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    I mean not only energy consumption, distance too...
    For example:

           |        |        |
           F        IF       M

    BB - batbox
    F - Furnace
    IF - Induction furnace
    M - Macerator

    First, check consumption of furnace. Give it 3 eu/t. Second - Induction Furnace - 16 eu/t, and then - Macerator - the rest.
    So, you use the distance AND consumption. Is it possible?


    As I already said there's a bug which causes the batbox to emit less eu/t than it's supposed to in some situations.

    And does that issue display this bug too?

    Oh... To be honest, i don't like this idea. I think, energy should be split according to energy consumption of the machines, taking into account cable lenght...
    I tried to distribute all 32 eu/t between 16 machines without any loss, so, in this case, cable lenght algorytm is not very good...

    That is MFE, not generator. And both measures were made on the long end of the line. That line is 27 blocks long. Energy loss - 27*0.4 = 10,8 eu/s... let's see... 2 induction furnaces are in "warm-up" mode, other machines are in "stanby". Output of the short-line transformer - 2 eu/t. Miner recieves 3 eu/t + energy loss - about 14 eu/t
    So, MFE emits about 16 eu/t - it is not good, is it?

    And you can't mine cobblestone stairs via any drill. Stairs destruction takes a lot of time and doesn't drop anything - just like using hands. Laser works with all of this stuff (Buildcraft blocks and stairs), but it doesn't mine bricks and destroys lazuli block with no drop.

    But laser is cool - especially low-focus mode.

    So, let's try some furnaces.
    Setup 1

    Each furnace takes 3 eu/t. It is impossible with evenly splitting (In that case furnaces would take 8, 4, 2 amd 1 eu/t)

    Let's try another setup.

    Only one change. Induction furnace now takes 6 eu/t

    Setup 3. OK, it is simple. isn't it? 16 eu/t for induction furnace, and 15 for regular furnaces.


    So, i have no idea, how does it work...

    But what about the left side? 16 -> 4?

    But 4 eu/t is not enough to power 3 macerators, but they are working normal.

    And i thought, there are new algorytm of splitting - not just dividing.

    So, what about cable splitting?
    I thought, i can just attach cables to machines without any troubles with IC1-like energy "half-splitting". But i tried to power some macerators with one batbox, and there is a problem

    The four macerators at the right side are taking only 1 eu/t, not 2 eu/t, and they are working slower than normal. Batbox can emit up to 32 eu/t, and 14 macerators consumes only 28 eu/t, and there are no energy loss on the system. Is it a bug?

    I'm sorry - I'm really bad in English...

    So, i tried to split MV-line to power my machines and miner.
    This is the copy of my system:

    But, if both transformers are working in downwards mode, there is a ridiculos loss of energy on the long end of the line:

    3 eu/s is not enough to miner with diamond drill. (Yes, TMI, but i use it only for testing)

    If i'll turn off one transformer, it works normal: