able to work?
    Also, there is no way (as far as I'm concerned) to check how many UUms are in the UUM-assembler. Do you plan on adding (or is there already) any way to check how many uums are inside?

    Obligatory note: sorry if my questions were already answered somewhere in this 150-page monstrosity of a thread. :rolleyes:

    Luckbot : Greg's ores spawn in ExtraBiomes. I quarried ruby from underneath savanna, for example. ;)

    OK, since you tackled this issue anyway, let me ask you something that has been bothering me for a while.
    What gives more power? Burning a bucket of biomass in a forestry generator or burning a bucket of biofuel?
    Before you answer, please look here:
    Mainly this line:


    Converts at a 10:3 Ratio, e.g. For every 3 and a third buckets of biomass it processes you'll recieve 1 bucket of biofuel.

    I tihnk it's something most of the people forget or disregard. But doesn't it effectivelly mean, that burning one bucket of biofuel (32 000 EU) is equivalent to burning 3,3 buckets of biomass (26 400 EU), but at a slightly different EU/t? And that's not counting the costs of powering the stiller. If you power it with biomass engine, you have to count the biomass that gets used by the engine itself, thus effectively increasing the costs of producing the fuel.

    I thought hard about it one day, when I was trying to figure out which would be more efficient to do: dump the biomass straight into the generator or have it pass through the stiller first. And I came to the conclusion that SirSengir most probably made it in such a way, that the total EU gain was the same (considering all the sideway costs of producing biofuel from biomass in the stiller) for both biofuel and biomass; the only thing that's different is the amount of EU per tick you get. :P

    So, care to share what do you think about the whole onversion thing? Even now, I'm still very curious about whether or not what I just said makes any sense. 8)

    OK, I was hesitating if I should drag this discussion along, but I have one question to ask (and then I will be gone):

    Suppose I made a mod that adds some stuff. Suppose I uploaded it here. Suppose I then added some code that, if GregTech was installed along, changed the recipe for fusion reactor to be made of sticks and leaves (a stupid example, I know, but hopefully you get my drift). I, of course, would add an option to a config file to allow users to disable this recipe. But (and here's my question) would you stand indifferent to it? Wouldn't it bothered you at least slightly that someone makes a mod that, by default, completely changes the way your mod plays? I'm just curious.

    Actually, if I know anything about you from 106 pages of this thread, I'm pretty sure you would either check if my hypothetical mod is enabled (and crash Minecraft then MinecraftChicken ) or otherwise block recipe changing. :whistling: I don't doubt you've got the coding skills to do that. 8)

    I hope I won't be regarded as the hate-spreader or flamer (because that's not my intention here). All I ask for is some regard for someone-else's work (Mojang doesn't count, though; they all gave us Minecraft to rape it with mods :P ).

    Kinda late on this whole Soaryn discussion thing, but I agree with the dude. While many mods strive to make a completely new game out of Minecraft, they can usually be installed together for better or worse gameplay experience. There is some competition between some mods (like tubes in RP and pipes in BC, electricity in IC2 and RP), but mostly that doesn't change the way each mod plays by itself. There are even some mods that allow other mods to work together (Transformers to link BC and IC2) or expand on other mods (like many smaller mods made with IC2 or BC in mind). But what Greg does is entirely different.

    Because Greg RAPES the original IC2 recipes by default. There is a config for that, of course, so it's not that big of a problem (for most of us, at least), but I wonder who or what gave Greg the right to decide what is the best way to play IC2. It's actually very kind of him that in his infinite benevolence Greg gave us the mighty config to disable raping IC2 recipes. [See the sarcasm? It's right there... :thumbup: ]

    The UnregisteredGuy brought a very valid point for this discussion before, so I'm not gonna repeat his words. Suffice it to say that I agree with Soaryn and the UnregisteredGuy.

    Hey, Soaryn. Do you, perchance, like apple pies? And I mean much? 8)

    It's anything but simple. MODception on the fourth level of depth. :thumbsup:
    Would anyone also want to write an industrial quarry? Or do I have to do it myself? 8o Then again, once mistaqur will have coded his miner, what would be the point of having the device that literally rapes and destroys biomes? :pinch:

    Not nice, Greg. :thumbdown:
    You receive a well-thought-out critique of a few aspects of your mod, that Almanorek must have put some effort to think through and write down, and you come off sounding as "GTFO, you don't have to play in my sandbox".
    While I respect the fact that you put a lot of work into this mod, that it isn't even completed yet, and that you (obviously) don't force anyone to play it, acting like a jerk is always frown upon, you know.