[64x] OutlandCraft - IC, RP, CC [WIP]

  • Exclusively made for the OutlandCraft server!

    New highlights:
    RedPower Solar Panel

    RedPower Grate

    RedPower Batbox

    build 30 [2012-12-30]
    - Relay
    - Buffer
    - Grate
    - Smooth stone
    - RedPower solar panel
    - Timer
    - Deployer
    - Block breaker
    - Frame motor
    - RP Battery box

    - Old cobblestone texture is gravel now
    - Pixel artifacts on pumpkin stem

    Temporary borrowed from IndustrialRage pack:
    - Cobblestone
    - Mossy stone
    - Pumpkin

    Guide to optional features


    Placeholder textures: Bladecraft and the industrial rage community pack
    Contributors: crazylady77, allbad

  • I registered to these forms just to say that this texture pack looks amazing. I have been looking for a sciency/lab looking pack for what seems like ages. This could finally be the one!

  • That is certainly a big motivation to upload stuff.
    I've been unable to do much lately due to a lot of stuff going on RL, but I'll try to get as much done as possible soon.

    So some more screenshot stuff, before I finish the whole block_0.png spritesheet

  • Very sorry for not updating for a long time. Life's been really demanding lately, but this pack will get finished sooner or later.

    Checked the rights on some texturepacks and bladecraft remixes seem to be allowed, and the industrial rage is as far as I've learned community-built.
    So I'll just go ahead and post the texturepack with placeholders now. If I can find nice RedPower placeholder textures, they're going into the pack right away.

    The entire screenshots gallery can now be found here to lessen the workload:

    Some of the new additions:
    Iron fence

    iTNT, Nuke

    Mossy cobble

    Reinforced stone

    Reinforced door

    Fluid pipes

  • Bloody brilliant stuff, this is the only higher-than-32x texture pack I've seen and actually liked. Only gripes I have is that some of the nature textures (Regular and Pine trees, some ores f.e.) don't mesh as well, but I don't know if you're drawing from a premade stock or actually doing the vanilla textures. Either way, much appreciated.

  • The wood I'm okay with for now. I completely agree with the ores though. It's a real pain to make them flush, realistic and repeating in a nice pattern.
    For the sake of getting the pack done I've settled with committing and refining them later. Well, unless something proves to be a real eyesore.
    Thanks for the feedback.

  • New update!
    Very RedPower heavvy this time, since the server's kinda been drifting to that direction with all the frame and forth stuff going on.
    When that's done the next textures will be the IC machines.

    build 22 [2012-07-21]
    Contribution by crazylady77:
    - CC Floppy Disk Drive
    - CC Floppy Disk
    - Custom font based on pure bd-craft 128 bit font

    - UU Matter
    - Chests (no flickering)
    - Blue alloy wire
    - flax seeds
    - RP Rubber sapling

    - Changed pen into mechanical pen on project table
    - fixed con-am art
    - Changed indigo flower

  • Updated to b29. Finally got around to texture those sorting machines into a scanner look. There's probably a bit too much text on the screen that I might remove later on.

    Also we're working on a huge new derelict space station, solely made of bedrock and I'm trying to get as much variation as possible into them through the connected textures mod. It's a bit of a pain to figure out how stuff works though.

    Anyone know a good CTM tutorial?