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    You can't just remove fall damage if you wear a jetpack, otherwise rubberboots and quantum boots will be completely useless and anyway it is unlogical.

    I haven't upgraded to 1.2.5 yet, I will do it and see how everything works and then post it again, if there is still some bug...

    The bug people are referring to is that even if you slow you're descent, you still take massive damage if you has flown up high.

    This is by far the bug that pisses me off the most. it render's jetpacks useless, and on a related note, qsuit useless in the nether, for SMP. Honestly, this bug ruins some of the biggest and latest tech in IC for SMP almost entirely, and it hasn't been fixed for a quite a few versions. I mean, you're adding things like beer and stuff, and there's still this REALLY ANNOYING bug being ignored, WTF.

    Okay, yer, I was just a bit of an ass. It just peeves me to see people jumping around the nether in SSP, and I just die instantly if I do it on my server (I don't play SSP btw, many people don't). Jetpack's used to be awesome for my mineshaft's before too...

    What it means is you have to choose

    When haven't you had to choose between your favorite mods?
    Lex owes you nothing, the modder's who make these mods owe you nothing, you are choosing to use their mod with others, not them. If it doesn't work because one author made a decision then suck it up and say "fine, okay, your mod, your rules, I'll play your way." or simply don't play.


    he is doing
    exactly what FC did. Making the mod he devs on intentionally

    It's an extremely bad precedent for a mod that is
    there to support compatibility

    No, what Lex did was more like saying, "oh, hey I'm making this super awesome mod, there's more planned, but you're welcome to make the current versions of you're mods compatible." And then people complaining when the new updates break compatibility, and the old compatible mods don't want to, or can't be bothered, trying for compatibility again. Its the OTHER mod's choices to NOT use forge, it was basically a given from the start that forge would grow and expand, expecting non-forge mods to remain compatible indefinitely was a ridiculous notion. Forge isn't responsible for the compatibility of mods that don't use forge, how can it be? Yes, it was nice that many non-forge mods worked before, but that was just a 'bonus' that the devs used the same modloadermp that was in widespread use elsewhere.


    from what I am reading it wasn't
    necessary to make it incompatible.

    Have you ever coded before?
    A properly written API is a godsend a lot of the time, granted, most mods make use mostly of the forge api itself, which is wonderful, but haven't you wondered why there are so many SSP only forge mods?

    So, while, no, it wasn't necessary to make FML, Lex decided it was time to move on from an outdated, and apparently crappy system, which, HELLO, happens ALL THE TIME in RL, why should this be different.

    You,my good sir (or ma'am), just contradicted yourself. "Clean code is always better than bloat", what do you THINK the entire point of FML was...

    Not to mention that argument in itself is invalid as you don't need the entire forge api if you're not going to use it, as stated above, FML is available standalone.

    3. I salute you on making every single Wire useless.

    Somehow, I doubt anyone will spend 4 MFSUs + multiple other resources to make a set of these, if they're just going from room to room, or even to other places within the general area... and wires are SOO much easier to build.

    Better uses for these I reckon include major power generation facilities that aren't at-home, or at-project locations. Or you could setup huge generation facilities on smp servers as some sort of large nuclear plant, and share your energy!

    I do agree that there should be some sort of energy loss, or penalty though for using these. High cost alone is not a balancing factor, even though by the time you get 40+ diamonds and stuff spare to make these, 'balance' is kinda moot.

    Great mod idea, no more cross-country wires, not that I ever did that, too lazy :P .

    I am a server owner and I feel things like Advanced Machines should have been a part of IC2 in the first place. Advanced solars is one of the best things in any mod for a server owner. The new checks on biome/rain seemed rather silly and being able to condense hundreds of solars into one block is just amazing.

    Thank you.

    please dont start this up again.

    I'd like to move back to the queue idea for a second - I don't believe it would be possible to tell the truth.

    Any modification to the advanced machines on a core functionality level (changing the function of the entire tier level) such as the queue would mean upgrading/downgrading the induction furnace to match. This would require editing the IC2 base files (as far as I know, it makes sense that it would - just like the old 100% wrench rate addon because it edited an *existing* ic2 item.)

    But I may be wrong.

    Either way, unless the dev team actually changes the core functionality in the induction furnace for balance, and then adv machines changed according to that, then any modifications of the machines would end up with the induction furnace not being part of the 'advanced' level machines.

    i.e. if zipp changes the induction furnace, then it's not the same machine anymore, and may unbalance the game.

    On the other hand if zipp adds new functionality to the other adv machines, neglecting the induction furnace, then the 'advanced' level furnace will get left behind.

    The whole idea behind advanced machines was to give machines that had an equal operational capacity/functionality as the induction furnace.

    This means implementing an idea like this will either make the induction furnace different from 'vanilla' IC2, or leave it in the dust with no queue system, and the 'advanced' machines wouldn't all have equal functionality.

    So while I do think it's a great idea (did i not mention that?), it would either require a new tier of machines or some other radical idea using new items/machines. Otherwise it would alienate the induction furnace.

    side note: omg wow I need to learn to capitalize things myself, so used to auto-english from comps - sorry if I missed one and someone has grammar OCD 8|

    Thanks CPW! Why is this a IC2 addon and not a generic forge mod?

    Well i think there's a few reasons.

    First, i believe the original motivation behind the add-on was when personal chests became incompatible with buildcraft (don't know if they still are). Because of personal chests' size, that was reason enough to make the iron chest to restore that functionality.

    Also, the diamond chest can be made with industrial diamonds (not that this is a relevant factor anymore).

    Those reason's tie the mod more to industrial-craft than the other large mods, and i suppose it is a very small mod so it 'feels' more like an add-on sized mod anyways.

    But i do agree, this mod would definitely be a candidate to become independent of IC. After all, storage space is something that affects us all...