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    The mod does not generate a config file for me. In the Mods menu on the main menu, it lists Custom Machine Recipes as being loaded.

    I installed using MultiMC into the mod folder. I installed 1.04 with denLib bundled in.

    EDIT: Minecraft is evil sometimes, as soon as I posted this, I tried again and the config files appeared in my MC instance.

    Thanks R3ven, but I really need a high volume breeder to support my CASUC generator reactor.

    What I meant was, I'm not experienced in breeder reactors. I'm assuming that once you raise it up to over 9000 heat, that setup should be good afaik.

    No chances, just 5 rotten Flesh into Compressor (like the Recipe of 3 Netherrack -> 1 Netherbrick) and getting one Leather.

    I found that recipe earlier today, but it doesn't work like 3 netherrack -> Nether Brick, you have to put 3 Netherrack in the Compressor, then it uses one of them to make a Nether Brick, and the remaining two stay in the input slot, and you can take them back out.

    Yay posting. Just one last picture for this world, when I start my 1.3 world I'm gonna try using RP2 a lot more, and try making a logic framequarry(no use putting all the resources for a computer just to move left, mine, move right, mine, move forward, on and on).

    This is a picture of my backyard(essentially). I have 5 Reactors, 1 Mk2, 3 Mk1s, and 1 Mark 1-1 SUC. 256 Windmills(which produces roughly 180 eu/t) and 2 MV Solar Arrays. The power line in red goes to two MFSUs, which auto-shutoff the reactor when the second one is full. The blue line(which produces much more energy) goes into a Massfab which produces one UU roughly every 1 minute without getting any scrap(although scrap is fed into it, but not fast enough to have it constantly amplified.

    The massfab gets roughly 800 eu/t while the MFSUs get about 390 eu/t.

    And seen on the right is my 40 high tank full of bio mass. I found out how much better biomass is than peat. Never using peat again.

    Oh okay, that makes sense. I'm not well versed at the newer RP2 machines(Regulator specifically) so I didn't know you could use it that way. And I'm pretty sure you can install forestry without BC, but I would have to test it. Even if you couldn't, I can still eliminate LogiPipes from my install once I start my 1.3 world. No sense in restarting now considering none of the good mods are updated yet.

    I'll also have to use TubeStuff in my next world, many good looking things in that mod.

    Also, the reason I'm only using one recycler(seems pretty dumb right?) is because I have ten overclockers in it(extreme late game power, I can auto craft nuclear reactors and reactor components, so I'm not hurting for power), so it goes through cobble stone like it's nothing. Then I pull out the scrap and put it into a chest, then it gets crafted into scrap boxes and used as Massfab Amplifier(a la GregoriousCore, thanks a lot for that, I also am using Silver Circuits and Bronze Pistons now) which is powered by 128 wind mills, three nuclear reactors, and two MV Solar Arrays that all together produces roughly 348 EU/t.

    If you have/can figure out a way to check if there are items in an inventory(example, in the top slot of a Recycler) with RedPower 2, then I can completely remove BuildCraft from my list of mods to install(would still install forestry, because forestry is awesome). I've been using gates and cobble structure pipes to detect if there is cobblestone in a recycler inventory, and if there is not to send a redstone signal which gets inverted and connected to two filters. One filter pull any scrap out of the recycler and another pulls 64 cobble out of a chest and places it in the top slot. I had to NOT gate the redstone signal so that when there wasn't any cobble it was like a pulse of redstone. Here are two pictures to show you what I mean:

    You could set up an item grinder using Tesla Coils I guess. Unless you have other mods(RP2 mainly, transposers for collecting and redwire for auto-disable/enable), you'll have to enable/disable and collect items manually though :P

    I feel like picking this back up again, so I've taken pictures of the world that I'm playing until all the mods update for 1.3.

    Pictures and descriptions in the following spoilers.

    My house.

    IC2 stuff

    BuildCraft/Forestry/LogiPipes stuff

    Forestry Farms

    Or you could use the instantaneous transportation system provided in the mod already, in the form of Teleporters. Sure if you go long distance it can take a nice chunk of energy, but I've never had energy shortages(maybe in the very beginning if I'm hurting for coal for coal cells, but even then), and I'm sure most players of the mod don't either.

    Awesome looking world! For optimization, I would get as many of those solar panels into arrays as possible, there won't be as many lag spikes that way. Other than that, I think going nuclear is the best for CPU performance(sans CASUCs).

    Sorry for double post, but I'm going to continue this thread now that I have green energy instead of relying on Coal and a Generator to get me by. First time using wind mills on a legit world. Took me a few goes until I got them at a height where they would actually generate power.

    1. The random power gen that comes from 8 wind mills. I think the real average is something around 38 Eu/t.
    2. The Wind Tower
    3. Natural Rubber Trees that are next to my home.
    4. Home sweet home.
    5. My basement at the current time. Two Macerators, two E.Furnaces, and an Extractor. You know, the bare minimum for now :P

    I want to get to Thaumcraft soon but I'm pretty green at it, and I try to plan ahead a little bit, and I don't want to make some glaringly huge mistake(like putting too much taint into a storage tank and tainting my home, which happened to me on a previous world on accident, when TC2 first came out).